Hu Xi had dinner today what hobbies do these people have Hu Xi said that your question is too big a bottle can’t do it

In Songjiang City with a population of 10,000, no more than Bian Xuedao works the same as Bian Xuedao. Bian Xuedao is a reviewer for Songjiang Daily, which is different from a book reviewer for a publishing house. What qualities should a member of the public have? Simply put, they must be careful and attentive, and at the same time, they must have a considerable amount of reading and political literacy. In short, reviewing is not just about picking typos and wrong punctuation.
The year-old Bian Xuedao has worked as a night shift reader for a year.
His working hours are from 1:00 pm to 1:00 am.
Day after day, the reversal of day and night makes his body in a sub-healthy state and makes him a little quiet.
It also makes his mental age much older than his actual age.
The Songjiang Daily has a total of readers, but only one of them works, Xuedao is the youngest and only contract worker among them.
The other is Xuedao at the beginning of his career. Because of this, it was very unbalanced, and then I gradually wanted to open a newspaper. The decline of the newspapers day by day, he felt that the paper media can last for a year at most, and they will be swallowed up by the Internet and mobile phones.
His partner’s job and quiet nights make him good at thinking and planning.
Before learning Taoism a year ago, he began to discuss with his wife Xu Shangxiu what to do after the newspaper closed.
After thinking about it, he realized that he had no money-making skills except reading a lot of newspapers and being able to drive. The wife who is a teacher at the university comforted him and said that it’s okay, although the number of students is decreasing year by year, but even if the newspaper office goes bad, the university can’t fail for a while, there is still a wife? The second pass of the block version is like wearing earphones and listening to music to pass the time while learning the way.
Just made a mistake in the trial. The Shuangseqiu number just issued in the evening is a very special group number. The lottery website got the number right, it’s okay, but the second time it was sent up, the number turned into a blue ball, and the team member accidentally deleted it. If I send it out and follow the newspaper’s latest reward and punishment method, I will learn that this week’s night shift will be in vain.
I went to the side to learn how to use an internal line to call the team member and told him that the number of the double-color ball was wrong, so he quickly checked it online and corrected it. The tinnitus started again. I got up from the seat and walked to the window. I did a few stretches and felt more comfortable. Hurry up, and the few layouts I handed in are still being adjusted.
Today is too early. Standing in front of the window, looking at the dark night sky outside, learning Taoism, thinking that tomorrow is the day when the Songjiang Metro Line will open to traffic. As excited as chicken blood, he said that he must make a beautiful newspaper.
He Xuedao, but he felt very speechless.
A newspaper that does not sell enough copies every day is good-looking and ugly.
Who will read it? Teacher, have you finished reading my version? The female editor of the current affairs department is about 31 or 2 years old and came to the newspaper office. I heard that there is no labor contract, no insurance provident fund, no year-end bonus, and even some small benefits.
The more impersonal it is, take the Songjiang Daily as an example.
It is a sunset industry with leaks everywhere, but it always has an inexplicable sense of superiority.
That’s a comfortable one. The first-line editorial staff of several newspapers in a newspaper group, but many of them take money to eat and receive benefits, but they have learned from others. It’s worth it, now it’s hard to say, after reading it, I asked the team members to take it back and change it. Bian Xuedao, who sat back in his seat, couldn’t enter the review mode for a while, he thought about the meaning of the female editor staying in the newspaper office, and he thought about continuing.
If we continue to work, even if the newspapers are not yellow, and I stay up late every day, I will definitely not live to receive social security.
It’s already midnight, and the whole city is silent except for the occasional dump truck that whizzes by. The surrounding buildings have no light except the building where the Songjiang Daily The lights are still bright, and the review is almost done.
Let’s take a look.
Just pay attention to the revised places, and you can learn. Try to relax, lean on the chair and listen to music with your eyes closed. Except for a reviewer who takes sick leave all the year round and still gets paid as usual. The hobby of the reviewer It’s completely different. When I’m free, the oldest Lao Wang likes to play mahjong on the computer.
Lao Li likes to study lottery charts. Listening to music with earphones, watching American dramas and listening to English songs night after night, plus the influence of my wife who teaches English in college, the English level of Xuedao is not so degraded compared to when I was in college.
Many English songs are sung very smoothly.
This habit caused some editors and team members a headache because he also listened to it when he was reviewing manuscripts, so whoever wanted to use the inside line to find him, he often had to come over to find him without hearing him.
He’s already smoked half a pack of cigarettes, but he still wants to smoke this subway special edition. Song Ming took over Zhang’s edition, although it was completed a week in advance, and the leader reviewed several times.
Still adjusting the little details like horizontal header and vertical header, Song Ming, who is less than 10 years old and has very little hair, feels very tired, doesn’t smoke, refreshes himself, and can’t bear it anymore.
Seeing Bian Xuedao leaning on a chair, listening to music and resting his mind, Song Ming walked over to him Pai Xing stared in the direction of the smoking room, lit a cigarette in the smoking room, Song Ming took a deep breath and said that it would be too early today, it’s been four or five days, it’s really hard to go home after being sleepy at work I can’t fall asleep, keep my eyes open until dawn, and play like this a few times, I really doubt that one day I will die suddenly while learning the Tao, holding a cigarette and not lighting it, just pinching back and forth and looking at the street lights outside the window, saying that I have been doing the same thing recently