I ask you Yuzao The group of nine is actually the nine tails in front of Yuzao right Migu Yuzao Princess nodded with a look

Chapter 1 My Skeleton Burning Flames Straight into the Sky The scorched stench mixed with ashes filled the entire space.
In the space where the remains of a large Japanese-style house still vaguely remained, a girl with orange hair was lying on the ground in a white dress.
Supporting her body with her arms, she kept looking up to confirm the door, and there was a person holding a sword at the door.
No matter who saw this scene, there would be a feeling of a hero saving the beauty.
The girl’s face changed from confusion at first, then to surprise, and finally she finally He opened his mouth and let out a super high-decibel scream that he had never heard before. He covered his ears with his hands, of course he didn’t have ears, but this girl Fujimaru Tachika made it I heard the loudest voice since I was born, and I recognized the scream from a distance, and there was a fast stomping step, as if some heavy monster stomped on the ground, the voice of a senior and fierce girl came from behind. He confirmed that the person who came didn’t wait for him to explain, he felt a pain in his ribs, and the girl chasing from behind hit him with a big, black and hard thing in his hand, and his body flew out along the collapsed ceiling.
If it wasn’t for his lack of vocal cords, he really wanted to shout a home run. Now he is more and more admiring of his entertainment spirit. Who is he? Why did he meet such a beautiful orange-haired girl in the fire scene? And why did she It will make such a screaming sound, so let’s start from a slightly longer period of time. In fact, it was not that long. The Jomon period is Japan’s stone age. Perhaps you will have such an experience from birth.
I was told by my parents when I was a child of an elite in the industry that I was destined to embark on a different path from ordinary people to explore the truth, and then I worked hard to find a good job.
After graduation, I happened to find a new research institute that was very suitable for gold plating.
He ran over to apply for the job and was actually selected.
There was a white-haired and proud beauty, the director, a technical professor who cuckolded himself every day for some reason and looked like a juggler, and a pink-haired doctor who lacked a sense of tension.
Add a purple-haired junior who is polite to everyone.
After working hard for a year, he finally gained a certain degree of trust from the director. Just at this time, another new employee came, and he finally managed to become a real senior. This is the so-called winner in life, right? This is what the so-called rose-colored life looks like, right? Just when he thought his rose-colored life was about to start, he was engulfed by a bang and came back to his senses. The burning place was at a loss because he was at a loss, so he walked around and finally found the new employee Fujimaru Tachika this year in an abandoned house that looked like a big Japanese house. A girl about 17 or 18 years old with orange hair Then lying on the scorched black floor, he couldn’t help but move his footsteps over.
Although the child knows that Japanese people have the habit of sleeping on the floor, is he really not afraid of catching a cold without covering the quilt? After the previous scene, he was beaten into the air and stayed in the air for about 30 seconds before falling.
If he knew the strength of the woman beating him, he could calculate his flying speed. He thought optimistically, and then ruthlessly He fell to the ground with the crackling sound of bone shattering, to be precise, the sound of bone shattering came from under him. This wonderful sound came from under him.
He quickly got up and looked at the ground, and saw a skeleton lying on the ground with a neck He was holding a long gun casually for a piece of rag, which looked very much like a skeleton soldier that appeared in various games, animations and TV dramas. Sometimes this world is such a coincidence, isn’t it? However, there is no sound, only a sound like a knocking gada gada, and he didn’t shout out.
He touched his mouth strangely, but he didn’t touch his lips. The finger bones are very direct. I touched my own teeth.
Speaking of which, when I covered my ears just now, it seemed that I didn’t really feel the feeling of touching the soft ears. He looked at his body in disbelief.
It was naked in every sense.
Ribs, spine, pelvis, thighs The bones, calf bones, humerus, and ulna are all distinct. He touched his face in disbelief, and sure enough, he couldn’t touch anything except the bones. The weirdest feeling was that he tried to insert his fingers into the eye sockets, even though his fingers blocked the eye sockets, and his vision disappeared. But there is no pain and no feeling of touching the eyeballs. Is it that I have turned into a skeleton? No wonder Fujimaru Tatsuka just yelled in surprise. I would have to yell the same if I changed myself, okay? Breathe calmly, I’m a skeleton, I’m breathing shit I saw this kind of skeleton monster on both sides. The skeleton was covered with a cloak, some had arrows stuck in their eye sockets, and some had their jaws missing.
These skeleton soldiers walked around aimlessly. Maybe they regarded him as a companion. There is no skeleton.
The soldiers attacked him, which should be a blessing in misfortune.
Calm down and think carefully.
My name is my name. My name is Norville.
My parents are both magicians. Research institutions have worked for a skeleton.
Ah, it can be tolerated.
Only this can be tolerated.
Only this he looks at his empty pelvic bone flowing out of tears as a man.
No way, I’m a so-called elite. Absolutely.