I don’t know still continue to slap Lin Ming don’t make trouble Lin Ming reminded Shangguan Shiyue “huh I won’t let you go so easily

The torn skirt Lin Ming ran desperately along the street. At this time, he was already sweating profusely and panting.
The college entrance examination at three o’clock in the afternoon is still minutes away. This is the last exam. For this reason, Lin Ming didn’t sleep well last night.
At noon, I took a nap in order to refresh myself, but because I was too tired, I accidentally overslept.
Fortunately, I came and Lin Ming checked the time on his mobile phone. Although it would take less than ten minutes to take a taxi, Lin Ming Ming has hardly ever taken a taxi, because money is very important to him. It is all earned by him through hard work, so he will not waste it easily.
There is a bus stop not far in front.
If you take the bus, it only takes 20 minutes.
Lin Ming stood at the bus stop panting. The transparent document bag in his hand was also wet with sweat. The document bag contained his pencil and examination admission certificate.
Lin Ming rolled up the document bag and stuffed it into his trousers pocket.
While waiting for the bus, Lin Ming noticed a girl in a long white dress walking from a distance.
The girl wore a shawl, long black hair, rounded shoulders, and her bare skin looked as clean as jade. Her walking posture was also extremely elegant, like a big girl. The models on the brand launch stage are generally at least 1.7 meters tall.
The girl is holding a pink sheepskin handbag embellished with rhinestones.
This looks like an upper-class woman and Lin Ming are completely separated from each other. Lin Mingzhi It is impossible for me to have any intersection with people like them, so I just looked away after a few glances, but the girl’s clever eyes lingered in Lin Ming’s mind for a long time.
Not long after, the bus drove over.
Lin Ming took out his bus card and was about to get on the bus. However, just as he got on the bus, through the glass of the car window, Lin Ming noticed that the girl was followed by a man with dirty hair and a black jacket. The man in a black jacket quietly approached the girl. Suddenly, he took out a white towel from his pocket and covered the girl’s nose from behind. The girl struggled a few times in panic, then her legs went limp and she lost consciousness.
At the same time, an old white van drove away.
At the side of the road, a bald man jumped out of the van and immediately ran towards the girl.
The two men dragged the girl to the van and kidnapped Lin Ming. The thought flashed through Lin Ming’s mind that this is not a downtown area, and there was nothing on the street after two o’clock in the afternoon.
How many people and the two men moved very quickly, everything seemed to have been rehearsed many times.
At this moment, the bus door was about to close with a click. Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. If he went to save the girl, he might miss the exam. After passing the exam, I’m afraid I’ll have to repeat it for another year.
Not only would it take a year to repeat it, but it would also waste a lot of hard-earned savings, and if the other party is a kidnapper, he might have a gun, but Lin Ming’s leg is now Involuntarily he lifted it up and clicked. The bus door finally closed, and Lin Ming also jumped out of the bus at the last moment.
A motorcycle sped past Lin Ming, you kid, you are looking for death! The man on the motorcycle turned around and scolded Lin Ming. Lin Ming ignored it, and immediately ran towards the van.
Lin Ming, who had always been the ace of the track and field team in junior high school, although he rarely ran in high school, his strength did not fade too much.
Lin Ming quickly caught up and flew up.
Kicked on the head of the wretched man who was about to get into the car, the wretched man let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground, his head also knocked on the concrete floor unconscious. The bald man in the car was slightly shocked when he saw Lin Ming, but immediately After reacting, he jumped out of the van and threw his fist at Lin Ming.
Lin Ming quickly dodged and then, taking advantage of the momentum of the bald man rushing, he suddenly raised his knee and pressed it against the bald man’s lower abdomen. Oh, the bald man covered his stomach and knelt down On the ground, the driver in front of the van saw that the situation was not good.
Although the door was still wide open, he couldn’t care less.
He immediately started the engine and planned to escape. Lin Ming found that the girl was lying in the van, and the tires of the van had already started to spin. At the last moment to escape, Lin Ming jumped into the van and stopped. Lin Ming yelled at the driver, but the driver of the van didn’t listen at all. Ming hurriedly grabbed the girl’s body and pulled her back. A soft touch reached Lin Ming’s palm. At this moment, Lin Ming realized that his hand was holding the girl’s chest, but at this moment, he couldn’t control so much. Zhong Linming desperately held the girl with one hand and the chair in front with the other. The driver also noticed Lin Ming’s embarrassing situation through the rearview mirror. Lin Ming had no chance to close the door. As long as he drove desperately and turned around, the two of them could be separated.
Throwing it away, the driver thought of this, stepped on the accelerator hard, and sped crazily around the shape. Lin Ming suddenly found that the clothes he was holding slipped off. It turned out that the bra worn by the girl was torn off under the huge force And the girl’s slender dress was also torn at this time, and a rip was torn. At this time, the van made another sharp turn, and the girl’s dress was completely torn apart. The pink lace was in Lin Ming’s hand.
At this time, the van rolled and bumped out of the van. It’s not good if you fall down at such a high speed. Lin Ming didn’t have time to think.
He instinctively kicked his body and rushed out of the van.
He hugged him in mid-air. The girl’s body was tightly pressed against his chest, and the two hugged each other. Under the huge inertia, they fell on the hard asphalt ground and rolled forward continuously along the road, with bursts of severe pain along the way. Lin Ming’s back, knees and elbows came, but Lin Ming still hugged the girl tightly and used his arms to protect her from getting hurt. Finally, the two of them hugged and rolled for more than ten laps and finally stopped.