I cant mess with this woman stop making trouble Xiao Yun lets go to the venue together clapped hands glanced contemptuously at the thunder dragon

The gentlemen of Jiujing Gongyu hold the sword, the sky is gloomy and terrible, dark clouds cover the sun, dry thunder bursts, there is a sound of gold and iron friction in the dead air, the sound is small, but it is clear and audible The long and slender sword is slowly sent back by a refined man The scabbard is the source of the sound of friction. On the bright and clear body of the sword, drops of sticky blood adhered to it. With the slow movement of the blade, those blood drops also concentrated rapidly as if evaporating, until finally there was no drop of blood red.
It is a good sword that can absorb blood, evil and cold energy. It is worthy of being the sixth artifact on the list of magic weapons.
The elegant man standing in the air is facing nine people who are also floating in the air. They are surrounded by one of the elegant men.
The big man covered in black robe stared straight at the sharp sword in the elegant man’s hand, couldn’t help praising it, he dared to call it Junzijian, it’s an insult to the word gentleman. On the other side, a middle-aged woman in purple gauze seemed quite In order to disdain the black-robed man in a cold voice, he replied carelessly, you are from a famous family in Zixu Palace, and after that, I will take the scapegoat for you and accept this gentleman’s sword. From the beginning to the end, the elegant man just listened quietly, as if the other party divided things that were not his. Is it too early for you to talk about this now? His gaze stayed on the elegant man who was facing him, and he always felt that the matter might not be over. Surprisingly, as soon as the young man spoke, eight people around him, men and women, chose to keep silent. I can really see it, the elegant man puts the sword in its sheath in his hand, his pale face forced a smile, I call you “God of Heavenly Sword” because you are indeed worthy of respect. In ten years, we have surpassed our group of hundred-year-old monsters. If it weren’t for it, maybe you could go further.
The young man pointed to the nine wells under the floating body of the crowd, and there were some helpless enemies in life and death.
But suddenly he said such a thing, even the elegant man couldn’t help but look at the young man a few hundred years old! If you give me another few hundred years, you will be allowed to act recklessly. You know what the consequences of this action are.
The elegant man didn’t answer the words but instead. Asked about the silence of the enemy nine, do you know what the other side of the Kamijing is? The man who has painstakingly planned for a hundred years asks himself that it is impossible to dissuade them with his own few words. The elegant man’s hands are knotted and his hands are sealed. He is dressed in a white robe. There is no wind, and he starts hunting with all his strength. He shouted in a deep voice, the group of eight people suddenly screamed like a secret curse and a heart formula, obviously they also felt the threat of death, and they all took out their own trump cards to save their lives, the thunder rolled and the dark clouds pressed the already dead space because Ten terrifying power fluctuations became more pressing Suppressing the blue sky and thunderbolts, the sky is full of thunder and thunder, the whole space is restless, full of the smell of death, click, click, the sound of space shattering is heard one after another from the edge of this small space, like pieces of glass can no longer bear the oppression under the sky full of thunder One by one, the explosion is not good. He wants to break through the space, untie Jiujing’s shackles, and stick to the space. If he breaks through, we may have to start again for a hundred years. Consolidate the space with a whoosh, the Junzi sword on his back roars out again, like a blue rainbow shooting out against the wind, the elegant man’s hair flutters in the wind like his robe, his handsome face unknowingly becomes a little more violent Covering up his literati and elegant temperament, it was too late, the elegant man gave a big drink, with a bit of sneer and a bit of madness at the corner of his mouth Under it, it quickly submerged into the sword body of the Junzi Sword, which had skyrocketed several times The built barrier of divine power, thunder, thunder, lightning, cessation, dark clouds collapse, space shatters, the silver light sword body pulls out a long light tail in the air, whistling, and the sound of wind roars, as if cheering for it. Crackling sound of space crackling, this small space is crumbling under the force of the sword, only one sword shattered the space, only one sword forcibly shook the Nine Great Kun God Realm powerhouses, with such arrogance, there may only be Wentian Sword God alone in thousands of years In the blink of an eye, Jian Guang collided with the barrier of divine power cast by the nine powerhouses, and immediately there was a deafening explosion. Undoubtedly, if a martial artist with a slightly lower level was here, he would be directly shocked by the sound.
The place where the sword body touched the barrier immediately erupted with dazzling strong light, even the dark clouds covering the sky were illuminated much more transparently, the small space that was originally dark and gloomy instantly shone as if falling into the sun. Eyes scorching hot, the barrier and the sword body held each other for a long time, and finally there was a click, the divine power barrier collapsed at the same time as this small space, puff, nine people spurted blood one after another, and the breath was sluggish, and they had no power to resist.
The nine parties joined hands to kill The sword god Naihe asked the sky to break through the sky and save him, and he will come back to the sky. The sun, the earth, and the nine are bound to return to dust. The silver light sword body breaks through the space like a thunderbolt, and disappears in a blink of an eye. Only four sonorous and powerful sentences are left leisurely. In the collapsed space, the sword light After rushing out, the whole small space returned to darkness again, and the nine holy wells under everyone, who were bound by some kind of force, emitted colorful brilliance together.