Hu Po opened it with a beep sound Ah Bao helped A Jin Jiaojiao to follow and rushed into Mingzhus room Subchapter Chapter tsunami It’s

Xu Jiao, who was expelled from the Xu family because of her parents’ love, received a job from her grandfather’s estate, a dilapidated old castle. The photo of the part-time job was exposed, causing netizens to ridicule.
At this time, she found that something was wrong with the castle, and accidentally broke the clock.
The time and space corresponding to each room changed. According to the rumors of the castle, the single dog owner of the past tens of thousands of years appeared in the bedroom. The head of the military academy, who lacks companion beasts and cannot go on to higher education, looks at Xu Jiaoxiao with wet eyes. The reformer with the mermaid growing in the garden is looking for a partner who will not be confused by the singing. The sleeping vampire in the basement is waiting to save his princess. In the eyes of others, it is nothing.
In the eyes of Xu Jiao, who is about to have enough to eat, the terrifying old castle is an excellent place to shoot film and television dramas. Xu Jiao respectively found the fascinating outer space, transmigrated into Aquaman’s first love, the king of blood, and other script references. Relying on instinctive acting skills in each room Staged several epic love dramas, and once aired, the response was overwhelming. Xu Jiao went from being cautious and beating to being confident of the loved one, and quickly turned from black to red.
The room in the old castle was opened to the crematorium, and it was on the verge of triggering. The reformer and the general of the star field stared at each other sparks flying. The reformer’s fiancée. Who is this man? The general of the star field. I am your master.
Mommy who is holding Xu Jiao’s thigh who are these two uncles? You can also tolerate each other, understand and love. Chapter Inheriting an ancient castle This property, you can inherit it, but you can’t resell it.
Ms. Xu, there is a limit to the handover of this property on your side. You can inherit it, but you can’t resell it.
You want to sell it.
If so, the real estate will be automatically returned to the rest of the Xu family.
The old man has a background in archaeology and has a deep affection for this ancient castle.
He has always claimed that the ancient castle has a long history and is worthy of future research.
After the death of old objects, he does not want the real estate of the ancient castle to go to others. I will go home to see if you understand.
In addition, the old man mentioned that your father was a history teacher, and you must have inherited his character of loving cultural relics and research. The lawyer earnestly persuaded the heir to the last legacy of the Xu family opposite him, the dilapidated old castle.
The owner, Mr.
Xu, has been homeless for eighteen years. His granddaughter, Xu Jiao, is the girl who listens carefully. Oh, the lawyer is relieved.
Mr. Xu is a very good person. He has done many good deeds in his life, and has sponsored more than 100 poor students. Families for you He may think that the old castle is just a useless residence, but I think it is because of his guilt for all these years that he gave you the most important inheritance in his heart, so what do you not understand? Then I wish you a happy life. Finally, do you want to say something to the old man? We will record it in his own memoir Oh girl, think about it, then I am really thankful, just this sentence, lawyer? Is that a thank you sentence? Coming out of the law firm, Xu Jiao paced back and forth, putting her hands in her pockets.
The wind in the evening.
It’s a little cold, but it’s not a big problem. She didn’t catch a cold very early because she was sick and had no money to buy medicine. She was not an orphan, but her parents left early to live with her grandmother.
Later, two years after her grandmother passed away, a lawyer caught her doing sales in a bar. The other party claimed to be a lawyer from the Xu family and said that a certain Mr.
Xu whom she had never met was an old castle given to her after her grandfather died.
Xu Jiao was stunned for a while.
After navigating the mountain road for two hours in a remote location, Xu Jiao fell into deep thought for a long time after finding the old castle.
It is too dilapidated. However, rebuilding this old castle will cost a lot of money. It was marked that the castle cannot be resold.
In other words, Xu Jiao, who is currently so poor that she starved to death on the street, could not exchange the castle for money. Originally, Xu Jiao didn’t understand what her grandfather did until now. Today, when the lawyer answered her doubts, she finally came to her senses. It turned out that Mr.
Xu felt that among the descendants, only Xu Jiao’s father was a person who could study things and inherited his archeology and research ability, so she hoped that Xu Jiao would also inherit this point. Continuing the other party’s next research, of course, maybe because the relationship is not in place, just relying on a little blood relationship, Mr. Xu does not intend to throw any other assets to Xu Jiao, even if it is a penny, he only allocates an old castle for her research, not for the little pony to eat The grass only lets the little pony run. The weather is a bit cold. Xu Jiao sniffs her little nose and hums a song to get on the last bus. Her current situation is basically equivalent to driving a bond worth hundreds of millions in the game. If the dog does not spend precious materials to feed the dog, the dog will die.
If there is no money to maintain the castle, the interior decoration of the castle may collapse. The only consolation is that it is indeed a real castle.
Poverty makes her dare not even dream in her life. I will own an ancient castle Now she has a bus Walking on the mountain road I don’t know how long it will be It’s raining girl Where are you going The person in the front seat asked Muxi Road when you arrived at Muxi Road Can you call me No, I’ll be there at the next stop. Xu Jiao looked up and saw a woman wearing a rose scarf, her face was full of exhaustion, she looked a bit cramped. Xu Jiao glanced at her, okay, the rain has started to get heavy after the three-way bus. Xu Jiao got out of the car and took off. She took off her coat and blocked the mobile phone navigation and ran for a section of concrete road.
After passing through the thorn bushes of the fence, she stopped at a door covered with vines and rust.
What she saw was a two-storey old building with broken stone skin on the window sill. It stands lonely on the hillside