I a girl understand the truth don’t you understand Chen Xuanqi said who said I don’t understand The life I want to pursue I just

Wealth in the world Somewhere on the sidewalk near the No.
7 Canteen of South China Humanities University in Shanghai is surrounded by a group of people who are packed to the brim. Surprised and admiring sounds can be heard from the crowd from time to time. They just came out of the No.
7 Canteen.
Seeing this vision, Ji Chenghui and Hai Guangyuan immediately decided to go to have a look together to join in the fun. The two were pushing forward while discussing each other’s questions.
Ji Chenghui said that this big beach is also an international metropolis.
Some of the students have eaten and seen it before.
I don’t know who set up a stall to sell what can attract so many people to watch Hai Guangyuan. Let’s squeeze in and see. After a while, the two squeezed to the front of the crowd, but look.
The situation inside was stunned, and then Ji Chenghui asked the core figure in the center of the crowd with a confused face, what are you doing here? A little money, you wait, I will give it to this first, the fourth brother said to the two, time to return to our fourth brother an hour ago, his name is Chen Xuan, and he also has a word called Yingdao, so he was called by Ji Chenghui The fourth is because they are all freshmen in the same dormitory. When the semester started a week ago, the six people in the same dormitory were named according to age.
Earn 100 yuan in change from everyone and only earn 1 yuan from everyone.
This is for a special purpose. In order to do this, he came out early after his morning class and had dinner, then he carried a small table and a chair and came out. I carried a large piece of cardboard on my back to set up the stall, so I chose a location not far from the dormitory, on the side of the main road of the Seventh Canteen. I hastily set up my stall, hung a cardboard on the table, and wrote a few large characters on the cardboard. Wealth is not good and there is no charge.
Soon after Chen Xuan set up the stall, some students who planned to come to eat early after class in the morning saw his stall and signboard. Those who were interested naturally came over.
The four boys who came together were the first to come. He asked if he made a mistake in fortune-telling at school.
If you are accurate, why don’t you think about where you can get rich? Chen Xuan said indifferently, it’s really not difficult for me to get rich. Calculate how much cash you have on your body now, if you count correctly, don’t ask any more questions, put down Yuan Gua, gold and leave, if I’m not sure, I’ll give you 100 yuan, how about the boy’s calculation? You can count how you want Chen Xuan, you say a word casually, I will test the word, the boy is false, true or false, you count it, Chen Xuan pretends to pinch his fingers and calculate for a short while, saying that it is a total of 10 cents, you count it yourself, boy from He took out a wallet from the bag he was carrying and poured the money directly on Chen Xuan’s small table. After counting, he quickly counted, not too much, not too much, it was the number reported by Chen Xuan. Yes, okay, I admit defeat, I paid the boy, put away his own money, and left Yuan coins for Chen Xuan, Chen Xuan followed He put the coin in his handbag and said to the four people, do you have anything else you want to count? It’s all yuan. The other boy among the four said you also count how much cash I have on me, I’ll see if you’re allowed Chen Xuan, let me say a word, the boy made a fortune, and Chen Xuan pinched his fingers and did the calculation for a while, but the first boy who did the calculation said, “Give me another one yuan coin, he doesn’t have any cash on him now.
” I must ask you who borrowed it. The boy was stunned for the rest of his life and asked Gu Fei who was counting. You didn’t bring any money or cash with you. The boy named Gu Fei said that it’s fine to bring a mobile phone. Wechat and Alipay can be used.
Why bother to bring cash? Guys, okay, but here you lose, and then you turn around to Chen Xuandao, you ask him to send you a red envelope with 1 yuan on WeChat. Why do you have to lend him money? Chen Xuandao, I only accept cash and today from everyone We can only earn 1 yuan, but we do not accept WeChat red envelopes and Alipay transfers for special purposes in fortunetelling. The boy had no choice but to pay another 1 yuan coin to Chen Xuan. At this moment, there are already some people around watching. Some of the earlier ones have already witnessed it. After watching the whole process of Chen Xuan’s fortune-telling, Chen Xuan asked the surrounding people to calculate their fortune, who else wants to calculate? At this time, the boy named Gu Fei suddenly said, “You can calculate how much cash other people have on them, but others insist that it is not right, so don’t take out your money.
” You can’t search other people’s bodies, right? Chen Xuan still said calmly.
If our fortune-tellers are not good at making calculations, it’s okay for them to be beaten and scolded, but if someone uses such methods. To our fortune tellers, do we really think we have no means of countermeasures? Using fortune tellers to rectify people can make people die. I don’t know how to make life worse than death. Chen Xuan said it indifferently, but the people around him felt a chill when they heard it.
After a little silence, a girl who was watching took out yuan and put it on the table in metal gold letters.
Can you figure out how much money is in my WeChat account? After looking at WeChat, he gave Chen Xuan a thumbs up without saying a word, then turned around and left.
After the girls left, the crowd of onlookers began to be a little commotion. Calculate for me how much monthly salary I can find after graduation. Can I make a fortune? Chen Xuan interrupted her and said sorry for this classmate. I can only give you an estimate of your fortune within three days from today