I dont know the reason Yu Yang waited at the exit he asked Li Xuan who was walking slowly what is your purpose you are

Master, please pay attention to your gentlemanly demeanor.
Master, please pay attention to your taste.
The hostess has a blind date or a bed partner who has helped you find a good master. You should go deeper into the master’s bed to play more kisses and lovers. Your housekeeper can’t stand it. The first chapter of the main text, Yu Yang, a new student, is very uncomfortable. He has been suffering for a long time. The weightlessness in the dark and the dull oppressive feeling in his chest swallowed his life. The heavy eyelids can finally be lifted up. The quiet and dark room around is not at all familiar.
Yu Yang is struggling to hold up his body.
As a dedicated butler of the Windsor family, things that are beyond his control have never been beyond his control, including sickness and pain, especially headaches. The feeling is strange and shouldn’t be. Yu Yang casually touched the switch that should exist on the bedside table. After groping for a while, he found that the light was on. It was an old and cheap desk lamp.
Yu Yang was stunned for a long time.
It was a shock to say that the place he was in was cramped and cramped.
The bed under him, if nothing unexpected, was made of iron, the upper and lower bunks. There is a musty smell in the air, there is a musty smell of food residue, and there is a faint smell of cigarettes. Fortunately, the blanket and pillows I use are clean, otherwise for him who has a cleanliness, it will drive him crazy. The sticky feeling of sweat makes him more uncomfortable He can feel the empty stomach and his body is weak, strong and healthy as he actually has a fever Who dares to leave him in a slum He doesn’t remember the castle There will still be such a small room. His requirements for any servant are both internal and external. Even if the room is not complete with small equipment, it must be tidy, otherwise it will definitely be dismissed. The chaotic head is very dizzy. He had a fever, his voice was hoarse, and he called Carl a few times, but no one responded. Although Yu Yang was full of doubts, he went to the small bathroom in the house to solve his physical problems. Yu Yang took off his vest to reveal a lean and fit body.
He didn’t pay much attention to the details because of his muddled figure, otherwise he would find that his body would not be the same one long ago. This is also called a bathroom.
The bathroom and toilet are built together.
It’s too small and old to be unusable, but it makes Yu Yangjun stand up. Frowning deeply, this is who suddenly raised his head and bumped into the stranger’s face in the mirror, which surprised him once again. Yu Yang stepped back in surprise, and the person in the mirror did the same.
The memory of Yang’s life-and-death shooting came back in an instant, and Yu Yang started to have a headache again. He died and blocked three shots for the head of the family, one of which hit the heart.
No one could escape the assassination of the top sniper of the Eagle Organization. When the rain soaked his body, he lay on the emergency bed and couldn’t hear any noise except the heart-piercing roar of his master, Yu Yang. If you dare to die, I won’t let you go, my dearest.
The man Yu Yang don’t die Yu Yang is really dead Yu Yang smiled wryly and laughed at himself but what’s going on now Looking at the slender fingers touching his delicate face in the mirror Yu Yang was a little dazed He used to look good but not now This body has a taste.
In the mirror, he is elegant and quiet, like luminous glass, but has the softness of a thousand mountains and evening snow.
He has a pair of charming pupils. His eyes are like silhouettes drawn by oriental ink, with smooth lines and long and thick eyelashes under the eyelids. Leaving a shallow circle of shadows, he is indifferent and alienated, mysterious and noble, his facial features are particularly handsome, and has the charm of an oriental man, he is an out-and-out handsome and melancholy man, his beautiful lips are slightly pursed, and his smile is slightly alienated but not As for making people feel repulsive, this is not the original owner’s temperament Enduring some physical discomfort, I first found all kinds of evidence in the house. Fortunately, although the original owner of this body was down and out, he still had a notebook bought with a scholarship to record some things.
To clarify his identity, he found some food in the house and looked at the electronic file while looking at the electronic file. Now his name is Taishu Yu Yang.
A senior student majoring in archeology is doing an internship in the catering department of Haojing International Hall.
The electronic file is full of people.
Put some materials related to Sadian and some archaeological monographs.
This student loves archeology but chooses to work in other industries in order to survive. Of course, there may be other unknown reasons. He still doesn’t know that Haojing International Club is a five-star hotel in the city. For Grand Hotel, Taishu Yu Yang, a student of a second-rate university with a non-mainstream major, he came here very frustrated. Taishu Yu Yang will write a blog when he has time, but most of them are insinuating his gloomy mood. Taishu Yu Yang has all the documents by his side, but only Only did not leave any information about his parents, relatives and friends. This child is a bit withdrawn and likes to immerse himself in his own world. During the internship period, he has not made any friends. Even when he is sick, he has no one to take care of him.
Yu Yang immediately came to a conclusion. He raised a calm expression With a confident smile, he will change Taishu Yu Yang’s life and live a more exciting life than before.
From now on, he is Taishu Yu Yang.
A sudden knock on the door interrupted Yu Yang’s thoughts. Rebirth: Personal Butler Main Text Chapter 2 Eye-catching Yu Yang looked down at the time on the computer. It was exactly eleven o’clock in the evening. The rapid knock on the door made him even more uncomfortable, as if the other party was not knocking on the door panel but him. Yu Yang closed the computer screen with his head on and opened the door without putting on his clothes