I cant bear this prison disaster listen to my brother come back with me to ensure you are safe and sound the young man with

Liu Xie is the class monitor of the history department. On the day of graduation, he had the last group building with his classmates.
The result was that all the students in the class Qiqi crossed Lu Bu.
Zhao Yun was my classmate. Wolong and Fengchu were my classmates.
What’s more, my classmate, the world is united.
Because our class arrived nearly 80 years earlier, the Xiongnu was exterminated, the Guishuang was conquered, and the peace was conquered. The red and gold dragon pattern flags in Rome will be planted all over the mainland. This novel and characters are purely fictitious. Any similarities are purely coincidental.
Don’t imitate Chapter 1 Fatty Dong, what the hell, Liu Xie woke up from the dragon couch, his blurry vision gradually became clear, and the first thing that came into view was a particularly conspicuous big fat man, big fat man, old and ugly, fat head, big ears and thick beard growing all over his face At the same time, two miserable groans came from under him, Xiangguo, please let go of your servant, Xiangguo Liu Agreement, and saw that the disheveled fat man was pressing down on two torn maids and rubbing them vigorously.
His own eyes, the fat man and the court lady are still there Liu Xie is causing an uproar in Xiangguo’s heart.
Could it be that the fat man Dong Zhuo is the first person he thinks of when he looks at the fat man Liu Xie? At the same time, Dong Zhuo looked over and wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth with a lewd smile, Hey little emperor, you woke up, he shed a stream of turbid and sticky poop, Liu Xie suddenly felt sick, I don’t know if it’s because of bleeding gums or not rinsing the secretion The saliva that came out was so disgusting, but the other party actually called him the emperor, looked down and saw that he was wearing a dragon-patterned nightgown, and in a blink of an eye, he saw from the bronze mirror that he had turned into a child who was only about ten years old. I really passed through and became Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty. Liu Xie stared at the big fat man in front of him with cute big eyes.
Judging from the costumes of the Han Dynasty and the surrounding layout, Liu Xie reconfirmed that he had indeed traveled to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty.
The big fat man in front of him was Dong Zhuo. Look at Dong Zhuo Liu Xie’s sluggish expression revealed a smile that weighed more than a kilogram, little emperor, don’t worry, wait for you to grow up, our family will send you a hundred or so beauties, and you will sing and sing every night, hahaha Fatty Dong got up from the delicate bodies of the two palace ladies and remained still Maintaining that wretched gaze, Liu Xie was speechless.
This fat man was not on the same channel as him.
After he quickly calmed down, Liu Xie didn’t do anything unusual. He was very clear about the current situation. He was just a puppet emperor and Dong Zhuo was now in power. Dare to moleste his court lady in front of the dragon couch in the middle of the night, although he can’t help being a little angry, but he can only maintain this state. To maintain this image, Dong Zhuo’s dull childlike appearance is indeed the best disguise, but Liu Xie’s mental age But he became more mature, seeing the beautiful sister whose clothes were torn to pieces lying in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel his blood swell, his blood boiled, it was ten times more exciting than the teachers on the screen, if he still I’m sure I’m going to waste another three pieces of toilet paper at home Gulu swallowed a mouthful of saliva and calm down Thinking about him Chuan Daguanxi, why haven’t you seen Liu Xie force yourself to stop doing this Wretched thoughts, I am an extremely pure little boy now. At this moment, the crying of the two maids is still going on. Dong Zhuo got a little impatient, and he immediately said angrily. Shut up, or you will cut your tongues and get out of our house.
The two maids are scared. I was trembling all over, but I was so grateful that the two hurriedly picked up the broken clothes to cover the exposed parts and quickly left Liu Xie, still watching this scene without speaking.
Now only Dong Zhuo and him are left in the whole bedroom. He is a little scared.
I don’t know Dong Will the fat man do something outrageous to him? Suddenly, Dong Zhuo’s face changed, and there was a delicate look in his eyes. Liu Xie shrank back nervously, only to see the other party dragging his fat body to sit down. Leaning close to him on the dragon couch, he suddenly opened his mouth and just said something, but Liu Xie didn’t expect it, little emperor, how wonderful it is that everyone can be like you You said they don’t fight against our family? Can our family kill them? Our family knows that these ministers all look down on our family and think that our family is just a barbarian from Xiliang. It’s me, a barbarian who now holds the power of the world, the prime minister of the current dynasty, and even the father of the current emperor. Hearing this, Liu Xie is still silent, but he can’t help but sigh in his heart. I didn’t expect Dong Zhuo, the cruel and violent national thief in history, to have such a side. And Dong Zhuo saw that Liu Xie was acting like a fool, so he propped himself up, you little emperor