Hurt you I couldnt help it before she made the move her tone was apologetic Yun Bings heart was slightly warm she pulled Xuedis hand

By the time Yun Bing transformed into a human form, it was already a hundred thousand years later. I thought it would be a strange era, but I never thought that Wang Dong would touch my head again. Believe it or not, I will beat Huo Yuhao, what does Huo Yuhao have to do with me? Chapter Final Transformation The core circle of the extreme north of the Douluo Continent is on one of the icebergs. The icy wind and snow kept hitting it, and the heavy snow covered one of the ice caves sealed with ice. Mom, it’s been a hundred thousand years.
It’s not easy for me to transform into a human. A sudden sound came out of the ice cave. It’s a bit weird in the icy world where there are only whistling wind and snow. If you enter the ice cave, you will find a five or six-year-old boy inside.
The little boy is still naked, and the little boy has a bitter face.
He feels that he is so unlucky. One hundred thousand years ago, he was brought to this world of Douluo Continent by a system, and then he became a newborn soul beast.
Afterwards, the system froze because the energy was exhausted, but fortunately, the system gave him a gift bag before it died. Well, for your sake, I, Yun Bing, admit that you are a conscientious and good system gift bag. It contains a martial soul, a pure natural and harmless comprehensive improvement potion, and a soul guide storage ring, the kind that can hold living things, but the key is that this gift bag can only be used when he turns into a human, and then he cried. The system is not working. It would take him 100,000 years to transform into a human form. Damn the system, even though the system is dead, he started a life of 100,000 years of hardship.
When he was born, his mother was a soul beast of about 20,000 years old.
Well, it’s pretty good. He was fine under the protection of his mother for more than a thousand years, but when he was just over a thousand years old, his mother had a fight with another bird spirit beast that was about the same age as his mother. At that time, he was in danger.
At that moment, his mother used a powerful wind attribute skill to directly blow him away for a thousand years. The size of the extremely cold ice bird is neither big nor small, but it must be much smaller than his mother, plus the mother I don’t know how much stronger than him, and he shot with all his strength, so he was easily blown away.
Yun Bing remembered that when his figure stopped, he didn’t think about his own weakness.
He was just nervous, and his mother flew directly to her.
Although he was already flying at full speed at the battle site, it took several hours to arrive at the site. In the end, he still saw his mother’s body.
Now that he thinks about it, he only feels that he was lucky that he was not found by his mother’s opponent or guarded by his mother’s body. Waiting for him to go back beside the corpse, he had a guess that although his mother was dead, the opponent might have been seriously injured by his mother, and then he was afraid that other spirit beasts would take the opportunity to attack him, so he flew away.
He even carefully searched around the battle field.
I didn’t find it, but I still remember that after that, he was still cursing in his heart that his enemy was seriously injured and died. Later, he buried his mother’s body in a hole in the ground and buried it with ice and snow. After that, he started a life of obscenity, wrong growth, and carefulness, until he was ten thousand years old. Later, he became more courageous. When he was more than 70,000 years old, he met the enemy who killed his mother. At that time, he really didn’t expect that the enemy who killed his mother was still there After all, the world of soul beasts is cruel, even if there are no human beings to kill soul beasts that die every day because of fighting. Fortunately, his enemy was seriously injured at that time.
In 100,000 years, he seized this opportunity, and he avenged his mother’s murder.
In the end, he found this ice cave just one month before 100,000 years.
He sealed the hole with soul skills and chose to transform into a human form until now. Thinking of the 100,000 years of life, Yun Bing has a bitter look on his face. In the past 100,000 years, he has been seriously injured many times, and several times he was even seriously injured. To this, he just wants to say, fuck the system, you don’t care. After all, Yun Bing took out the storage ring in the gift bag.
The storage ring didn’t have a name, but he picked one, which was called Bingyue, because the ring’s whole body was ice blue, which was the same color as his feathers. The moon-like pattern has a lot of space, even if it can fit the mother’s body, the key is that it can hold living things. Next, Yun Bing put away the nine ice-blue feathers beside him.
The feathers are very big.
They are on his mother. What he left behind when he buried his mother’s body gave him great comfort. It was not only his mother’s feathers, but also a pile of golden soul coins. He just opened up all the storage utensils he collected just now, and took out this pile of golden soul coins, and naturally there are other things Yun Bing picked out I threw away all the things I used. In the end, there were only a few clean clothes and a dozen or so soul guides, but Yun Bing didn’t know the level, but it didn’t look good.
He also had a few bottles of elixir, which he remembered were very precious. He didn’t He didn’t take it, at least he won’t take it until he knows the effect.
Finally, there are some metals that should be used to make soul guides, and he also put them away. The sleeves of the clothes were crossed out, and the length of the trousers was cut off. There was no way that the shoes were too big. Even if the shoes were repaired, they would not be able to repair the cost. The ice is considered top-notch. After putting on the clothes, Yun Bing sat down and took out a bottle of colored potion, which is the pure natural and harmless potion for comprehensive improvement, including physical fitness, mental endurance, etc.
Yun Bing frowned.
Open the potion bottle and drink it bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah I knew it wouldn’t taste good The enhancement is not much, at least it is enhanced, right? Next