Hugging her knees staring at the intersection with her eyes wide open she didnt know how long it took a Jinbei car pulled over and

Yang Jing has only loved one man in her life.
This man illuminates the night for her and lets her set sail. Yang Jing doesn’t take it seriously.
She often thinks of that evening when the sunset is orange and red on the mat. The two naked bodies are overlapping and wriggling like maggots. Standing in a daze behind the curtain, she grinned at her with her red lips.
Yang Jing was three years old at the time, now she is thirteen.
Tongzilou in the rain is like a greyhound with psoriasis lying in the fog Yang Qicheng bought three fried dough sticks at the stall and walked into the greyhound’s mouth while eating. He played cards all night and was lucky. I won three hundred and just arrived on the fourth floor and heard the noise in the hallway Oh, you little girl, why are you unreasonable? You died in my house and I didn’t ask you for compensation. It’s not unreasonable for me to eat with the rent, so I’ll give you three days to quickly find relatives to pick you up.
After the landlord finished speaking, he twisted his fat buttocks and walked away. Yang Qicheng snorted when he passed by Yang Qicheng, who was chewing fried dough sticks and looked up. Standing in the dark is a thin and frail little girl with slumped shoulders, unable to see her expression clearly Yang Qicheng knows her The prostitute’s daughter Yang Qicheng whistled who is dead The little girl raised her eyelids and shut your ass and entered the room bang He slammed the door open, Yang Qicheng laughed, he was quite angry Three days later, Yang Qicheng came back and saw the little girl closed the door again, she was squatting in the middle of a pile of rubbish with her head buried deep, Yang Qicheng was playing a song while taking out the key to open the door and feed Yang Qicheng paused for a while and continued blowing hello, it’s not an illusion Yang Qicheng turned his head and met a pair of staring eyes Why did the little girl stand up Can I stay at your house for two days My grandpa will come to pick me up in two days Yang Qicheng can’t little girl Blinking his eyes, his shoulders slumped again.
My mother died.
Yang Qicheng was surprised to die so quickly.
He said that it seemed a bit disrespectful.
One day my grandpa came and I left Yang Qicheng looked her up and down Yang Qicheng glanced at her and laughed in the nose It’s none of my business Yang Qicheng slept until evening and opened the door to go out for dinner The little girl squatted at the door He ate a few catties of hemp with the jar outside Full of wine and food, back to the Tongzilou, the little girl squatted at the door and fell asleep for half the night, staring at the door, she got up and let the water go, and when the door was opened, a shadow suddenly appeared in the darkness It took about a whole day for me to drop any rice, and her voice sounded a bit hoarse.
Yang Qicheng went to the public toilet at the end of the corridor and came back after draining the water. The little girl had already made a pile of unrecognizable junk and leaned on it. Facing Yang Qicheng, he stopped and stared at the dusty mass for a moment, shouted with a dark face, hurried in and entered the house, Yang Qicheng dug out the mat and quilt from the woven bag and threw them on the concrete floor, no matter what, she fell asleep and woke up There was a smell of food, Yang Qicheng sniffled his nose and opened his eyes, only to see a little girl putting soybean milk and deep-fried dough sticks on the table Yang Qicheng scratched his head, then remembered what happened last night, regretted it for a while, he washed his face and sat down I took a deep-fried dough stick, what is your name, Yang Jing? You still have the same surname as Yang Jing? Look at him, what is your name? Yang Qicheng, Yang Jing swallowed the food in his mouth and watched his expression Quickly change your words, brother Qicheng Yang Qicheng trembled Yang Jing continued to test brother Cheng Yang Qicheng finally had no objection brother Yang Jing thank you for taking me in temporarily Yang Qicheng took a look at her and made sure your grandpa will come to pick you up in two days Yang Jing paused and nodded yes yes After a while, Yang Qicheng glanced at the soy milk in his hand and realized what it was. Where did you get my own pocket money? Then did you eat yesterday? After eating, Yang Qicheng found a piece of clothing from the pile of clothes.
Put on the jacket and get ready to go out, remember to take the door with Yang Jing, I won’t be able to come in if Yang Jing takes the door, Yang Qicheng stares at her, then stay in the house well After Yang Qicheng leaves, Yang Jing throws away the rubbish and looks around the house, it’s cramped and damp, there’s no sunset The pungent perfume and the rotten smell of overnight food are only the men’s underpants and vests scattered everywhere, and a faint smell of sweat.
She rolled up her sleeves and started to work.
In the evening, Yang Qicheng came back and found the door was open. He glanced in and immediately stepped back. Go out and look at the house number on the top of the door frame, that’s right, there was a sound of footsteps in the corridor, Yang Qicheng turned his head, Yang Jing was holding a rag in his hand, his coat was full of water, Yang Jing smiled at him, Brother Cheng, you are back, Yang Qicheng looked at Yang Jing and then looked again Looking at the smell of washing powder in the house, the water stains on the concrete floor are wet, the clothes thrown around are gone, the sheets and quilt covers have been replaced with new ones, and the palm-sized space is tidy, even the greasy and dirty table is exposed. Yang Qicheng had a dark face, who the hell asked you to clean it? Yang Jing shrank my neck, I have nothing to do anyway, so I just stayed there and Yang Jing hurriedly followed behind Yang Qicheng, explaining that I didn’t touch your things, I just cleaned them Where did the bed sheet come from? My house is only cleaned.
Who the hell knows if it’s not clean? Yang Jing was stunned.
It’s okay, I’ll tell you not to move at home, Yang Jing silently nodded Yang Qicheng, smoking a cigarette, walked around the room with clothes, washed them all, fuck that old man after taking a shower what to wear