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Prologue: Before dawn, at dusk, Earth is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. This is an ordinary island in the Pacific Ocean, but at this moment it has extraordinary significance, because on this island are stationed the armies of only a few major countries on Earth.
In addition, the figures of several other military and technological powers also appeared here. The buildings on this small island are extremely simple, only a military airport and a bunker-like building.
In addition, there are tents stationed by the troops of various countries.
In addition, there are also aircraft carriers docked around the island and a large number of ships. The flags of various countries all appear on the ships. From a high altitude, the island is very ordinary.
There is no abnormality. It is inexplicable that countries are so mobilized. However, at this moment, the calm sea surface suddenly surged with rough waves, and then the sea water parted, and a dark object protruded from the water. From the grand appearance, it can be judged that this is a big guy.
Sure enough, when this big guy appeared in the field of vision, it was a submarine that looked like a blue whale. At this moment, several small ships gradually approached the submarine. The top hatch of the submarine opened, and a group of armed men appeared, followed by several scholars. After entering the ship, the old man sailed towards the small island.
Not long after, those few old men with the appearance of scholars appeared on the small island.
I saw them rushing towards the central bunker building, and there was no time to respond to the salute of the soldiers. Walking to the bunker, the leader entered the order in front of the alloy gate, and then several old men and two major-general officers entered the bunker-like building outside, but inside it was an underground building. Several people appeared in the bunker, took the elevator and went straight to the building.
After going up and down for more than ten minutes, the elevator finally stopped. When the door of the elevator opened, a very sci-fi world was seen.
The whole place is white and the building materials have a silvery luster. It’s all secondary.
The important thing is that there are all kinds of people gathered here, and the point is that except for those soldiers who look like they are well-trained, everyone else is a heavyweight in various scientific research fields, but they all gather here. The arrival of several people immediately caused a commotion, except for some scientific madmen who were immersed in research, the rest of them all came to see Professor Wang, how is your investigation result? A middle-aged man in a white coat and gold-rimmed glasses The men came out in a row and looked anxiously at the few people who felt a little uneasy, but still asked calmly. Let’s gather everyone, and I will tell everyone that Professor Wang’s name is Wang Lan. Huaxia is a world-class physicist with deep research on space force fields. This time, he is accompanied by Professor Schneider from the United States and Abu from Russia. Professor Ravitch is all about physics A quarter of an hour later, the leaders of the world, the entire underground research institute, hundreds of scientific researchers and a large number of soldiers from various countries gathered in the conference hall, everyone.
It has been a year since we gathered here. In this year, we have achieved unprecedented achievements. These achievements It will have an immeasurable effect on the progress of mankind. I am deeply honored to be able to participate in the research.
Even so, Professor Wang’s face does not show the slightest joy.
Everyone is also looking forward to what he will say next, but right now we have to stop because the situation has suddenly changed.
Unbelievably bad, unbelievably bad. Hearing this word from Professor Wang’s mouth, everyone present was tense.
What kind of situation made the always optimistic Professor Wang say this? According to our team’s observations, the blue cave at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean reacted very strongly.
There will be an unprecedented monster frenzy tonight. The number is unpredictable.
Is it possible that Professor Wang has other abnormalities? Jiro, like Gu Kai, is a biological scientist who has made remarkable achievements in the study of monsters for a year.
Mr. Sagawa and other professors looked at Schneider and Abravich, and after they nodded, they spoke again about the number of monsters frenzy.
It’s hard to estimate, but the worst thing is that according to our global monitoring, the same space band response as the cave at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean has appeared in 12 places around the world, and the intensity is comparable. Professor Wang paused for a while and relieved.
Emotions continued. Everyone here must know what this means. Could it be that there will be twelve gates around the world that keep gushing out monsters? Yes, I got Professor Wang’s affirmative answer. The people present fell silent for a while. I don’t know if it’s panic or not.
Desperate, who have a deep understanding of these monsters, they know what this means better than anyone else. When will Professor Wang’s twelve caves appear? My two professors and I have come to the conclusion that it will be no later than before dawn tonight. Once you study It will become a reality, and we humans will face unprecedented disasters. I hope you can make plans as soon as possible, and then you will get the detailed information of the twelve locations and some of our speculations.
I hope it can help people in your country. Hand over the good information to the soldiers around to deal with.
Looking at the anxious, fanatical or desperate expressions of the crowd, Professor Wang feels very uncomfortable. I hope that after the disaster breaks out, these people in front of us can survive a few more under the protection of the government.
After all, these are human beings. Professor Fortune, who survived, issued an order for you to return to China immediately. Just as Professor Wang felt sad, a young woman in the uniform of a major general appeared beside him.