I couldnt help slandering this girl for a while she really didnt have a good intention she seemed to be careful not to let her

Yang Gang was carrying big bags and small bags and walking. His shirt was soaked in sweat, and his head was also dripping with bean-sized beads of sweat. He didn’t have time to wipe it off. Where is the village? A few old men want to get themselves here to be a teacher.
Teacher qualification certificates are all arranged! Smelly hooligans, don’t come over. Suddenly there is a scream from the woods beside him.
Yang Gang looked for his reputation and saw a woman standing in the grass Panicked look, where is the hooligan? Yang Gang threw all his luggage on the ground and rushed straight into the woods at a brisk pace.
While shouting, he hurriedly pulled up his pants, Yang Gang was stunned to see if there was a third person.
When his eyes fell on a piece of wet soil, he realized that this woman was just relieved. He just happened to pass by, and he naturally became the hooligan in her mouth. Yang Gang murmured in his heart, but this woman has some beauty, small face, snow-white facial features, exquisite figure, although she is petite, but there is nothing wrong with her big place, do you believe it or not? I stared at him viciously and raised my fist to threaten my sister. If you didn’t call me, I wouldn’t even know you were here and I would stand here and look stupid if I was really a hooligan? You have been executed on the spot.
The woman was speechless for a while when she heard the words. Thinking about it, she knew to find a more secluded place. She just couldn’t hold back, so she came here thinking of a quick battle. I never thought that someone would pass by here in a hurry. I just blurted out I’m sorry, there are very few people on the road, and I didn’t expect you to pass by. The woman lowered her head and apologized while arranging her clothes. She was wearing a plaid shirt, and she was covered in cold sweat because of what happened just now. I felt very uncomfortable, so I wanted to pull it up a little bit, but when I pulled it too hard, half of my snow-white belly was exposed, and Yang Gang was taken aback. The scream pierced the sky, the woman screamed for a long time and found that Yang Gang had no reaction, glanced at it, and saw Yang Gang opened his eyes, covered his ears, and the corners of his mouth turned up, looking like an old god.
Pull it down and let out a cold snort, does it look good? It’s average. Yang Gang smacked his lips and replied casually.
You’ve still been watching for so long. Would you like to let you see other places talking? Looking at the woman, seeing the woman holding her head up and her chest up like a little cock, she couldn’t help laughing, “Eldest sister, God has eyes, but I didn’t do anything. You almost saw me and didn’t do anything. And who do you call eldest sister?” The woman scolded Without any warning, Yang Gang just punched it out, crazy woman, you made it yourself for me to see Yang Gang cursed inwardly and blocked it casually. I didn’t expect the woman to be quite strong. Oh, I’ve practiced before.
Don’t be excited, sister, why don’t you just look at it? As for what? Cursing bulgingly, crazy shot is good ah, it’s a pity you’re still a black belt, it’s just not enough for you to see Yang Gang attacking with both hands in turn, blocking all the woman’s fists, laughing mockingly, I didn’t expect to meet such a stupid Such a hot girl fights for a while, the woman’s own hand hurts, or she can’t do anything about Yang Gang, she is so angry that she is about to cry, Yang Gang sees the woman’s pitiful haha, laughing, it’s okay, sister, my surname is Yang Minggang, I’m a new teacher, it’s all a misunderstanding, okay I I apologize if something is wrong, I’m going to report to the school, please lead the way, sister A teacher wants to come to report.
Considering the school is difficult to find, I came here to pick up someone.
I didn’t expect that this person is really a teacher.
The woman’s face is full of doubts.
Yang Gang’s face darkened.
Shaking her head, you look like a teacher, other teachers must be professors, but seeing that it was getting dark, she didn’t say much, and the most important thing is to go back quickly, otherwise it’s very dangerous to drive at night.
My name is Liu Yuxiu, and I’m also a teacher at the school, Tian Kuai It’s dark, let’s go to school quickly Liu Yuxiu put down these words and walked out of the grass quickly, so she came to pick me up, help me carry my luggage, it’s too heavy, Yang Gang reacted quickly, and quickly followed Liu Yuxiu walked forward as if she didn’t hear Woman, Yang Gang smiled wryly and followed with his luggage.
Someone leading the way would save a lot of time.
Liu Yuxiu led him through the mountain road, turned left and right, and finally arrived at the school. The school is located on a hillside surrounded by trees and a big The three houses in the courtyard are not much different from the homes of ordinary villagers.
Yang Gang reckoned that it would be difficult to find it if there was no one to lead the way by himself.
It’s better to go back to school, unfinished buildings are better than this, Yang Gang can’t help but scold his mother in his heart, if it’s not getting dark, he wants to turn around and leave, Mr.
Yang, I’ll clean up the room for you first, find a stool and take a rest first, Liu Yuxiu, who was silent all the way, spoke He took the initiative to pick up the broom and began to clean the ghost. Yang Gang was a little confused. He was happy to help you. Yang Gang put down his luggage and looked around.
The largest room on the left is a classroom with more than a dozen sets of desks and chairs. The small room on the right It’s the kitchen, in the middle is the dormitory