I dont forgive you because you have been lying to me but I am willing to take this responsibility with you Mo Xi do you

The copywriter is terrified of ghosts, but pretends to be hospitable.
The hotel owner suffers from ghosts.
He is cold, arrogant and beautiful. Li Hangzhitian has a face that attracts ghosts. In order to get rid of the trouble of being coveted by ghosts and eating tofu, he takes over a family that can communicate with yin and yang.
The inn in the Three Realms and Six Paths is on the verge of bankruptcy. The small broken inn is on the verge of bankruptcy.
Since then, withered trees and spring guests have come like clouds. Black and white impermanence.
Reminder if you are the one, you have to live in my room if you only pay RMB. You only accept ghosts, monsters and demons. Stay for one night and take a sip. Those who give good reviews will get a bottle of melatonin. The most important president The guys in the suite don’t make a fuss, keep your voice down, the supernatural, the daily style is not scary at all, the content label, the supernatural, the strange, the special love, the past life, the present life, the sweet story, the main character, Li Hangzhi, the Kuiqing, the supporting characters, all the non-human beings, other chapters, the second guest, Fengduyi, is famous all over the country The tourism industry in this ghost town is booming.
There are many youth hostels and hotels, large and small. Basically, as long as they are not too bad, they can survive.
Only a small hotel called Sun Moon Inn in the western suburbs is on the verge of bankruptcy. In the hands of young man Li Hangzhi, today is the first day he opened after he took over. Unexpectedly, his fortune was in the balance.
The phone rang just after the business appointment.
I specially did enough homework on the first night, and I have outlined the business process of this inn. I have written everything on the phone, and everything I should say is written in the tips. Congshanruliu pretends to be an old driver. A shrill, male-female voice sounds. Is there any room available? The rustling signal sounds bad.
There are a lot of noises.
How many rooms do you need? Ok, do you have any other requirements? Xiangyin must have a big TV, sand, black and white, and I may get lost when I first come to the world.
I hope you can come and pick it up. I will repeat your order information. Check-in time, month, and day. To book now, please press the number button, and then your information will be entered into our registration book.
After a while, there will be a burst of brisk music from the receiver. You have a new order, please check it in time.
Li Hangzhi hangs up the phone and finds a registration book from the drawer at the front desk. The cover of the book is the instruction manual of Sun Moon Inn.
The thickness is very thin and there are not many sheets of paper. Open the page titled customer information and start to check the information.
Remarks for check-in: A black and white TV in Yin’s room, flexible pick-up and drop-off service After confirmation, Li Hangzhi smiled. Once the guest information is entered in the registration book, it means that the other party will definitely stay in a hotel that is not like other people in the world, even if they pay. As long as you can’t think about it, you can’t live at the Sun Moon Hotel.
The rules of the Sun Moon Inn are four words: You Are the One, so this business has been firmly in your pocket. Yes, this is not an ordinary small hotel.
It is a transfer station connecting the six channels of Yin and Yang communication and located in the intersection center of the Three Realms.
But because of some luck, this inn is not open to humans for the time being. The main services are non-human, especially the ghost clan. But no matter how close it is, it had no new business for decades before Li Hangzhi came.
It was an accident that Li Hangzhi took over it.
Since he was a child, he has been able to sense things that ordinary people cannot sense. Ying seems to be very interested in him. Every time they appear, they don’t stay for too long, but they are getting closer and closer to Li Hangzhi. The last time, the cold ghost hand touched his face within a few feet, making his back feel chills, and then he went to see him. A senior expert said that the reason why Mr. Li frequently recruits ghosts is not because the horoscope is Yin, but because he has a face that fits the aesthetics of ghosts.
To them, you are like the plastic roast duck in the display cabinet outside the restaurant, although it is difficult to eat. But everyone is salivating.
Maybe one day you will have a strong taste to bite you, which scares Li Hangzhi. Fortunately, the expert also taught him a way to suggest him to become the new owner of this inn. Use the noble status of the owner of the transfer station to look down on ghosts. Of course, the Sun Moon Inn agreed to protect him.
Conditional, it hoped to use Li Hangzhi’s charming temperament to pull itself out of the abyss of bankruptcy.
Li Hangzhi accepted this method and got the instruction manual just now. The environment of the Sun Moon Inn is really terrible. There are only two floors and six rooms, all of which are decorated in a very old style, dark mahogany and lifeless. There is only one room with a different decoration and a dark blue color.
The name of the room on the first floor also says the staff dormitory. At the entrance of the dormitory, there is a small table for worship. It is not the God of Wealth or the God of Fortune, but an inexplicable sword.
Li Hangzhi involuntarily glanced a few more times, and a trace of awe crossed his mind. Even though it is claimed that the dormitory is better decorated than the guest room, changing the name of the room can actually directly replace the guest room, but the location is not dark enough to give The ghost guest used it, and there was no black and white TV set designated by the guest in the entire inn. Reserved the standard room on the second floor northmost. Li Hangzhi took some cash and went to Suning and Gome TVs these days are all color LCD