I called him something but he didnt get serious with me at this time but he agreed that youre right Im a liar and Im

Unidentified friends lost contact inexplicably, leaving only one jade cicada. The jade cicada with mysterious power can take you into another world as long as you hold it in your palm.
I don’t know where I am, because the space I’m in is filled with a dark, damp and decaying smell. When I look up, I see the only light source, which is a faint light from something that looks like a gemstone embedded in the top of my head, like a firefly.
The light is generally not enough for me to see the scene under the dome clearly.
The light only allows me to vaguely see the luminous bodies inlaid on the blue dome above my head.
Lun Haoyue disappeared not long ago, and Ji Wan disappeared. I learned to smoke and never left my cigarette, so at this moment, there is a lighter on my body, and there is a slap. There were rows of children holding knives and guns standing neatly, and I was almost out of my mind. The lighter slipped out of my hand involuntarily, and with a thud, I immediately covered my face with my hands. It was like touching flammable objects and gasoline, which suddenly lit up the foreground. I was stunned, as if I saw a ghost and lost my soul, I turned around and ran away, so the person in front of me was covered with a thick layer of dust and covered with cobwebs. It should be a mummy. I ran across a stone bridge and only stepped up a few steps, my legs stopped listening to me, and I couldn’t help but slumped and sat on the ground. The flammable things kept burning forward, and the flames rushed forward like a fire dragon. A strange trough illuminates the entire space of the Necropolis, and I can’t help screaming in horror. Is it surprise or fear? I can’t even tell myself. Looking around the space in front of me, I can’t see the end. All the arrangements here, including the lights on the dome, make me Shocked again, this is a miniature world that can be compared to the window of the world, or a huge sand table. At this time, the space I was in became brighter. I looked up at a huge and ugly evil spirit in front of me. I was frightened and panicked.
Get up, turn your head and try to run, hit a hard and cold stone statue with a bang, sit down on the ground, look up, see another huge stone statue, same as the image behind The huge stone statue is at least five or six meters high. It has a ferocious face. It seems that there are two horns standing on the top of its head.
It is not sure whether it is horns or ears. It has four eyes, fangs, and bared teeth.
It’s carved in stone, so I can’t tell what animal’s fur it is. I can only vaguely see the appearance of the fur.
The left hand is holding a sword and the right is holding a shield. Is it a human, a ghost, or a god? I was almost scared when I knew that the huge thing in front of me was a stone statue. The heart jumped out of my throat and swallowed back into my stomach, I smiled with lingering fear, then I got up from the ground and patted my buttocks Looking back and forth at the same big stone statues on both sides of the dust, I made sure that the stone statues in front of me were not in danger.
My nervous and fearful heart slowly eased and returned to normal. I am standing on the steps inside the door. Behind me there is a dead stone door from all sides. I can’t see how the stone door opens and closes through the door slot, and I can’t find any news about the opening of the stone door, so I conclude that the stone door is a dead door.
Once it is closed, it can’t be opened. Two scary stone statues are on both sides of the stone door. It seems that the door god walked down the stone.
Steps I started to visit this miniature world. When I went down the stone steps, there were two adjacent pools, one large and one small, with a silver-white liquid flowing in the pools. I couldn’t see the bottom.
On the larger pool was an arch bridge with handrails on both sides. I carefully walked up the stone arch bridge, looked at the liquid in the pool, and imagined what the flowing liquid would look like mercury. Suddenly, I thought of relevant reports.
The physical detection report of the Qinshihuang Mausoleum in Xi’an, Shaanxi proved that There is a large amount of mercury in the underground palace of Qinshihuang’s mausoleum, which is consistent with historical records.
According to the historical masterpiece “Historical Records” of Sima Qian, a famous historian in the Western Han Dynasty, mercury is used in the underground palace. It is also the underground palace of Qinshihuang Mausoleum. I can’t help but wonder in a low voice. I cover my mouth and nose at the same time. Mercury is poisonous, and this underground palace is full of deadly mercury vapor. On the arch bridge and the small bridge, there are several rows of bronze warriors holding bronze weapons, which are half the size of life. There is a lot of dust on their bodies, like corpses that have been standing for thousands of years. The size of a football field is probably as large as several football fields. There are bronze armored warriors standing upright on both sides of the road.
The ratio of warriors is half that of a real person. All of them are armed with weapons, spears or halberds, and spears longer than spears are lined up in neat rows. Behind them, there are soldiers on chariots and chariots.
There are warriors holding weapons on both sides. There are mountains, lakes and rivers. On my left is a palace.
On the right, there are two palaces before and after.
After passing these three palaces, there is a huge palace. The palace is surrounded by thick palace walls.
These are imitations of the palaces of the Qin Dynasty. The proportions are smaller, but they are exquisite and lifelike. A total of seven palaces must represent the palaces of the seven heroes of the Warring States period.
There are many treasures hidden in the terracotta warriors and horses.
I have been to Xi’an to visit the Qin terracotta warriors and horses, but most of them are terracotta warriors and horses. The proportion of real people is larger than this. Behind me, I walked and looked at the rivers and rivers.
Sure enough, all the rivers, lakes and seas are lined up in the mountains. with the earth