I didn’t see Ling Tianzhen and Ling Wuxie at the gate I guess they have already been taken in Chen Quan went directly to Jiang

The iron chain around his neck is dragging Chen Quan on the concrete floor. Try to avoid the chain from getting caught on something. Once the chain is caught, he may be caught back. Hurry up, the people in front quickly help catch this dog. The soldiers in camouflage uniforms were chasing after Chen Quan panting. Hearing the shouts behind him, he couldn’t help speeding up and running even faster.
That’s right. The soldiers behind him were chasing the dog Chen Quan called in his words. It’s not to insult Chen Quan in words, but Chen Quan really turned into a dog and not an ordinary dog, he turned into a military dog.
Chen Quan was a military dog, but he was a real person, and he didn’t know how to respond. The thing is, it turned into a military dog ​​in such a muddled way. Chen Quan was searching for the past memories in his brain.
Chen Quan was looking for the source that triggered him to become a military dog.
I still remember that it was a hot afternoon when Chen Quan was standing guard, looking at the military dog ​​lying comfortably in the nest, he said such a sentence, it is really more annoying than a dog.
I only have a food standard of 1 yuan.
The scorching sun like a dog is only 1 yuan, I really want to become a military dog. This is just an ordinary complaint. Chen Quan didn’t stand up. Why is it like this? What did you say to become a military dog? Now it’s a good time to become a dog. Looking back, Chen Quan’s only thought now is to escape the pursuit of the people behind him.
He finally found a chance to escape, so naturally he doesn’t want to be caught and locked up there again. Watching the gate every day, military dogs are no better than local dogs. If they guard the gate for a lifetime, Chen Quan has accepted the fact that he has become a dog, but Chen Quan will not be willing to guard the gate of the barracks for a lifetime.
Even if the door becomes a military dog, he will still be a wild and unrestrained military dog ​​chasing freedom. The strongest dog on the day drinks the strongest wine. I pooh, I am not a dog.
Chen Quan had been planning to run away since that day, and finally he took the opportunity today. When the military dog ​​breeder was cleaning the kennel for him, Chen Quan pretended to want to go out for a walk. He was in the military dog. The breeder kept walking around and wagging his tail to express to the military dog ​​breeder that he wanted to go out for a walk. When wagging his tail, Chen Quan felt that his dog’s face was burning hot, which was embarrassing.
Alright, even though I have accepted the fact that I have become a dog, Chen Quan still has a hurdle in his heart when begging someone in the way of a dog.
It feels so embarrassing and shameful. Although the way of acting is a little shameful, the military dog ​​breeder still understands Chen Quan I mean, after cleaning, I took Chen Quan for a walk. Chen Quan also behaved very honestly at the beginning. When the military dog ​​breeder relaxed his vigilance, he broke away from the breeder in an instant. In a ghost place, Chen Quan yelled loudly, but the sound he made turned into woof woof woof in his ears.
Hearing his own shouting, Chen Quan’s high-spirited aura of breaking free from the shackles and escaping from the prison was instantly annihilated.
I can’t live anymore.
I wanted to speak in human terms, but what the hell came out was dog language. Come on, someone fell into the river, come on, come help! When Chen Quan was running wildly, he heard someone shouting for help, he looked up and saw a lot of people in front of him, Chen Quan planned to rush into the crowd and quickly Using the cover of the crowd to avoid the chase from behind, woof woof, woof, woof, Chen Quan let out a ferocious bark, as a military dog, his appearance must be extremely powerful, and with the careful care of the military dog ​​breeder, Chen Quan seems to be very capable of scaring The crowd of onlookers saw a tall and mighty dog ​​rushing towards it with eyes shining like sharp swords, they were startled and quickly moved away, and some people yelled for everyone to hide, a mad dog is coming, a mad dog Chen Quan actually heard someone say that he is a mad dog, who the hell is your uncle saying? It’s the window to the soul, Chen Quan had no choice but to stare at the raving man with his eyes, yelling that the mad dog is coming, he is a teenage fat boy who eats melons, when he found that the dog stared at him and looked at him The stance was about to attack him, oh my god, the little fat man let out a startled cry, and the melons fell to the ground. He came back to eat the melons, and the little fat man quickly dodged behind the crowd, not daring to yell again when he saw the little fat man. Timid and funny, Chen Quan’s dog has a contemptuous expression on his face, scumbag Chen Quan, Chen Quan has no time to care about this kind of small shrimp, he is still running away, moving his strong four long legs crazily, Chen Qun turned his head When I was in the river, I found that there was a person in the river that was constantly ups and downs. Fuck, the world is going down. Why did no one stand up for justice? Chen Quan saw that there were at least 30 people onlookers, but no one went into the water to save people. If Chen Quan was still an individual If so, he would definitely jump down to save people at the first time, but now he is a dog, a dog running frantically for his life Gululu Chen Quan ran around the river, he saw that the water surface had started to bubble, and after a while, the people in the river would be gone I am in danger, no one will go down to save me, go save Chen Quan, he is in a hurry, he can’t just sit and watch a living life just disappear like that Plop Chen Quan jumped into the river and started to swim vigorously Chen Quan learned how to swim No matter what position he is in, he can swim freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, backstroke, the cold river water envelops his body, Chen Quan feels refreshed all over, the first thing he does is breaststroke, boo boo boo, the two forearms are obviously breaststroke