I Feng Yubo ran over from the office next door Yu Sen what are you doing I reconcile with He Runxiang and I tell you

The willows are freshly green and the glaciers are just opening. The breeze hits the face with a bit of chill. It is early spring in the north at one o’clock in the morning.
The city has already fallen into silence, but the business department of the Weiyu Group’s office building is still brightly lit. Xu Jingsi is wearing a well-tailored dress.
Sitting in front of the computer in a small black suit, she is concentrating on looking at the information on it. The floor-to-ceiling glass window behind her reflects her capable and elegant back, which looks like a painting. The assistant girl is full of envy. Mr. Xu is the goal of her efforts. She Looking down at the watch on her wrist, she said to herself that Xu is always a strong woman, which is not bad at all, but now she is as energetic as when she was working during the day. You know, she has been working overtime for more than 20 days like this. Kekekekekekekekeke suddenly Xu Jingsi pressed her chest and coughed lowly, the assistant girl stood up immediately Mr. Xu pour you a glass of water, Xu Jingsi’s face was a little pale, she pressed her chest and stood up and refused, she just said two words I saw her body quickly fell down and hit the chair behind with a bang sound. Assistant Xu screamed in fright. Come on, Mr.
Xu fainted. Although Xu Jingsi couldn’t open her eyes, she could hear her colleagues coming to the ambulance.
Come, she was pushed into the emergency room, but gradually she didn’t know anything, bang, bang, bang Xu Jingsi was awakened by a sound of slamming the door, before she opened her eyes, she felt choked in her throat, and immediately coughed forcefully as a conditioned reflex A few times, as if something was swallowed, her throat felt better, she opened her eyes and stared at the scene in front of her, stunned. This is a room of 20 to 30 square meters.
The room is very messy, almost like a garbage dump. The desk was full of dishes, chopsticks, and rubbish.
There was even a white enamel pot on it. She didn’t ignore the words Serve the People, and the chair was covered with dirty clothes. The house was full of sundries and garbage. The original color of the cement-colored floor has long been lost.
Xu Jingsi was horrified.
Where is she? Is this a hospital? Throwing off the dirty quilt, she stretched her feet and her head buzzed.
She was actually wearing black coarse trousers.
Where did she have such clothes? There was a loud bang, and the door was kicked open. Xu Jingsi was startled and opened the dirty clothes. The quilt got off the bed and stood up. She turned her eyes towards the door and looked at the door.
There was a man and two women, both wearing navy blue, who looked like a factory uniform. The head of the young man was a little tall, tall and straight, but his face was full of anger. Because of his anger, his facial features are a little deformed, which makes people feel scared. Who are you? Xu Jingsi frowned and said, “She doesn’t know these three people at all, well, the director is her, that’s right.” Among the three, the youngest-looking girl suddenly pointed at her. She yelled that she stole two bottles of canned food from us last time, and this time she stole a bottle of malted milk essence from us. How could she steal things? Besides, what age is this? Where is there any malted milk? Don’t you want to squirt blood? A scream suddenly came from Xu Jingsi’s mouth. When she realized that it was coming from her own mouth, she quickly covered it. He coughed, lowered his voice and said angrily, who stole your things, don’t play dumb here, Xiaohong saw it with her own eyes and entered this room, and you still don’t admit that the middle-aged woman with ear-length short hair was furious Believe it or not, I will send you directly to the security department. She looked at Xu Jingsi with disgust in her eyes.
This woman is more lazy than a pig.
The house has become a pig’s nest.
She can still sleep.
Her moral character is even worse. Apart from being unreasonable, she is a thief. How can a woman like Xiaomo be worthy of Qiao Yu, a college student? I don’t know why Xu Jingsi’s heart trembled a little when she heard the word “Security Section”.
She said angrily in fear that I would not do such immoral things. The middle-aged woman got angry and stared at her, shouting at her, do you still have a conscience, Xiaohong, because you have been deducted this month’s bonus, don’t you Admit it, what do you see? The little girl suddenly exclaimed, her eyes sparkled with excitement, she walked into the room from the outside, stretched out her hand, and suddenly pointed to the corner of the desk where Xu Jingsi couldn’t see clearly. There was actually a big glass bottle with a black lid in the corner. She walked over and held it in her hand. On the label of the glass bottle was written three large characters of malted milk essence.
Xu Jingsi’s eyes widened in horror. Malted milk essence was only available when she was a child. How could something appear here? Isn’t she supposed to be in the hospital? Where is this? The name Xu Jingsi only felt a buzzing in his head, and then a bang, like a ton of explosives collapsing through his brain, and his brain suddenly turned into a paste. All the memories of a woman named Xu Jing were mixed with his own memories.
Xu Jingsi’s hands unconsciously. She clenched her fists, her mind was in chaos, her body was shaking, she remembered it, no wonder she thought it was weird, the part of her missing memory finally remembered, she was sent to the hospital by her colleagues and entered the emergency room, not long after, the doctor declared her death invalid She was still conscious when the doctor said it, but after that, she didn’t know anything.
At the moment when Xu Jingsi lost her mind, she suddenly saw Qiao Yu rushing towards her face with her fist raised. Xu Jingsi didn’t respond, her mind went blank and went back and forth. There is only one consciousness, she is dead, she is already dead, Xu Jingsi only felt a sharp pain on the right side of her cheek