I cant believe I looked at Xiao Feng I did it for Wuchang Mountain Xiao Feng didnt even look at him he said coldly Chapter

The world is in turmoil. Heroes unite for a millennium.
There are people who stand on their shoulders.
Righteousness and wrongness.
Calm and comfortable, this is the epitome of a long period of time in this world, but it is only a corner of the world. Visions are born with the wind and clouds of the world. The order of the world changes greatly. The aura of the world gradually thins out.
Tens of thousands of years of depression, along with the cycle of birth and old age, it is difficult to hesitate on the road to eternal life, coupled with various internal and external factors, more and more ambitious people gradually realize the reality and begin to intrigue over fame, wealth and power.
Thousands of years of wars and wolves, the three forces stand out and finally form a three-point world. A hundred years of chaos and decades laid the foundation. It was the millennium, Tianyuan, and fifteen years of the creek wind, a magnificent vision, the forces of all parties are ready to move again, and the stalemate is once again on the verge of collapse. Countless people in the secular world are waiting for the opportunity to move. That day is December 28, only two days away from New Year’s Eve.
The golden rain fell in Xifeng territory for a whole day, blessing the people. On that day, there was a rainbow hanging down in the imperial city of Xifeng, and the colorful phoenix greeted him. The golden dragon leaped into the sky, the four spirits crawled, and the purple lightning swept through the air. On that day, several forbidden places in the secular world changed suddenly On that day, the emperor came back after traveling for ten years, and he had a new heir, who was also the heir of the new emperor.
After that day, many people in the world looked through the world’s classics, but found nothing.
After that day, rumors spread all over the world.
The situation in the Three Kingdoms became tense again. Because of the auspicious signs, the people are united and the country is booming day by day. In a blink of an eye, it is the day of the prince’s full moon. Xiao Wutian specially took one character in the title of the country and gave it the name Xiao Fengyu.
Taishi Liu Ziyu and Marquis Xiao Ran are their teachers Liu Ziyu is the emperor’s teacher in his early years, which can be said to be highly respected, even if Xiao Wutian is expensive as Xifeng, the emperor should respect him three points because of his master and apprentice. As for Xiao Ran, he is Xiao Wutian’s younger brother. Except for Xiao Wutian, the number one person in the imperial city’s bright face in martial arts is only the cultivation of the six orifices, but even the top masters of the innate peak may not be his opponent. The spring and autumn are fleeting for four years.
On August 15th, the three bells rang together. The three forces announced to the people of the secular world that they were friendly to each other.
At the same time, the young Qingluan and the valley made Yu Xifeng, the emperor, presented a difficult problem and wanted to let down Xifeng’s face, but he was forced to be speechless by a four or five-year-old doll. Famous in the Three Kingdoms, the world is stable, the people are happy, and another year has passed. Xiao Feng also showed amazing talents in handling government affairs, which made Long Yan very happy.
Since then, Xiao Wutian has granted Xiao Feng to accompany him. From time to time, I read the memorial and asked about his countermeasures and gave him guidance.
Not long after, it was rumored in the court that the six sons should be kings, and it was also passed on to Xiao Wutian’s ears, and he didn’t say anything to reprimand him.
The achievements made are unbelievable.
Another set of ministers asked for instructions.
On May 1st, Xiao Wutian named Xiao Feng as the crown prince.
At that time, the young man showed his sharpness and attracted countless heroes. However, after that day, the young man suddenly suffered a serious illness and completely hid himself.
In October of the same year In the name of the crown prince, the young man proclaimed to the world that it would be difficult to assume the post of crown prince. After hiding the truth from everyone, he left the imperial city.
Only Yu Yi, the guard in front of the palace, followed him.
After that, there was no trace of him.
It was hard to find the millennium. The sound of bamboo rustling is really a bit windy, the bleakness of green jade branches kills the depths of the bamboo forest, the bamboo house stands quietly, even though it is only with the bamboo forest, it does not look so lonely and desolate, but there is a kind of leisurely and carefree feeling in the bamboo house, an old man in the bamboo house Leisurely playing chess, one piece on the left, one piece on the right, seems to be chaotic, but in the end, it is a dangerous situation where the two pieces are connected.
If there are bystanders, they will be terrified.
There is a light knock on the bamboo door outside the door. He just said lightly and came in, and then he saw a middle-aged man with a long beard who pushed the door and entered, stopped not far from the old man, and stopped, the Lord, what’s the matter? As early as the old man was surprised, then he smiled slightly. It seems that ten years is not too early, and the few letters sent out have responded, promising to come back to the rivers and lakes when there is a big event in the world. Those forces on Wuyou Island haven’t responded yet, it’s okay, so let’s wait.
The old man doesn’t care. He casually said that not long ago, a mysterious force rose up in the rivers and lakes. Even if we spent most of our manpower, we couldn’t find any clues.
The middle-aged man frowned.
The old man of Miaolou said indifferently, is it Piaomiao, illusory or detached, the old man hehe smiled, no matter how good the means are, if the small building has fallen, I don’t know if Mr. Piaomiao did it on purpose or from the heart It’s just that the ability to make a fuss is really appreciated For the former, wait a little longer, wait for a thousand years, then wait another two years, don’t worry, the middle-aged man said respectfully, then let them make more moves in the past two years, take all the chess pieces that can be collected, it’s too loose in the future.
It’s good to control the old man, bow his head and continue to play chess freely.
If there’s nothing else, you can go. Let me think about it again. The middle-aged man bows again.