hurt her cold Said I know but I don’t want to tell you Li Wen smiled and I can exchange Nuwa with you and asked

Li Wen was thinking how to get a WeChat to come over.
At this time, the little boy who had been jumping up and down ran over. He stared at the girl for a few seconds, and suddenly lifted the girl’s skirt. The girl pushed the child away in shame and anger. With a cry, the mother on the other side quickly picked up the boy and frowned and said to the girl, what are you fussing about with a child? The child continued to lower his head and play with his mobile phone, the child was a little proud and winked at the girl, and he leaned over to circle her back and forth, trying to lift the bear from time to time Li Wen sighed and pulled the child over, the child was so frightened that his face turned pale Li Wen didn’t talk nonsense and pulled off his pants and asked how it was.
The child burst into tears and the voice resounded loudly and resounded throughout the carriage.
The jacket was taken off, revealing the shirt inside. The shirt was very ordinary, but there was a line printed on it. The mother of the child in Yongkang Psychiatric Hospital turned pale in an instant. She dragged the child and hurried away. Heroes save the beauty. This time, wechat must be justifiable. Li Wenmei is happy Turned around and said to the girl with a smile, Miss, can I add a WeChat? The girl was grateful at first, but when she saw the Yongkang Psychiatric Hospital on his chest, her color changed and she hurriedly said thank you, turned around and ran away. Li Wen sighed and sat down helplessly. He is actually not a mental patient, but a nurse in a hospital. The clothes are uniforms. He took them off the first time he got off work, but once he left in a hurry and forgot to change his clothes, he scared away an old lady who touched porcelain.
From then on, Li Wenyu Wearing it without any hindrance, this is simply a gold medal for avoiding death in the rivers and lakes. It’s a pity that I fell on this dress today. When Li Wen was annoyed, an old man in the corner stood up tremblingly, walked up to Li Wen and gave him a thumbs up.
You are a good person, you can’t be found even with a lantern in a thousand miles I will add you, Li Wen, old man, laugh, I am joking with you, young man, please help me to scan the QR code, the old man is 70 years old, he does not want to raise children, does not need the state to manage self-reliance, do promotion to earn a living, Li Wen is a bit dumbfounding, old man, you are very fashionable I’m still promoting this QR code without viruses, right? The old man patiently explained that scanning the code with a mobile phone doesn’t mean that it’s poisonous for you to eat, and it won’t poison you.
He took out his mobile phone and scanned the old man, he smiled happily and said yes, I am finally relieved, then the old man turned around and walked away at an extremely fast speed, it didn’t look like a 70-year-old person disappeared in the blink of an eye, Li Wen felt a little uneasy, what do you mean? What does it mean that he is finally freed? Li Wen looked down at the phone and found that the screen was flickering and almost blinded his eyes, I’m going to be really poisonous Li Wen wanted to delete this software but couldn’t do it. After thinking about it, Li Wen tentatively opened the software. The interface inside is very simple, just a sentence in black and white characters.
Want to know how much life you have left? Click to view Is this some kind of small test? Similar to entering a constellation to see marriage, Li Wen casually clicked to view the results, and a dialog box popped up.
The software developer has passed away, and the software function is incomplete and cannot be displayed normally. Would you like to be the heir to adopt this software? Click OK to become the owner of the software And check Yangshou Wuzhu’s software. Since Wuzhu is promoting it to whom, I don’t know why Li Wen thinks this software is a bit evil, so he clicks to give up.
Another dialog box pops up to become the owner of the software, and he has the privilege of overdrafting Yangshou for two days.
Do you want to give up? Click Adopt to become the owner of the software immediately. Li Wen hesitated, click Adopt and check Yangshou.
At this time, the subway stopped and Li Wen arrived at the station. As he walked outside, he lowered his head and fiddled with the mobile software.
He paused for two seconds and then displayed In a single line, what is left of your Yangshou? Why is there no unit? Years are not many, it can’t be a month, right? Right, when Li Wen was in a panic, he suddenly stumbled, staggered and fell to the platform.
In the panic, Li Wen wanted to grab something, but he grabbed an empty head and landed on the railroad track, bleeding profusely. Feeling dizzy for a while, his body was getting weaker and weaker, then Li Wen closed his eyes, the phone fell to the side and the countdown just returned to zero, and then a dialog box popped up, Yangshou overdraft has been turned on, currently has Yangshou, currently available, Yangshou is Tian Chapter 2 Novice Task Li Wen woke up and found himself lying in the staff lounge.
He had already returned to the mental hospital.
Nurse Wang Meng told him that he passed out on the platform. The subway duty staff found out that they had contacted the mental hospital through the number on their uniforms.
Sent him back, Li Wen gave a wry smile, I didn’t expect that the clothes still have this effect. Wang Meng said that he passed out, but Li Wen knew very well that he fell off the platform and hit his head on the railroad track. The memory of a bloody head is very clear and there is absolutely no mistake, but he touched his head. There was no wound, not even redness and swelling.
Li Wen sat on the bed and thought for a while, feeling more and more weird