I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to say and paused for a long time before popping out the words “We met again” Yes you

A bucket of concentrated salt water was splashed on his body and the wound touched the concentrated salt water.
Shi Haoren grinned in pain and opened his eyes. There was an extremely small space around him, oppressive and dim, and the flickering candlelight stirred his eyelids. Those who had just splashed on Shi Haoren The jailer in the concentrated salt water looked at Shi Haoren with a burst of sarcasm. The former first captain of the empire was not in such a field, but he was quite capable of being imprisoned in a high-tech cell. He escaped twice.
Now the empire has specially set up a place like this.
Guan also wronged us, this trash really embarrassing the empire. The Karius civilization was destroyed because of him.
I heard that he is still unwilling to hand over the legacy of the Karius civilization.
Not to mention, thinking about his family’s legacy is really embarrassing to our imperial soldiers.
Don’t mention this kind of scum.
When he got up, his dark eyes swept across the soldiers who were mocking him. He wanted to explain, but he closed his mouth in the end, smiling bitterly and helplessly. Memories flooded him, and he thought of Xiao Hei who had been with him all the time before The system is an honest data terminal. Shi Haoren Empire has a new mission for you. How about saving the Karius civilization? If the two of us can complete this mission, you can be promoted to another level, and I can also upgrade the system. If you hear Us Civilization, please reply.
I am Shi Haoren, Commander-in-Chief of Lante Empire. Carius Civilization, please hold on. 2,000 Imperial warships are already on standby in front of the wormhole. As long as His Majesty and the military department approve, I will lead the Imperial warship Jumping Worm. Dong will support you at the first time, please be sure to persevere. At that time, I have already become the commander-in-chief of the entire node.
The fire command from the military department and the emperor has not been issued for a long time, and finally it has not been issued, Commander. If you hear this This segment of electronically synthesized sound represents that our Karius civilization finally died out in the long river of bright starry sky. Please, Commander, turn on the system to transmit the next piece of compressed data that records the history of our Karius civilization from its emergence to its end. The record hopes that the commander can take good care of this small record chip, which is still hidden by Shi Haoren, but Xiao Hei has already been smashed by the judge of the empire. The core processor was thrown into the magma and melted to save Karius.
Civilization mission failed bro, both of us know why we failed. This blame is that they deliberately gave us the blame to stand up again.
How can you be so cowardly? You still have a chance.
As long as you are alive, you still have a chance to lose. Don’t be afraid. Don’t fall down! Hey, let’s live with our hope, Xiao Hei. What was the system called at the beginning? The Super Battleship Commander system. In fact, the so-called system is a bunch of smart data terminals that the three major gods selected planetary prosecutors. I did pass it myself.
The selection of the empire once became one of the most powerful captains of the empire, but now the iron door of the dungeon was pushed open with a sound of blowing The soldiers who were pointing fingers at Shi Haoren immediately stood up straight and looked meticulously at the woman in red with short hair who came in through the iron gate and stood at attention to salute.
Step back, she is very beautiful and her voice is full of heroism This woman is in charge of at least ten nodes.
Shi Haoren raised his eyelids and obviously saw this former officer, his smile was a bit bleak, sir, you are here, the woman in red quickly came to Shi Haoren and stared blankly at Shi Haoren, yes. What am I here for? The imperial military jury has arrived.
Tomorrow you will be held a public trial on this planet. Listen to me. Hand over the legacy of the Carius civilization.
He turned his head to the side in disdain. As long as you hand over the legacy of the Carius civilization, I will definitely have a way to keep you alive. Shi Haoren was silent for a while, then he closed his eyes, sir, do you think I deserve the blame? Putting Shi Haoren on his shoulder and explaining to him, the big shots need Karius’ things, and if you take the blame, you will take the blame.
As long as you hand over the things and show a repentant look, let them go down the steps, and I will think of a way.
With your commanding ability and ship control ability, one day the councilors will be reinstated, Xiao Hei, they are all dead, and the Karius civilization is being swallowed by the Zerg right in front of my eyes.
I can obviously save them. These damn big men want to rob them.
I don’t hesitate to completely wipe out the entire civilization.
That’s 30 billion people! Sir, 30 billion living beings with flesh and blood and wisdom.
I don’t believe that the Zerg will somehow appear in the Karius galaxy. How did the Zerg come from? You should know the woman in red I slapped Shi Haoren on the face with a face full of hatred.
I asked you whether your life is important or the past is more important.
In fact, Shi Haoren had already made a decision since the electronic sound sounded.
Shi Haoren laughed at himself. I laughed out loud, my life must be worthy of those 30 billion dead souls, then you can do it yourself It’s the first time you called my name, tell me why did you come here Shi Haoren stared at Eileenna You came quietly The people above must want to avoid the meeting between the direct subordinates and superiors I don’t believe you came to me just to persuade me to give up the card Hand over the legacy of the Rius civilization, Elelina, just look at Shi Haoren like this, you really don’t want to give up, from now on the empire won’t tolerate you, and you and I will never have the chance to meet again Eleline, this world is always ruled by Composition in shades of gray But from the day you knew me you knew I was the black and white fool