How long has it been since Su Yu frowned he turned to the side fidgeting and walked away neither staying nor staying and asked how

Chapter 1 What should I do if the system fails to start when I wait online? Su Yu, I think I must explain it clearly to you.
What’s going on with this girl with her hair combed and pouting her lips, not at all vicious but rather cute? Where am I? There are two completely different memories in his head.
It’s overwhelmed, what? That girl is so earnest, you’re just too out of shape. Martial arts university is something we can take the exam.
We’re just an ordinary high school. The possibility of an ordinary high school wanting to be admitted to a martial arts university is too small instead of wasting time on martial arts.
It’s better to raise the score of the chemistry class. In fact, you are still doing well in your studies. You can take an ordinary exam. There is hope. How can you work hard in the wrong direction? Listening to this girl who is a little bit long-winded talking about Su Yu, she is even more at a loss Went to Martial Arts University High School, what is it all about? Su Yu calmed down and sorted out the two memories in his mind one by one, and finally gradually realized that he was reborn.
He was originally the standard of the century. Good net, good anime, it’s just that it’s not easy to study. I passed an ordinary university.
I didn’t know what to do. When I was a senior, I was about to face the situation of being unemployed after graduation. Su Yu felt a very unreal feeling about himself.
Su Yu pretended to be calm and looked around, and soon deduced from his rich theoretical experience that he was indeed reborn in the third year of high school. He was writing in big characters on the blackboard. There are still days before the college entrance examination, and there are still days before the beginning of my beautiful life. What should I do when I am talking about the college entrance examination? Did you hear that Su Yu looked at Su Yu with his dull eyes? After some searching, I finally found the girl’s name. Li Shan and their squad leader were actually quite enthusiastic, but a little too wordy. He also gradually realized that the place where he was reborn turned out to be the top martial arts experts in the martial arts world information. It is unbelievable and unimaginable to be able to step on the stars, grasp the sun and the moon, jump out of the sky and travel in the middle of the world. This is life! Of course, those who can become warriors are, after all, a small number of ordinary high schools like them who can be admitted to martial arts every year.
There are only two or three college students, and entering the Martial Arts University is only the beginning of the martial arts path.
That’s why the scene in front of me brings together these messy memories in my mind. Su Yu looked up at Li Shan and said sincerely, classmate Li Shan Thank you so much Hey, seeing that Su Yu thanked him so well this time, Li Shan was surprised and delighted. It’s nothing.
Just figure it out.
In fact, martial arts are too far away for us ordinary people, and it takes a lot of time, money and resources.
It’s better to learn chemistry well In the future, I can have a stable job, a stable job, but Su Yu has a bright smile on her face, but I can’t do it. I’ve already decided to take the Martial Arts University exam. You can’t know the lofty ambitions of a bird, but Su Yu feels in his heart that Li Shan is a classmate. Even though classmate Li Shan was out of good intentions, Su Yu felt that he was reborn.
This is a tyrannical and cool road. At best, they can only be regarded as passers-by. In addition to his pride, the most important thing is that the screen in front of Su Yu seems to have a faint light and shadow appearing at the bottom of his field of vision. With the change of the scene in his field of vision, the color system is switched. Su Yu is eager to try this.
That’s right, how can it be stable without the system, but I see lines of words on the screen scrolling continuously, the system is starting, the warning system has an unknown failure, the system failed to start, the system is restarting again, Su Yu frowned slightly, and a bad feeling secretly surged in his heart I feel like there is a system, but the system doesn’t start up, can I return it? He is very speechless. Of course, as a four-good young man of the century, Su Yu’s theoretical knowledge of the system is still very solid.
He skillfully tried the methods of moving his eyes, fingers, manipulating voice commands, etc. very quickly.
Are you sure that your own system is very advanced controlled by thoughts? Su Yu hastened to try to activate the attributes. Su Yu sent commands to the system through thoughts, but soon saw words scrolling on the screen in front of him.