However Jiang Chen recalled that the ability that the system said would awaken him has not been fulfilled yet and Sha Xiaoqi has already brought

The child is an adult, let’s get a divorce.
The child is an adult, let’s get a divorce.
Liu Na is good.
Jiang Chen has no expression on his face.
This night Jiang Chen got drunk alone and felt relieved for twenty years.
He and Liu Na have been together for twenty years.
It is not an exaggeration to describe his life in the past twenty years like a year, because he and Liu Na did not get married because of love, and did not enter the marriage hall because of love.
When the time comes, I can have someone to discuss it. If I’m bored, I can talk nonsense together. After a day, I can squeeze together at the same table and have a meal. A lifetime is too long.
There must always be someone to accompany me.
Afterwards, the girlfriends he dated were not as good as the other one. He really complied with a saying that was circulated on the Internet back then. Girls will meet better boys in society than in school, but it is difficult for boys to find better girls than in school. Back then, he didn’t understand this sentence. It meant that he later understood it, and because he understood it and because he had never met the right person, he married Liu Na with the idea of ​​living together. This marriage was like stepping into hell for him, and he felt deeply spiritual every day. The torment of the world, I, Jiang Chen, have lived for half my life, started from nothing, and now my assets are billions. Everyone thinks that I, Jiang Chen, are truly successful, but who knows that my marriage is a mess? After Jiang Chen laughed at himself, he picked up a bottle of white wine and looked up. I am still the boy I was before.
Time is just a test. The faith in my heart has not diminished. Jiang Chen, who heard the singing, opened his eyes in a daze. When his sight became clearer and clearer, his pupils became drowsy.
Wuwu sat up abruptly and looked at the environment in the room. As he looked at it, his breathing changed slightly, and his heart beat gradually accelerated. Memories from twenty years ago involuntarily appeared in his mind. He pinched his thigh hard with his hand, and the pain came instantly, which made Jiang Chen stunned.
He was reborn after seeing rebirth for more than ten years, and he was already immune to it, but he didn’t expect that in reality, he could really be reborn. His married life makes him live like years, nothing to miss. The only thing he misses is his daughter, but now she has been reborn, even if she is still with Liu Na in this life, it is impossible to give birth to the daughter of the previous life. Since she has been reborn, she must not repeat the same mistakes in this life.
Jiang Chen’s eyes are firm. If he gets married in this life, he must marry the person he loves. Otherwise, marriage is a tomb.
I’m still the boy from before. The phone ringing is still ringing. Jiang Chen also gradually recovered. He picked up the phone and looked at the call interface It’s my mother who called and connected.
Hey mom, Jiang Chen, have you overslept again? I called you eight times and didn’t answer. See what time it is.
Do you know what time it is? Next, he remembers that he started going on blind dates in 1999, because he gradually accepted his fate from that year. In 2010, he had five girlfriends. These five girlfriends All of them are top-notch, which made him feel that he could never find true love in this life, so he started blind dates in 2010.
He went on ten blind dates, and finally became discouraged. He married the last blind date girl, Liu Na. Why did you go last night, even today’s blind date? I forgot everything. As soon as Jiang Ma heard what her son said, she immediately understood that his son had forgotten about the blind date today. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but hang up the phone after five minutes.
It is to give the other party a chance to get to know each other.
If he has a feeling, he can develop further. But when he actually goes on a blind date, he realizes that most of the blind daters don’t think so.
In their eyes, a blind date is a matter of weighing the pros and cons and taking what is needed.
Equivalent exchange and even some blind date girls try to marry rich people through blind date. The most important thing is that those blind date girls have average or poor conditions but live in a dream and want to turn over directly through blind date. This is not even equivalent exchange. Even those blind date girls with poor conditions still think that they are matched with high-quality men. Win back one round and successfully win one round to get a chance to sign in. If you sign in successfully, you can get a sign in reward. If you succeed in turning back ten rounds for a man, you can upgrade the system Both confused and shocked, as an old bookworm, he naturally knows what the system is, but he didn’t expect the system to be bound to him, and the rebirth happened. It’s not surprising that the system appeared.
Jiang Chen quickly accepted the appearance of the system, although he was still a little uneasy.
He curiously asked why I am bound. In today’s society, the yin and yang decline, the divorce rate has risen sharply for many years, and the marriage rate has dropped sharply for many years.
The mission of this system is to promote marriage harmony and increase the couple’s happiness index.
The system binding basic conditions and specific conditions Jiang Chen has a deep understanding after listening to it.
The divorce rate in the previous life has indeed risen for many years, and the marriage rate has also declined for many years. He also understands the real reason for all this.
Jiang Chen’s thoughts were interrupted by a notification sound on WeChat.
Jiang Chen looked at the message.
It was from his mother urging him to go to the blind date place.
Jiang Chen looked at the previous chat records with his mother.
He remembered that in the first blind date in his previous life, the blind date girl was late for forty minutes because of the traffic jam on the road, and he checked whether there was any traffic jam on that section of the road before, and it turned out that there was no traffic jam at all.
take this blind date to heart