Hua Panpan on the side quickly lifted the net and there was a palmsized crucian carp in the net pocket Hu looked up and saw

Hua Panpan transmigrated into a book and became a prosperous and wealthy scumbag who abandoned his wife and daughter.
Chance just wants Hua Shoufu to stay away from the books and bid farewell to the imperial examinations and her delicate mother-in-law A piece of golden rice field let him harvest flowers Zhiyuan holding a sickle in his hand, he was dumbfounded by the endless rice waves at a glance, all the land at home was planted by him, when did he get such a big piece, why didn’t he know Panpan our house If there is no shortage of money, why don’t you hire someone to harvest the fields and spend the flowers Panpan hates the iron but not the steel? My father counts down to eight generations. Our family has been farmers. Seeing that the father who became a juren worked hard, Tian’s handsome face was tanned, and Hua Panpan nodded in relief. He was not cruel to the scumbag, and his status was not guaranteed. The work of the scumbag today is the guarantee of her mother’s future life.
There are still two hectares of paddy fields she just bought in this next-door village waiting to be harvested. Chapter 1 This child is Kefu! It’s early in the morning.
I wanted to change the money to buy a piece of cloth for the child who was about to be born to make small clothes. After more than an hour, no one came back.
The broken car was sent back by the crippled Fang from the same village.
Your scholar pushed the car into the city and drove to Luoniu. When I fell off the slope, the car will be sent back to you first. Cripple Fang just left this sentence and hurried the carriage away. Today is the market day. It’s a good job to go from Haotian village to the city. You can earn more money if you make another trip.
In the courtyard of Qianhua’s house, which was more than ten yuan, suddenly fell into a gloomy mist. Staring at the broken car boards and the broken wheels on the ground, Zhang Qin, who had an eight-month pregnant belly, was stunned for a while and sat on the ground. The old lady Hua also fell down next to her daughter-in-law, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, both holding their headaches and crying. The neighbors rushed over when they heard the crying, and when they saw the remains of the wheelbarrow on the ground, they all sighed when they heard the words of the cripple Fang. Heaven and man are forever separated, Hua Zhiyuan is the only scholar in the village, he looks good, he is good at learning, he runs a private school in the village on weekdays, and he doesn’t earn a lot of money.
Usually, he can write couplets for others and write a letter. Zhang Qin is well-known in Haotian Village. I envy her good fortune, but she has been married for more than ten years and has not conceived a scholar, or that poor scholar’s family is getting worse and worse, and her livelihood is going to be a problem.
It’s hard to conceive, and I’m about to give birth to a scholar in another month. Although I have no skills other than reading, after all, it is the pillar of the family. Now that there are no people, what will happen to the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and the unborn child? It has been many years before Mrs. Zhang got pregnant. Seeing that Zhiyuan is about to be born, something happened again. According to my opinion, Ms.
Zhang, don’t worry too much about this child. You can’t just throw people out when you bring them back Head, the old lady Hua jumped up from the ground, pointed at people’s noses and yelled at you, you have a dirty heart and lungs A widowed mother raised her son to read and write and pass the exam as a scholar I don’t dare to speak, but it’s a big deal for people to bring Hua Zhiyuan back.
The village chief just arranged for people to run down Niupo.
Zhang Qin suddenly clutched her stomach ache and was sweating profusely. It’s only been more than eight months since I met Hong, it’s about to give birth, and there’s another flurry of people helping Zhang Qin into the room, and someone hastened to invite the midwife. Although the scolding of the person who said that her eldest grandson killed her father before she was born has been silenced, but this incident happened to her father before the child was born, she can’t help but think more about the sadness of her son’s accident.
The joy was washed away.
Half an hour later, before Zhang Qin was born, the people who went to Luoniupo came back.
When they entered the door, they poured a ladle of cold well water before panting and said that Aunt Hua did not find Zhiyuan at the foot of Luoniupo.
I just saw a few broken vegetables. We inquired about it, but no one said that someone fell there and died. Is there some misunderstanding here? The old lady Hua, who cried so much that she was about to lose her breath a few times, was shocked and pulled her throat. Calling Qin’er to Zhang Qin who was screaming hoarsely in the delivery room Zhiyuan may be fine, you have to hold on Zhang Qin, a shocking child was born Mother and daughter are safe Chapter Panpan Why is it so ugly Wow wow Aunt Hua Congratulations Congratulations to me My brother and sister have added a granddaughter to you, what name do you want her father to come back to pick up her name? Her father is knowledgeable. Let’s wait for her father to come back to pick it up. What happened today, my baby and my mother hope that our family Zhiyuan will be safe and sound.
Let’s give it a nickname first, let’s call it Panpan, Panpan, I hope that Xiucai is safe and sound, yes, I also hope that Xiucai will soon shine in high school, amidst the congratulations, there is a burst of chaotic exclamation that Xiucai is back, Xiucai really didn’t fall The dead scholar came in soon Your wife gave birth and I added a girl to you What? My wife gave birth, didn’t it mean that it will take a month before the flowers are born? Zhiyuan ran in from the outside in surprise, threw the basket of vegetables on the ground, and rushed to hold the flower hope The mother who is looking forward to the old lady Hua, give me a hug for my daughter, give me a hug, the old lady Hua stared at her son, and his teeth were about to be bitten.
After a while, the granddaughter wrapped in swaddling clothes was handed over to the neighbor, Mrs.
Li, to carry her. Put your hands on Hua Zhiyuan’s head and slap twice you silly boy, you still have the face to come back and you’re not dead, why don’t you come back by yourself to show your mother to send a letter and find someone who doesn’t understand