Huang Hes sweet eyes stared round and round and laughed twice Han Dong do you want to laugh at me to death and inherit my

In the modern world, monsters breed and ghosts wreak havoc Martial arts and magical powers bloom with incredible brilliance. This is the story of a mortal who embarks on a journey to the starry sky. Chapter 1 What is it about Suhe City, Jiangnan Province? Neishi Experimental Senior High School in Heshi is at the time of spring, when the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining brightly, shining Hexi’s warmth, but the drizzle of spring rain that has just ended also makes the air tinge with a bit of coolness.
The four red and white teaching buildings are solemn and beautiful.
Quietly located in the campus, each teaching building has about four or five floors. In the middle part of the third floor of the third teaching building, a martial arts theory class is going on impassionedly.
The teacher is about fifty years old. With his left hand, he tapped on the blackboard full of writing on the blackboard to remind the students to pay attention. This is the key point.
These knowledge points are all points.
Do you know that the male teacher slapped the blackboard with his left palm? I understand that the students are very tired.
There are still ninety-nine days before the college entrance examination, but the martial arts theory class is different from other subjects. As long as you memorize the scores, you can improve your math. Can you do math? You have to count Chinese, and you need to understand and integrate geography and history. Politics and the like are more tests of flexibility, but knowledge of martial arts theory does not need to memorize anything to get points. There are easier things than this.
If you think about it carefully, is there any subject that is easier than martial arts theory? I patted the podium, there is no dong dong The male teacher helped the black frame eyes and tapped the blackboard.
I will give you ten minutes to wait for my roll call to ask questions.
After that, he finally added a sentence that martial arts theory accounts for 30% of the college entrance examination scores.
Not a single point can be left behind.
The male teacher took a deep breath and ignored the flying chalk dust. He leaned on the podium with a little tiredness. His eyes were a little tired and looking forward to the window.
The third year of high school is now the spacious classroom under the podium. There are eight rows of desks and chairs, two rows of desks and chairs, and more than 50 students are sitting neatly in two rows.
In the third row near the window, there is an ordinary boy in a blue and white school uniform with a cautious look on his face. He is serious, but his violently constricted pupils reveal a sense of panic. I, Han Dong, have been reborn.
This is a martial arts theory class. On the podium is the teacher responsible for explaining martial arts theory.
The surname seems to be Jiang Handong. Dong tried to swallow his saliva, but his mouth was extremely dry, and his mouth was dry due to extreme nervousness. He didn’t know why he was nervous, and he didn’t know if it was really a rebirth. The rapid beating of the heart sounds like a mess in the heart, as if there is a buzzing noise, the gongs and drums are vibrating endlessly, this is Han Dong asking himself over and over again in the martial arts theory class five years ago, until his head is numb, his body is a little numb, and he finally wakes up and barely recovers.
Thinking normally, he sat blankly for seven or eight minutes.
This was a silent rebirth and a sudden miracle.
Han Dong didn’t get up. Suspecting that he just sat there blankly until he completely sorted out this wonderful fact, he was really reborn and returned to five years ago, hey Han Dong pursed his dry lips and looked at the neat writing on the blackboard.
Han Dong from Class 7 barely entered the middle class and lived a decent life. He has a car, a house and no shortage of food and clothing, but he is not considered rich either.
He is probably one of the ordinary citizens of Huaguo, but what is wrong with ordinary people? The car at home is a good car, and the house at home has a spacious area of ​​nearly 200 square meters.
There is no need to worry about any political news, no need to think about any philosophy of life, and the laws of life. He thought this life would be a happy one, but unfortunately that night, a disaster suddenly fell, disintegrated and swept away. This ordinary and happy life is in front of such strange and terrible things, it is fragile rice paper, it will be broken when it is touched, it will collapse into a mess, his happy family has been reduced to ruins The old smoked mother washed her face with tears, and the family of four should have one and no less.
If one is missing, it is a pity and pain.
Han Dong tremblingly holds a black carbon pen in his right palm, his eyes are confused, as if he is wandering around a crossroads.
There is darkness before and after the vastness, so even if you are reborn, what changes can there be? What meaning can this be? Unwilling and did not clenched his teeth to vent his hatred, because no matter what kind of emotions, in front of those weird and terrible things, they are all like a dream bubble.
Just at this time, ten minutes have passed, Mr.
Jiang, who is a bit elderly, turned his head and picked up the blackboard eraser. Shua Shua wiped the blackboard and wiped off the neat writing on the blackboard, he patted the podium and cleared his throat, students remember what happened, I will not waste your time in other subjects, and martial arts theory is also easier to memorize, you just need to recite it carefully in class Just like that, he frowned and raised his finger to point to the third row by the window, Gu Yuanliang. What are you looking down at? Answer the question. All of a sudden, more than 50 eyes in the class gathered on Gu Yuanliang like lights.
He had just returned from rebirth. Wearing a blue and white school uniform, Han Dong glanced at Gu Yuanliang, who was slightly confused. Gu Yuanliang was Han Dong’s deskmate. He was also wearing a blue and white school uniform, but his baggy figure was obviously thin, and the school uniform also brought out his dark face.
Han Dong assists remember to assist me Gu Yuanliang lowered his head and whispered a few words, then stood nervously and assisted Han Dong for a moment Before he was reborn, he was in depression and pain, his father was silent all day, and his mother shed tears