I dont think about me I just want to talk to you Xie Wuxiang looked at Yan Kaitings childish but unusually firm face sighed and

The dandy life of Yan Kaiting was originally lived comfortably, walked to Mazhangtai, dumped the Weishui River, had nothing to do, and practiced Taoism, but unexpectedly got involved in a turmoil in the fairy family. There are no branches a hundred feet from the ground, and the building wood is also known as the world tree.
It is said that its root system is the origin of the earth, which is divided into nine parts and extended to form the world. This mysterious ancient book records all the knowledge and rules in this world, the past and the future. The Dao Code is placed in the canopy of the first layer of Jianmu. Every monk who can open it may see different content.
All the people in the world have a Dao race.
Everyone can practice warfare. Competitive physical training. Comprehension and enlightenment. Only those who have supernatural powers can gain supernatural powers. Only those who have supernatural powers can truly step into the Tao.
Supernatural powers are divided into small supernatural powers and great supernatural powers. The strength of rules and combat cultivation The state and importance of legal cultivation are not completely equal to the overall combat power. In many cases, the strength of power attributes, such as magical weapons and secret arts, and other external factors will greatly affect the results of the battle. First-class, super-class, acquired soldiers, regular soldiers, seven strange soldiers, thirteen are divided into precious soldiers, spiritual soldiers, immortal soldiers, divine soldiers, fifth-class law-cultivating realm, monks, masters, masters, masters, masters, and masters.
Those who practice the law use utensils, utensils, utensils, utensils, utensils, utensils, utensils, and artifacts to rank five. No. However, only those shown on the Futu list are the great supernatural powers recognized by the world rules.
People know very little about the principle of the Futu list, and so far no powerful cultivator has learned further detailed information from the Taoist scriptures.
Generally speaking, the strong After participating in the Jianmu Conference and being approved by Futu, the name will be automatically listed Qualifications Recently on the Butou list, among the hundreds of millions of monks in the world, there are only 1,131 people on the list. Four sects and seven sects are the largest and most powerful monks.
On the Butou list, there are four monarchs, twenty-seven venerables, divided by five The venerable is self-contained, and the rest are members of the four sects and seven sects. Menbei Chenjun’s Taoist position Beiluoxingxing Zhusheng Menbu Tianjun’s Taoist position, Butian’s virtue is immeasurable human volume 1 Spring Banquet Killing Chapter 1 Qiuma frivolous Shangjianmu in Duguang Tianren’s place up and down a hundred feet There are no branches, the cover is a cloud, the root system is nine points, and it corresponds to the world. Kyushu covers the continent. It is also recorded in history.
Guangyongzhou is located in the north-central part of the mainland.
It is known as the North Pole of the world The Fuyu Mountains start from Heishui in the west and end at Heishui in the east, and connect with Jizhou in the east.
Looking south, there is a large river called Jianmu. The name Huang runs through the territory of Yongzhou from east to west. Thousands and seven hundred years ago, it was just a small town for jade workers, jade craftsmen and jade merchants to rest.
Because of the precious and beautiful jade produced, Jin is the top-grade material for practitioners to refine tools, so it gradually prospered. Hundreds of years ago, the jade veins gradually dried up.
The city also It began to decline from its heyday, but with its advantageous geographical location at the confluence of Heishui and Huanghe, it focused on the development of freight and trade and became prosperous again. The eyes are as clear and clean as a newborn. The Xicheng Gate closest to the wharf has always been bustling, even in the rain. Now the rain stops and it starts to look a bit crowded. The shops on both sides of Ximen Chengcheng Avenue are full of voices from customers.
Noisy guys are trying to squeeze out, holding up the banners that came in when it rained, trying to find a gap to let them out, while the guys who have already stood outside the door are studying how to properly close the door in the midst of people coming and going. The stall was set up again, and suddenly, somewhere, someone burst into tongues and shouted, “Yan Ye is here, and I saw the whole street, both shoppers, customers and pedestrians, all paused like a drop of water on the water.
The flow of people that originally covered the road Separated from the middle, it surged to both sides.
Outside the west city gate, a red light carrying white clouds fell from mid-air, and when it landed on the ground, there was a thunderous sound of hoofbeats. The towers that were close at hand seemed to shake slightly, but they were actually spirit beasts that could fly in the air.
Just at this moment, the rider is a young man, wearing a red robe, the sleeves fluttering like a rising flame, the fur of the spirit beast under him is white, like new snow, fine and dense, like clouds and mist, looking from a distance, it looks like clouds steaming and rosy Immediately, he rushed out of the ten-foot-long doorway and ran towards the main road into the city. Waiting for the person who came, there was only a black spot left on his back. Outside the west city gate, a group of blue-clothed warriors all rode black-necked and brown-backed ground beasts.
There is no intention of slowing down, so I rushed forward to the post station next to the city gate. There is a tea shop in the small square. There is only enough space for five square tables and a dozen stools.
Afterwards, it’s a pleasant thing to have a sip of tea and rest your feet. For newcomers, you can also inquire about the local conditions and customs.
At this time, the tea shop is full of people. A few people with unfamiliar skin and wheat color look like travelers who have been away all year round. Talking there in a low voice, this posture, how can something big happen? It’s really something, cats and dogs, dare to call the name of the master so loudly Brother Taiwan is rare, no wonder which city has few cough characters