I don’t know she only knows that for her friendship is friendship it can only be friendship once mixed with other things it will no

The first place, Lu, this time the first place has been replaced, why is this person so powerful, he surpassed Sister Ran by one point, but it is a myth that has not changed for thousands of years! Believe what will happen next, the onlookers’ eyes fell on the names of the first and second place, and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.
The first place is Lu Yinghuai, the second place is Jiang Ran. Who is Jiang Ran? It’s a well-known myth, surly and arrogant. She is both a bad student and a good student, and the first change of owner quickly spread.
Jiang Ran was lazily leaning on the tree trunk, holding a piece of grass in her mouth, and squinting her eyes, looking like a fool in school. Jiang Ran is the only one who dares to go up the tree in such an upright manner. She is extremely beautiful. Her skin is very white. A frown and a smile can easily touch people’s heartstrings.
The whole season’s snow melted in her eyes Sister Ran Sister Ran Sister is bad, bad, someone ran from the bottom of the tree panicked and fought, still drinking and drinking but heard the sound Jiang Ran slowly opened Eyes ask lazily, when she doesn’t speak, she’s an iceberg beauty, when she speaks, she’s just a gangster, and her temperament is a little bit inconsistent, isn’t it, isn’t it, isn’t it? Ning Xi’s head keeps shaking like a rattle, and she swings it Wave your hands to show that you have something to say, talk about farts, let go Jiang Ran’s little feet are dangling in the air, a little listless, his appearance does not match the person, and he is talking about someone like Jiang Ran, right? Your number one has changed hands. Ning Xi’s pupils widened.
She said in a panic that Qingning No.
1 Middle School is the best high school in Qingning City.
No one can shake it. Jiang Ran raised her eyebrows and played with her fingernails nonchalantly.
The second is also good. Sister Ran, why don’t you be so calm? You should give me some reaction. Seeing Jiang Ran so calm, Ning Xi is a little anxious These people are crazy Jiang Ran can be so calm oh ok wow, who actually passed the exam so much higher than me, right? Ning Xi didn’t want this kind of reaction, by the way, sister Ran, do you know who the first one is? Whoever wants it, take it if you want, anyway, she doesn’t care about that position, it will be a bit boring and numb after staying in that position for a long time The thoughts in my heart were all told to Jiang Ran, Lu Yinghuai, who are you talking about? Jiang Ran’s pupils suddenly widened and looked down. Ning Xi’s tone began to become serious. Ning Xi, who doesn’t care about such things, repeated and continued to ramble about Ning Xi. Xi is a little expert in gossip, who can clearly pick up gossip in the campus, and is an extreme nympho Lu Yinghuai. Jiang Ran shrank her pupils, and the grass in her mouth fell to the ground, and soon her expression quickly returned to calm.
Which three words are they? Jiang Ran jumped down from the tree trunk, and she looked carefree. She frowned and her eyes fell on Ning Xi’s face.
The Lu in the land should be the same word, but the pronunciation is different. Huai Ningxi in Huaihe Seriously, she said that she told all the things she had inquired.
Where there is gossip, there is Ning Xi. Jiang Ran’s face changed slightly, and she quickly regained her composure. She walked towards the supermarket with her legs.
Inside, it looks particularly tall and slender, not talking, standing still, a tall and cold beauty, where is sister Ran? Those who dare to make up her mind instead avoid her. Jiang Ran, who exists like a school bully, some people dare to like, but no one dares to approach the supermarket. I am thirsty. Jiang Ran walks with her hands in her trouser pockets.
Feeling like a ruffian Ning Xi followed Jiang Ran’s footsteps On the basketball court diagonally opposite to the supermarket, the boys were sweating profusely playing basketball.
The scene was so intense at one point, ah, ah, really handsome, so handsome.
I think he deserves the title of school grass.
What is this? Immortal boy, he has good grades, looks good, and plays basketball well.
A group of girls around the basketball court are shouting without any effort. The skin-colored height stands out in the crowd.
It is obvious that the girl’s calls come from the boy during the intermission.
Lu Yinghuai sat on the steps with his head up and poured mineral water into his mouth.
His Adam’s apple was down, he wiped the sweat with his hands, his eyes were locked in one direction, and he squinted slightly, Ah Huai, did you see how crazy the girls in our school are? Pointing to those girls who keep looking at Lu Yinghuai, Lu Yinghuai’s looks are real online. He frowned slightly when he saw Lu Yinghuai’s tone online.
In fact, he didn’t really like this feeling. Lu Yinghuai suddenly got up and walked towards the supermarket. Hey, stop hitting Xu Zhenghao looked at Lu Yinghuai’s actions, he was a little dazed, there’s still a second half left? Stop hitting, Lu Yinghuai replied, waved his hand at Xu Zhenghao, opened his legs, and continued walking towards the supermarket.
Holding a bottle of Coca-Cola in her hand and paying the bill at the cash register, she stood idly by with one hand propped on the table, the little witch Ranjie