I asked him to confess but the company didn’t let me back then do you regret it now But I don’t care about that much

The trouble caused by drunkenness Hua Ming woke up from his lethargy with a splitting headache, a dry mouth, and a dry stomach.
He was also weak and weak.
It was obvious that this was the feeling of a hangover. He struggled to open his eyes and tried to find some water to drink. The taste of dry mouth and tongue is really uncomfortable.
As soon as Hua Ming opened his eyes, he realized that the problem was serious.
This is obviously not at home, but in the hospital ward.
I know the quilt for the white ward, not to mention the hanging bottle on the left hand, it seems embarrassing to drink too much to be able to go to the hospital, what the hell is it? In the beginning of Hua Ming’s mind, Anping called himself and said that Chen Qiaosheng was here and invited everyone to have a drink together. Hang out with a few brothers who play music and drink with like-minded friends. The atmosphere is naturally very happy. Reminiscing about the past, talking about music, and looking forward to the future. Because of Gao, Anping specially took a taxi and walked with him all the way, and first sent himself to the gate of the community. After getting off the car, he resolutely rejected Anping’s request to take him home because it was late at that time and it was almost one o’clock in the morning, and Anping lived a little far away. Ming clearly remembered that his sanity should have been sober. After getting off the car, he kept urging Anping to go home and sleep.
After the car left, he staggered towards his home. It was true that he was walking a bit erratically at that time, but at least it was okay to go home.
He still clearly remembered that when he entered the community, he greeted the familiar security guard at the door. Hua Ming was sure that he did not go wrong because he could walk home As soon as Hua Ming thought about the corner in front of the building, he knew what was going on. That corner was the intersection of two roads in the community.
It happened to be a dead corner illuminated by street lights. The light was very dim.
At that time, he seemed to be tripped by something and fell down. It seems that I knocked my head on the flower bed by the side of the road, and then I really can’t remember anything. This should be the reason why I was sent to the hospital. My head won’t be broken, right? Hua Ming stretched out his right hand hidden in the quilt. When he came out, he wanted to touch his head to see if he was injured, and then he realized that he was still holding a mobile phone in his hand.
It was a Huawei that he had just bought.
This is the best one in China other than the fruit machine. The mobile phone is worth thousands of dollars. Haha, I would rather die than throw away the valuable mobile phone. Hua Ming thought so, he first put the mobile phone aside and reached out to touch his head.
After touching his head, Hua Ming looked at it.
Looking at his hands, he was finally relieved. There was no bandage or gauze on his head, and there was no blood on his hands. It seemed that his head was fine. Why is my hand so big? abnormal Hua Ming found that not only his hands got bigger, but his head also got taller.
Hua Ming is a man from the Northeast, but he is a small man among Northeast people. He is only 1 meter tall. For this reason, he is often ridiculed and said that he is from the South, but his current body is at least as tall as he is now. It’s too unscientific that drinking alcohol can make your body taller if you are over 1.8 meters tall.
It’s unscientific.
It’s not just the change in size. Why did the capital come to the hospital in southern Hunan? There are thousands of kilometers between them? This is too unscientific.
Could it be that the hospital in the capital is so poor that they need to borrow quilts from the hospital in southern Hunan? This should be the only possibility, right? Hua Ming panicked a little.
There are too many unscientific things that really make people scared. He turned his head and looked around, and found that a young guy about one year old was lying on the hospital bed next to him in his clothes. Who is it? I don’t seem to know him.
Although he looks a little familiar, could it be that this person sent me to the hospital? This is a kind passer-by, Hua Ming.
Then he turned his head and looked around to see if there was anyone else. As a last resort, he yelled at that guy. Hey, wake up, the man was startled by Hua Ming’s sudden roar, he first reached out and wiped his mouth, and then said, “Hua Ming, you’re awake, you scared us to death last night, he knew my name is Hua.” Ming also looks very familiar with me, but who is he? Why do I have no impression of him? Hua Ming wonders who are you? The guy thought that Hua Ming was joking and replied, who are you? I don’t seem to know you. Hua Ming frowned and continued to ask. He really has no impression of this person in front of him.
Was it stupid? The man looked at Hua Ming’s seriousness and replied, then stood up and stretched out his hand to touch Hua Ming’s forehead to see if he had a fever. Hua Ming raised his hand to block the guy’s approach. Frowning with his hands, he said impatiently, first tell me who you are, that guy shyly withdrew his hand, looked at Hua Ming seriously, and said, “You really don’t know me, right? I, Chen Yanbin, your classmate, we drank together last night.
” Here, classmate Chen Yanbin drank together, Hua Ming was stunned, he tried hard to think back, trying to figure out what happened, another memory instantly filled his mind, something went wrong, something went wrong, Hua Ming’s current body It’s not his accurate statement that Hua Ming’s current body is that of another person named Hua Ming. Hua Ming forced the most unscientific thing to happen to him.
He even crossed Zhengbei Wangjing City.