Huh is this a contempt for the sect If you defeat Tang Long So we can continue talking about the chief disciples of the third

Chapter 1 Mysterious life experience Douluo Continent Tiandou Empire Southwest Three Sect Hearts Begonia Zongzong Inner main hall a blue hair like a waterfall dark blue eyes dressed in black A year-old girl slightly looking forward and nervous At the same time there are two imposing young men in the hall The men and their expressions also seemed to be looking forward to it. The person responsible for the awakening of the martial soul was a 40-year-old beautiful woman who also had blue hair and blue eyes.
She was very similar to a girl. Obviously, this beautiful woman was the girl’s mother.
The beautiful woman was ready to awaken.
There is a faint fragrance, a pink crabapple blooms in the hands, the petals are white and pink, and the petals are extremely gorgeous The Wuhun is the only Xinhaitang Wuhun owner in the Xinhaitang Douluo Continent.
The Qibao Liuli Pagoda is the most powerful auxiliary Wuhun in the Douluo Continent. But Xinhaitang is the most powerful auxiliary Wuhun, but disciples can only have it.
One whose reputation is far inferior to that of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, Heart Begonia. Each generation can only have one successor, and only two Heart Begonia soul masters can live at the same time. Soul Heart Begonia is good at only one ability, no matter how many soul rings and soul skills it has, it only has one soul ability, which is also its scary point. Its function lies in the range of overall healing.
The degree of healing depends on the mind of the soul master.
The more rings you have, the more soul power you can use for healing. As long as you have the support of a heart Haitang soul master, it’s hard to die, so Xin Haitang sect is also known as the unyielding Haitang mother.
Can I awaken the Xin Haitang martial soul? Lingling asked the beautiful woman with a friendly smile Dao will definitely say that the black boulder prepared on the ground floated golden light spots into Lingling’s body. Lingling stretched out your right hand.
The beautiful woman’s tone can also hear a bit of anticipation. Lingling nodded and stretched out her right hand. All the golden light spots on the right hand rushed out, and in an instant, a white and pink crabapple flower appeared in her palm.
It’s great that Lingling has the heart Begonia martial soul. The two young men on the side were also happy.
Afterwards, the Heart Begonia Sect became two Soul Masters of Heart Begonia again.
Afterwards, they tested their soul power.
The beautiful woman was pleased and satisfied with her daughter’s aptitude. The congenital-level soul power left the hall. The original affinity on the beautiful woman’s face was replaced by Yin Jie after she walked out of the hall, which is also expected. After all, that woman was killed by us years ago, and her child was stillborn. She was with that so-called person who was more human than us. It’s a very stupid decision together, but it’s also lucky for you, otherwise she would have to sacrifice you if she didn’t die Hehe, yes, the beautiful woman’s eyes are flowing, jealous, innately full of soul power, and she was expected to become the youngest female Titled Douluo, but it’s a pity that she stepped on it Astray the next day, Shenghun Village, Faxing Province, southwest of the Tiandou Empire, the sky was just getting brighter, the sky was still light blue, and in the blink of an eye, a red glow appeared in the east. A one-year-old boy in Holy Soul Village walked out of the village. The boy was dressed in black and had black hair. He was handsome and cute, with a childish face, but his body was not in line with his peers. The robust boy left the village and met a boy of the same age who was about to return to the village. The boy was dressed in clothes. Simple and clean, with short black hair and healthy wheat-colored skin, the boy who returned to the village smiled and greeted Ye Yu, you are going to practice under the waterfall again Ye Yu smiled and nodded, it is amazing Tang San praised Ye Yu and said that you wake up every day It was earlier than me.
The two chatted for a few words, then they each left.
Ye Yu walked towards a small mountain waterfall outside the village.
Tang San, who left, had a glow of approval that shouldn’t appear in his age group.
It’s really unusual that my physical strength far exceeds that of my peers. Even now I can’t do it.
I’m really a monster.
What is the bottleneck? Why can Ziji Demon Eyes, who can only cultivate in the early morning, have been improving Xuantian Kungfu, but can’t break through the bottleneck? Tang San frowned slightly, then sighed softly.
Maybe it’s because this world is different from my original world. Right now, Ye Yu is approaching the waterfall. The loud rushing sound of the water can be heard as the current is rushing. What Tang San doesn’t know is Ye Yu, who is also not from this world.
Ye Yu knows everything about Tang San. He is also a traveler. Although Hitomi knew it, but Ye Yu naturally wouldn’t say it, so he didn’t know that Ye Yu came from the earth Huaxia.
After watching the Douluo Continent, he fell asleep and woke up and found himself in the world of the Douluo Continent.
He crossed over and became a baby.
At that time, his consciousness was not clear until I didn’t fully wake up until I was two years old.
I was picked up by Grandpa Jack, the head of Holy Soul Village, outside the village.
As a time traveler, I haven’t waited for a golden finger. People live an ordinary life.
After all, it is difficult for ordinary people in this world to come from ten people. However, when Ye Yu was three years old, he discovered that his body and strength were naturally different from ordinary people.
They were several times stronger than ordinary adults. You have to be strong, this made Ye Yu realize that he is not ordinary without golden fingers, so it is because of the relationship between his parents that makes him different from ordinary people His relatives don’t know any other information about him. Old Jack often stops him from going to the waterfall to hone his skills so that he can be an ordinary person.
This makes Ye Yu realize that there must be something about Old Jack that he didn’t reveal.
As the village chief, Old Jack is I hope that the children in the village will succeed, not to mention