I dont know how to do anything I just yelled at you seniors to be the masters for me lets put down this beast together

Chapter 1 Catch all in one catch Gu Zuo carried two carps in a bamboo basket and walked north along the Ruoye River for less than half an hour, turning into a mountain road in Xiaogushan. Inside was a yard surrounded by bamboo fences and three thatched houses.
On the way back, I picked up a civet cat.
As soon as I opened the firewood gate, I saw a Taoist priest in the middle of the thatched house coming out with a bag.
Xiao Gu came back. The poor way went out to eliminate demons. For these two days, you should guard the Hengyi Hall.
Gui knew that Gu Zuo put down the bamboo basket and pulled out a little civet cat from inside. Look, when you turned your head to look for Wang Daochang, his figure had already turned around the mountain road and disappeared into the woods. After that, Gu Zuo shook his head and locked the civet cat into the thatched cottage on the left. I made a small nest for it, and then went to the kitchen to cut open the fish intestines offal from the captured carp, find a wooden bowl, throw it into a pot, and cook it to feed the little civet cat. After eating the fish intestine offal, Gu Zuo ate a pot of fish soup. I licked my belly and lay leisurely in the yard with my head resting on my arms, looking up at the starry sky. After a long time, I went back to the thatched hut, hugged the civet cat and fell asleep all night, and it passed like this. At dawn, Gu Zuo went to light a fire to make porridge and put the last rice in the rice bucket. Pour out the two rice and throw it into the pot to make a pot of porridge and rice soup to feed the cat to drink the porridge.
After eating the porridge, he wiped his mouth and pushed away the money pot under the bed in the main room of Wang Daochang.
Gu Zuo didn’t hear the sound of the copper coins hitting the money pot Dazed, he quickly opened the jar, which was empty, and lay down on the ground to look under the bed. Two straw sandals were randomly thrown under the bed, one of which was turned over on top of the other, and a hole was broken in the sole of the shoe. Suddenly, a small mouse jumped out of it, startling Gu. With a jump, Gu Zuo stood up and lifted the wooden sleeper on the bed. A foot wrap was pressed under it, exuding an unspeakable smell. He didn’t bother to cover his nose, found a stick to lift the foot wrap away, without a penny, Gu Zuo saw sweat on his forehead in the simple Turned around in the room and ran towards the only wooden cabinet.
The big copper lock that guarded the wooden cabinet in the past disappeared, but he easily opened the wooden door. There was nothing left, even the certificate and gymnastic card. Gu Zuo sat on the bed and looked through the wooden door.
Looking out of the window at the spring in a daze, Daoist Wang was wondering what was going on, when he heard fragmented footsteps on the mountain road, a group of government servants appeared in front of the yard with iron rulers, water and fire sticks and noose sets, kicked open firewood, and swarmed in. The people in the county saw it first.
Boss Ji, the feared class leader, shouted loudly, Wang Hengyi, you committed a crime, came out and was bound, Gu Zuo bit the bullet and came out, Daoist Wang went to a foreign country to eliminate demons, just left yesterday, Bantou Ji didn’t know what happened to Daochang Wang, Boss Ji sneered at Daoist Wang for being afraid Is it the Taoist leader of the wild? I have been deceived by you for three years. If the Taoist masters of Longrui Palace hadn’t found out, how many years would you have been cheating and drinking here? How could the juniors dare to resist? They were tied up on the spot and held at the base of the wall. Two yamen guards stepped forward and took off the plaque of the Hengyi Pavilion hanging on the beam of the main house door and threw it on the ground. There is no chicken flying, no dog jumping, and soon there is nothing. The head of Ji Ban has a lot of experience in handling old cases, and immediately discusses it with a scribe behind him with a mustache. Song The criminal scribe is afraid that he ran away. The scribe is from the punishment room of the county government.
He immediately nodded, put the wooden tablet under his arm in front of him, wrote two strokes on the book, and asked Ji Bantou to stamp his fingerprints.
He turned around and left, Gu Zuozze.
Escorted by a group of people, he went down the mountain and changed boats by the stream along the Xijiang River into Shanyin County.
Gu Zuo pleaded with Ji Bantou and Song Xingshu all the way for his family’s injustice. I’m so tired of it, I only know that the case is clear, there is any grievance, and I entered the Yamen, and Gu Zuo still needs to be resolved The number is what will happen after a dozen or dozens of criminals are locked in the same cell, but Gu Zuo has heard of it. He immediately tightened his legs and tried to sneak out to the corner as much as possible. There are at least thirty or fifty people in today’s large cell Gu Zuo was very afraid at first, but after his eyes adapted to the darkness, he realized that the situation seemed a little wrong. He had seen nearly half of these people in the big room.
Mr. Liu, you old man, this is Gu Zuo, seeing acquaintances, he hurriedly inquired about it, and at the same time, he clasped his fists around Gaoguan. The original Daoist Master Zhang, you are Mr. He is from Xiao Gu Hengyi’s house. Brother Wang’s man.
Where is your Daoist Wang? Gu Zuo replied that my Daoist went out yesterday to catch monsters and said that it was half a month before he came back here. See him as a Taoist friend and cut off his righteousness from now on. That’s right.
No wonder I came here yesterday to urge me to pay back the money.
The poor Taoist had thought about it, otherwise it would have been in vain. Gu Zuo, the owner of the Hengyi Pavilion, was ashamed of the injustice of his owner, but no matter how embarrassing the matter was, he still had to figure it out.
He had the cheek to ask Yuan Daozhang for advice, and sighed, he didn’t know what Longrui Palace thought Suddenly began to check the qualifications of various sects and gymnasiums. With the cards and even the Taoist certificates, they began to pursue it. It has been more than ten years.
I haven’t asked. Isn’t this a full-fledged person? Rui Gong was dark-hearted and wanted to increase the taxation. Some sighed and said that this practice was absolutely impossible to continue, and even worried about the world, saying that this move would destroy the prosperous and prosperous cultivation situation in Kuaiji County. Evil results and so on, now Gu Zuo finally understands that he dares to love Shanyin County who opened a Zongmen gymnasium in violation of the regulations, but he was wiped out in one go In the end, the Hengyiguan case was quickly judged.
Several officials with official status in the county did not show up. The master of the presiding judge sentenced him to the crime. According to the law, the ticket has been fought for a hundred years, because the criminal sneaked in, please ask all the counties in the county to cooperate