How long have they been together In less than ten days life has become so colorful with ups and downs feelings are so sweet and

A little sweet story of a male god and a Piao falling in love. The urban background is superficial. There are no horror elements. A Piao.
After the male god marries me, I will do the scary work. You will definitely earn a lot of money by pretending to be a fairy and catching ghosts.
It’s always written like this in the novels.
I’m a tall, rich and handsome man. Why do I want to be a master of ghost hunting? Stop making trouble and come over and make the bed.
Ah Piao uses gold fingers as nanny God smiles, don’t underestimate yourself, you are an all-around good friend, I love you, Apiao, I’m going to make the bed, handsome elite male god, nympho, virtuous, Apiao, who is the main focus of content tags, heaven made and inspirational life, sweet essay, modern overhead protagonist, Shen Yuewenjie, supporting roles, various supporting roles Other light-hearted, sweet, inspirational, positive energy editorial comments Gao Fushuai The president is planning to confess his love to his cute little assistant A car accident took the life of the other party What’s amazing is that the cute little assistant turned into an Apiaoliu By the president’s side, this tall, rich and handsome man not only embarked on the road of disturbing the foundation, but also opened a new chapter in his life, life became colorful and full of mysteries to be solved. Their future is destined to be different.
At the beginning of this article, the main character becomes the entry point of the ghost. The novel and interesting relationship between humans and ghosts is cute and sweet. The direction of the story is unexpected The ending is exciting. Chapter 1: Confessions, this super Bai Fumei has finally escaped, and she didn’t abduct my male god! Hongxia Wenjie, who watched the nine-figure private jet leave the runway and fly to the sky, secretly expressed emotion Falling back to the body of Shen Yue beside him, the already handsome Shen Yue looked even more dazzling under the afterglow of the setting sun, Wen Jie’s eyes were full of love, his heart was throbbing, but he quickly calmed down.
My male god is not only so handsome that he has no friends, but he is also an extraordinary capable generation. Sooner or later, he will marry Bai Fumei to reach the pinnacle of life and give birth to a litter of high-quality rich second generations to give back to the society. Thinking about it, Wen Jie feels both proud and a little bit I am so sad that the gap between me and the male god is so big that I don’t even have the confidence to have a crush on it.
It’s really sad. Hey, I’m back to myself. Shen Yue patted Wen Jie on the shoulder and secretly felt funny.
This little assistant of mine has a very rich emoticon library. Look at his little expression now, there is a bit of tangle in the nympho, and there is also a little sadness in the tangle, the stupid, cute and stupid are three points, it’s so interesting that even a serious person like Shen Yue wants to stretch his claws I kneaded his face, but Shen Yue’s hand finally landed on Wen Jie’s shoulder.
After all, they are still the pure relationship between the president and the assistant.
The time for rubbing his face has not yet come. Xi really worked hard for you, let’s go, let me treat you to a big meal, Shen Yue said with a smile, looking like a good boss, turned around and walked to the side road next to the apron, and when he got to his car, Wen Jie was gone Xiao Pao rushed over to help him pull the car out of the passenger seat Although the boy in the door is occasionally stupid, he is quite reliable in his work, especially when he treats Shen Yue Wenjie with extreme care, meticulous and thoughtful, he is a virtuous, virtuous, good assistant, a hard worker, and everything I do is divided The internal affairs are not hard at all, Mr.
Shen, you have been working hard and tired these days, why don’t you go to bed early tonight, find another time to treat me to a big meal, and after Shen Yue is settled, Wen Jie also gets in the car. He was not at all happy that the boss wanted to invite him to a big meal.
Instead, he objected.
Let me go home. Wen Jie answered with a thump, put on the seat belt, put the ignition on, put the gear on, and slowly drove the car away from the airport. He remained silent until he came to the intersection of the expressway and waited in line to pick up the card.
Then he turned his head and looked at Shen Yueren. I can’t help but want to ask a question. Hey, every word you just said is inseparable from what Yao Dong.
Yao Dong’s is really interesting to others. It’s just that Yao Dong is also interested in you. Before boarding the plane, he invited you to come back with her.
Jing went to see her father, it was like a confession, why didn’t you simply agree to her? As soon as the words came to his lips, Shen Yue had already lowered the back of the passenger seat, closed his eyes and began to rest. Wen Jie secretly sighed After all, I still didn’t say anything and continued to drive seriously. In fact, even if Shen Yue didn’t close his eyes and rest his mind, Wen Jie is a bitter crush who can’t ask those words. Even if he borrowed ten more guts from him, he would not dare to put on a resentful face to question his boss and male god, unless he has already planned to resign and go far away. Anyone in front of God will try his best to put on the mask of virtuous and virtuous virtue, and he will not take it off.
If Shen Yue knows what messed up Wen Jie is thinking, he will definitely laugh out loud.
It’s not ridicule, it’s just pure. It was amused that Ms. Yao’s attitude towards Shen Yue in the past few days was indeed a bit ambiguous, and her words were indeed somewhat provocative, but in fact, what she really meant was to recruit Shen Yue, a general. The reason why she uses that kind of ambiguous expression is mainly because she doesn’t want to leave a story about robbing her nephew.
After all, in terms of identity, Shen Yue is the classmate and partner of Ms. Yao’s nephew Yao Jingsheng. It’s quite complicated.
Wen Jie didn’t know the inside story, so it’s no wonder he got confused. What’s more, besides Shen Yue’s talent, Ms.
Yao also took a fancy to his beauty. She really has some meaning for him.
The feeling is right, but according to Ms. Yao’s long-standing practice of picking grass