Huo Feiyi was bitten by a werewolf while Huo Feiyi was struggling causing blood to hiss and it hurt so bad Seeing the wound Huo

This is a vast gray space, and fragments of broken mirrors are floating in the air.
Images of various shapes flicker on the fragments, as if a movie is playing. Where am I? This is a dream. There is a feeling of depression and dislike in my heart, wanting to leave, constantly urging Li Shaoming to leave here, I want to leave too, but I don’t know how to leave, in order to make sure it’s a dream, Li Shaoming raised his hand and slapped his mouth on his face, hissing, it hurts so much It’s not a dream, so where is this? Li Shaoming was stunned.
The gray breath suddenly surged and gathered together, forming a person whose appearance became more and more solid. Gradually, it can be seen that the appearance of the instinct is not good.
Li Shaoming took a step back subconsciously. But staring at the continuously solidified human figure, it appeared, it was an old man, his complexion was gray and covered with corpse spots, some places had rotted, his eyes were only white, his eyes were dry like chicken feet, he was holding a broom in his hand, a zombie zombie Damn, I was scared to death.
Li Shaoming took a breath of cold air.
Just as he turned his head to run, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.
The simulator is loading. The dungeon generates a nightmare. Warm reminder that you will not really die in the simulator. Every simulation will consume your mental power. Depletion of mental power will make you feel tired. Excessive consumption of mental power will lead to fainting or even death. Please pay attention to the use of mental power. Although the simulation of the situation is good, don’t overdo it. The space seems to be shaking.
If you look closely, there is no change.
It’s still a gray world.
There are still fragments of mirrors floating in the sky. Showing a mouthful of black teeth, I don’t know if it’s a zombie or a zombie monster is rushing towards him.
Li Shaoming was knocked down with a broom. Start the next simulation, whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Li Shaoming’s face was pale, cold sweat dripped from his forehead, and he gasped, he subconsciously touched his neck, there was no pain, no wound, and no blood, but everything just now was so real, it felt like being bitten to death, Li Shaoming even I remember the pain from the broom hitting my face just now, the sharp pain when my throat was torn, and the warmth of blood splattering. He raised his head and looked at the old man in front of him.
What’s going on with this space? What’s going on with this old man? Li Shaoming no longer thinks about it. What he’s thinking about now is to escape. He has to quickly escape from this space.
Whether it is a zombie or a zombie, they are full of malice towards themselves. They can’t stay in the slightest, let alone relax.
Li Shaoming clenched his fists and said in his heart that he opened the simulation space and shook. Li Shaoming didn’t even think about it. Turn your head and run without delay for a second. Walking is the best strategy.
Run first for respect.
After running for a few steps, he heard the roar behind him. He subconsciously turned his head to look, but it was swung in his eyes. Broom Li Shaoming was slapped to the ground again by the broom. The old man pounced on him, bit his throat and tore it hard.
Blood splashed everywhere. The simulation is over.
Are you dead? Do you want to replay? Do you want to start the next simulation? You shouldn’t look back, you have to run faster, Li Shaoming came back to his senses and gritted his teeth To sum up, I turned on the simulated U-turn again and took out the breastfeeding energy to run like a dead man. Li Shaoming felt that this was the fastest run in his life.
His lungs seemed to be blown out of breath, and his throat felt dry. Li Shaoming’s footsteps became more and more The slower he couldn’t run, Li Shaoming’s footsteps became staggering.
He turned his head and looked back, only to find that the old man was catching up at an extremely fast speed and swiped the broom in his hand.
Nima can’t run. Li Shaoming’s heart is full of sadness.
The old man’s speed is not only fast, but also has enough stamina. The space is also big. I run with my life, and there will always be a moment of exhaustion. Once the speed slows down and the old man catches up, it will be a dead end. So running can’t solve it.
The problem has to be found in another way, or else we fight him and this damn thing, Li Shaoming is somewhat guilty, he clenches his teeth, shakes his cheeks, and keeps encouraging himself in his heart, this is a simulation, simulation won’t kill people, don’t be afraid, you can do it, just kill it This ghost thing is safe, come on, turn on the simulation, the moment the simulation is turned on, Li Shaoming roared, instead of backing up, he glared at the old man, rushed over and punched him, to Li Shaoming’s surprise, the old man was not as strong as he imagined The existence of infinite strength was punched by him a few times and fell to the ground, won such a weak one? Li Shaoming was slightly in a daze, but when he was in a daze, the space surged again, and another figure condensed out, and the newly condensed one was a The old lady has gray and curly hair with a vicious and harsh expression on her face. How could the old man let this kid beat him down? It was the old man, but something happened.
The old man quickly rushed to the ground, got up, picked up his broom, and danced like a tiger. The speed was faster than before.
I don’t know how many times and I don’t know why.
The broom hit Li Shaoming’s body like a pear being hit by an iron.
The pain was unbearable. Li Shaoming was hit to the ground before he could hold back a few times.
The old man threw himself on him again.
The simulation is over. Are you dead? Do you want to replay? Do you want to start the next simulation?