I don’t care about what I love you get out of the way to block me from the sun take the potted plant at my

The system, your task is to crush all the male gods, the first grade of junior high school, the system, your task is to make the male god spoil you, love you, and fall in love with you. In the first year of junior high school, the author has a brain, and the heroine also follows the author. My brain is not normal. Don’t spray it.
Thank you for the work label. No brains, but this is a story about nurturing.
The heroine is always growing. If the cuties find it difficult to read, you can skip the first plane.
If the writing is not good, you can point it out, but please don’t be civilized. Be a human being, starting from you and me. Thank you, Xi. Classmate Xi, I like you.
The warm sun in the early summer shone through the glass windows in the empty classroom, casting two silhouettes obliquely in the corner.
The boy in front of him still had a childish look on his face. When I saw the pink love letter in front of my eyes, I stretched out my hand and pulled back the hair that had fallen around my neck, classmate, do you really like me? A provocative smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
I saw him nodding shyly, the smile on the corner of Xi Xiangwan’s mouth deepened, then don’t let me down, the boy has already been dazzled by her smile, how could he still see the playful flash in Xi Xiangwan’s eyes? And are you ready? One or two boys raised their heads and looked at Xi Xiangwan with puzzled eyes. He finally mustered up the courage to confess, why did he seem to be about to succeed? On the contrary, he had goosebumps all over his body? The temperature has cooled down! Follow Xi Xiangwan The door of the digital classroom that hadn’t finished counting was suddenly kicked open vigorously. The boy who was still in a daze turned his head and saw a fist the size of a sandbag had been sent in front of his eyes. As soon as Xiang Wan’s words fell from the three seats, the boy fell along with him.
The pink envelope that fell on the ground dangled and fell on the boy’s face, so he was in a mess. Number seventeen, can’t you hit lightly? The boy in front of you is about the same size as the boy who was knocked down.
Obviously, the beating action just now is so chic.
Hearing what Xi Xiangwan said, he immediately put it away. The little tail behind him, which was raised to the sky because he wanted to take credit, pursed his lips slightly and complained that Wanwan can only let me bully others, shaking his head. After hearing this seventeen times, dare to ask? She was bullied this time and squatted down to pick up the envelope covering the boy’s face. Xi Xiangwan was a little curious about what was written in it. In her previous life, her aura was so strong that no one dared to confess to herself.
The little girl next door has to experience the addiction of receiving love letters, but before her fingers touch the envelope, two clean and slender fingers snatch the envelope before her at a speed of sprinting every second. I’m dating someone, let me take a look at the head office of the love letter, the envelope was held high above her head, no matter how she danced, she couldn’t reach it Xi Xiangwanxiang put on an angry expression and saw that this person just pouted and didn’t even say a word, brother, you can’t Let me have a good relationship. Xi Wangshu’s childish behavior gave Xi Xiangwan a headache. This brother is really childish. You can let him continue playing like this.
What year and month will it take for her to find the male protagonist who belongs to this world, complete the mission and enter the next world? The corner of the boy’s eyes kept twitching on the ground, and he stretched out his hand and tore the envelope in his hand to pieces, Xi Wangshu, you can do it Xi Xiangwan was so angry that he gritted his teeth and pushed Xi Wangshu away who was blocking the door of the classroom.
Without looking back, he ran outside and greeted Xi Wangshu’s ancestors for eighteen generations in his heart. He didn’t stop until he rushed into the toilet.
Now it’s all right, even if Xi Wangshu is shameless, he won’t rush in. When will the male lead show up? If he doesn’t show up, don’t blame me for being rude Chapter Sick Brother loves me too much.
Don’t blame me if the toilet male lead doesn’t show up.
Sitting on the toilet seat, Xi Xiang Wan closed his face and stared at the door of the toilet cubicle with a serious expression.
If the main man doesn’t show up, the system will collect the corpses of the little fresh meat in the world. It’s still not sure who the main man is. Host, please calm down. The mechanical sound reverberated in her mind. Xi Xiangwan took a deep breath and resisted the urge to go to the cafeteria to find a kitchen knife. She knew that people would be unlucky and drank cold water.
The person who talked to her, no, the robot is called the toilet.
The code name is the toilet.
The reputation is not only bad mouth but also bad luck. She entered this system.
Isn’t the main purpose of your company customer first? As soon as I woke up the next day, I changed from the first grader to Xi Xiangwan, and a system called the toilet told her that she was lucky enough to be drawn to travel around the world. What should I do if I don’t want this big gift bag? After tormenting the toilet number with the magic sound, Yi finally learned that he had to enter ten worlds and capture the male lead in it before he could terminate this travel service. Rou Lao Ba Rou can only return to his original body after completing the task Doing her a disservice all day please ask the host to maintain his image, maybe the next second the male lead will appear in front of you The first meeting is very important, I haven’t finished thinking about how to eat Xi Wangshu before the first day of junior high school The toilet is cold The mechanical sound rang again. The male protagonist who entered the women’s room was so perverted that he stood up and straightened the folds on the corners of his skirt on the first day of the new year, and opened the door to the cubicle. Uncle, you pat your chest and look at the boy standing at the door of the cubicle.