How many hours later did he expect that Jiang Lingkong would really fulfill the promise he made to him Slap the face first Jiang Lingkong

A different earth. The four ancient capitals of the past are listed as forbidden areas here. The ancient city floats in the air, and no one dares to approach those places of interest on the earth that used to be. All of them are covered with the color of myth. Is this a parallel time and space or an ancient myth? The world Jiang Lingkong was forced to rise in such a mythical world. One sword cut fate in the hand and cut the myth.
One person suppressed the galaxy. Chapter 1. The boy on Lingshan, Kyoto. Standing on the top of Lingshan Mountain, sitting cross-legged and looking at the direction of Kyoto in the distance, the young man named Jiang Lingkong lives in Qingshui Town under Lingshan Mountain, but this world is full of strangeness and unknowns to Jiang Lingkong, because Jiang Lingkong only came to this world half a year ago.
Words like time travel and rebirth have exploded on the entire Internet, and no one has even written an article on the Internet, but he came out like this, making Jiang Lingkong dumbfounded.
Jiang Lingkong fell in love with outdoor adventures after graduating from university.
He has become a celebrity in the circle because Jiang Lingkong is really a talented artist, he often goes to some extremely dangerous places to challenge various limits, and everyone in the circle praises him, and the recording of the adventure video is very popular on the Internet, making Jiang Lingkong a big celebrity in one fell swoop.
It can be said that at that time, Jiang Lingkong and that Mr. Pei were equally famous on the Internet, called Jiang Dashen, but when this Jiang Dashen went to explore Suolongjing in Kyoto, something happened There are many legends about it, and the most famous one is about the dragon lock.
It is said that an ancient real dragon is locked below and suppressed under the sea eye. It is also said that it is the entrance to the nether world. There have been many adventurers. Want to investigate Suolongjing, but don’t have the guts, and they all say that people who go down Suolongjing are dead or alive. The country has already blocked it. I wanted to take a peek inside the Dragon Well, but Jiang Lingkong found a huge copper pillar standing in the dark like a pillar supporting the sky under the locked Dragon Well. This copper pillar was engraved with ancient scriptures and strange totems.
At this time, Jiang Lingkong’s Equipment failure, he fell into the endless darkness, and when he woke up, he was in the ruins outside Kyoto, and he turned fifteen years old, suddenly a lot younger, and more importantly, his mind suddenly appeared more.
A lot of knowledge and information.
This world has the same background as the earth, but it is not the same world.
The world he lived in once had advanced science and technology. It is an era of technological informationization, but even though this world has the same world background and advanced technology, the most important thing is this world. Filled with a kind of power Xianli that only appeared in novels in the original world, this is a world where Xianli and technology coexist, and Xianli is the main technology. Reborn into another self in this world, his body For Jiang Lingkong, he is still the same as before. He lives at the foot of Lingshan Mountain without father and mother.
He was brought up by a little aunt, and all the friends and classmates that Jiang Lingkong knows exist, but their identities and circumstances have changed, which makes Jiang Lingkong.
For the first time, he suspected that he had come to a parallel universe.
Jiang Lingkong’s family environment has not changed. His little aunt is still just a salesperson, relying on a meager income to support him to go to school. It’s just that the knowledge he learned in school in this world is about Xianli’s manipulation of Xianli. As for how to obtain celestial power specifically, in this world, any chance at any time between the ages of ten and fifteen is enough to awaken the celestial power in one’s body, but the awakened celestial power varies from person to person. There are also different attributes, such as flame celestial power, water spirit celestial power, earth celestial power, diamond celestial power, these are called the five elements celestial power, which is also the most common, and there are higher-level mutated celestial powers, rare celestial powers, such as star celestial power, thunder celestial power Space Xianli, etc.
If Xianli is not activated during this time period, then he is just a mortal and can only be an ordinary person in various industries in society. Jiang Lingkong awakened Xianli in this world at the age of fifteen. Both he and his little aunt were very happy and felt that Jiang Lingkong would surely become famous in the future, but soon Jiang Lingkong discovered that his celestial power was neither the five elements celestial power nor the mutated celestial power, nor was it a rare celestial power, but an unknown silver celestial power like a The specific function is unknown like a cloud of mist, no attack power, no attributes, not even auxiliary functions. How soft and soft is useless.
Strong water celestial power, flexible and changeable, diamond celestial power can pierce all other high-ranking celestial powers, needless to say, each has its own advantages, but the silver celestial power on Jiang Lingkong’s body does not know why it is used for attacking, not assisting, not once Being ridiculed as rubbish, Xianli didn’t even have a name. After finishing junior high school, he was ready to drop out of school to learn a skill. However, Jiang Lingkong of this world found some information on the Internet, saying that there is a dragon-shaped flower that grows in the ruins of Kyoto. Afterwards, the power of the celestial being can be strengthened. Jiang Lingkong then slipped into the ruins of the capital to look for the dragon-shaped flower, but met an accident and died there. Only then was Jiang Lingkong from another world integrated into his body and reborn. Zhaoxia sat cross-legged, he silently ran an ancient scripture in his heart, this scripture was obtained by Jiang Lingkong in another world, those scriptures on the copper pillars under Suolongjing was touched by Jiang Lingkong at that time, and he got it from this world after waking up