Hu Pengwen was in a bad mood when she drool her body was limp and weak she threw away the kettle she knew that she

Where am I? Wenshan is a dick, the purest and most upright dick. His biggest hobby is to study love and action movies from various countries.
Today he is lying on the bed studying and reaching the state of ecstasy. Who knows that when he opened his eyes, he found himself. I actually came to a barren mountain where no birds shit.
I don’t know how I got here.
Except for a pair of big pants, there is a watch on my wrist that I don’t know who put it on.
Wenshan called out the names of those old acquaintances, but did not get any reply.
Wenshan wondered, according to normal logic, he should have traveled through time, but he was either struck by lightning or hit by a car during the time travel. The surrounding area is desolate.
Where should I go? Wenshan raised his eyes and looked into the distance, and found that he was also lying in the southeast direction. A person ran over without thinking, but when he went over, he found that lying on the ground was a woman wearing a short skirt and a halter top.
The super big beauty, her face is pale, her lips are purple, her body is trembling, and there are two black tooth marks on the left side of her thigh. If she guesses correctly, she has been poisoned by snake venom. She was only seen on the computer before, and now she is lying brightly. In front of my eyes, Wenshan’s eyes wandered back and forth from her face to her jade feet, swallowing saliva non-stop. If such a beautiful woman died, it would be a waste of money.
Wenshan rubbed her hands and wanted to touch it. At this time, the beautiful woman opened her eyes slightly He opened his eyes weakly and said to Wenshan, what do you want? A value appeared and the value continued to rise, and there was a bracelet on the wrist of the big beauty. There was also a value in the bracelet that continued to rise. The flushed the face of the big beauty was, the faster the value grew, and finally the bracelet glowed golden. With the golden light, the complexion of the big beauty rose. It’s healed, and many lips have become rosy and rosy.
It’s only a minute later. The beauty who was still dying just now was injured and lost all energy. What’s the situation? It’s over, I just saw that people still eat their tofu, I think I will be beaten up, who knows that the big beauty not only doesn’t beat me, but also bows to Wenshan to say thank you, the little girl Weng Shujing, thank you for your life-saving grace, I don’t know the benefactor’s name, Wenshan looked around to make sure She was thanking herself, but what did she do? He stammered and said, “My name is Wenshan, and I didn’t do anything. You are welcome, but Weng Shujing turned serious and said benefactor, what did you say? The disrespectful behavior caused my shame to skyrocket.
How could it be possible to cure the snake venom in an instant? What did you say? I don’t know I’m from another world and I’ve only been here for less than ten minutes. I don’t know much about your world yet. Weng Shujing feels like Wenshan is in Playing tricks on myself, but it seems that they really don’t understand anything, so they explain to Wenshan that whenever they feel shame, their bodies will burst out with power.
Healing technique has cured her snake venom, that’s right, Wenshan heard half of it, pretended to understand, Weng Shujing looked at Wenshan, the more she felt strange, suddenly she seemed to have discovered something, carefully looked up and down Wenshan’s beard Adam’s apple rough voice Could it be that you are the man in the legend, I am a man, it is hard to tell? Why is the man in the legend acting as if you have never seen a man? I really have never seen a man.
Weng Shujing yelled and surrounded Wearing the blouse, I went around and looked at the blouse from top to bottom, inside and out, and I was very excited. This time, it was the turn of the blouse to be embarrassed.
I said, lady, you don’t have any brothers and sisters, so you always have a father, how could you not? I have seen men, don’t make fun of me, but Weng Shujing told him excitedly that I have no brothers, let alone a father. In our world, men are extinct.
There was a catastrophe and all the men were extinct. So I am the only man in the world.
Wenshan has thought countless times what it would be like if he was the only man left in the world.
Today his dream finally came true.
God, earth, who is the fairy sister who did such a good thing to realize my dream? When Wenshan was excited, the value on the watch flew up and suddenly broke through. Suddenly, a voice sounded in my mind. The excitement level reached Can the hidden mission be triggered? Can it be said that there are more beautiful girls waiting for my rescue? Hahahaha hurry up and trigger the hidden mission.
The mountain trembled, and a large rock fell from the mountain and fell towards him and Weng Shujing. Seeing that Wenshan’s life was about to be handed over here, Weng Shujing suddenly grabbed Wenshan’s hand and shouted to run away.
Don’t think Weng Shujing is a woman, but she Running no slower than a man, those two long legs whizzed like a hurricane Wenshan was almost dragged by Weng Shujing all the way, running, there was no way ahead, a cliff appeared, Weng Shujing put the other hand I put two fingers in my mouth, blew a whistle, and then jumped off the cliff holding Wenshan’s hand, Nima, don’t die for love, all the beauties in the world are still waiting for my luck, I don’t want to die now, just here The moment the two jumped off the cliff, the big rock behind them chased and fell down.