How do you think these two people compare to the people you used to know Shi Zhongyu shook his head and smiled and said what

Here comes my father, Fangzheng, who woke up leisurely from the bed, glanced at his arms for the first time.
After seeing that the wooden box was still there, he heaved a sigh of relief and smiled at the corners of his mouth.
He slowly sat up from the bed. Now I am a senior major in time-traveling, so I came out to practice.
The time-traveling major of the Yeda University has produced many famous people, such as Xiao Yan, the devil, Du Wei, and Yang Ling of the Ming Dynasty.
I won’t list them here, but at that time, the time-traveling major of the Yeda University was still in its infancy. In the experimental stage, many systems are immature. If you want to cross, you have to use suicide methods such as car accidents and jumping from buildings to stimulate development. Fangzheng no longer needs to die. As for the mechanism of this instrument, Fang Zheng is not a science student, and he can’t figure it out. He only knows that it uses electricity, brain waves, etc. So Fang Zheng is different from them.
Since they know that they are going to cross, Fang Zheng has prepared well before crossing. The wood in Fang Zheng’s arms Inside the box are the things Fangzheng brought from the real world. Inside are two landmines, five grenades, a pistol, an automatic rifle, and a completely disassembled Barrett sniper rifle. Fangzheng wanted to carry the Gatling and mortars, but they were too heavy to carry.
At the same time, Fangzheng also wanted to save face for the compatriots in this place, so Fangzheng, who sat up from the bed, carried the boxes without them. When I got to the bottom of my bed, Fangzheng was not worried that someone would find this box because the people here didn’t know these things at all.
Put the box away, Fangzheng sat back on the bed and began to receive the memory of the owner of his body. This place is called Lingyuan Continent.
There is no magic in demons.
The Dou Qi in Dou Po is not the history of the Ming Dynasty. This world is a world that majors in spiritual power. In this world, it seems that not everyone can cultivate spiritual power, because the spiritual power in the air is very scarce. There is a key in this world.
The thing is called Fa Lingyu, which can be said to be the common currency of the Lingyuan Continent. It is controlled by the country and major sects. If you want to practice, you can only obtain the Fa Lingyu and extract spiritual power from it.
However, some people with better opportunities can also get it from it. In some ruins or in someone’s tomb, the grades of the Faling Jade and Lingyuan Continent are divided into seven grades, besides the initial gathering of spirits, the nebula disk on the other side of the bitter sea His cultivation level is only at the seventh level of Juling, so he has no concept of the strength of each level, but only knows the names of each level. The name of the previous owner of this body is also Fang Zheng. Fang Zheng is no surprise. The place where Fang Zheng is now is called Zixia Sect. In Zixia County, Ganzhou, it belongs to the Qinglan Ancient Country. The identity of the owner of this body is the direct disciple of the Zixia Sect Master. However, during a practice, the owner of this body was attacked by someone and fell into a coma. This person saw it before he fell into a coma. Who is the person who attacked me, but just seeing that person’s appearance, I was so angry Zixu Taoist, the master of the Zixia sect, has also been in a coma until now, but there is no way to do it. If Fangzheng hadn’t come, the owner of this body must have seen the murderer for nothing. Seeing that he can only carry this person’s name into the grave for a sneak attack The person named Ye Tianxing is also a disciple of the Zixia Sect.
In the memory of this body, Ye Tianxing attacked the owner of this body in order to pass on the position of his own disciple, because Ye Tianxing’s cultivation level is also at the seventh level of gathering spirits.
Compared with the owner of this body, Ye Tianxing is only one line lower.
If the owner of this body dies, Ye Tianxing can become a direct disciple of the Zixia Sect master. However, although Fangzheng knows that the person who killed the owner of this body was Ye Tianxing, Fangzheng does not intend to expose him. This body has nothing to do with him, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the owner of this body was about to die, Fang Zheng wouldn’t be able to pass through.
From this point of view, Fang Zheng should thank Ye Tianxing, so as long as Ye Tianxing doesn’t come to trouble him after he gets a little better, Fang Zheng is willing. Coexist with him peacefully. Second, Ye Tianxing is not only a disciple of Zixia Sect, he is also a member of the Ye family. The Ye family is very powerful in Zixia County, not only in Zixia County.
I heard that it also has a lot of power in the entire Ganzhou. People who say that the ancient Qinglan country also has the Ye family, of course Fangzheng is not taboo about the strength of the Ye family. In this world, Fangzheng does not taboo anyone. He does not taboo any power.
It is just that the Ye family is so powerful. Fangzheng even exposes Ye Tianxing.
This kind of person said that he sought the position of Zixia sect’s direct disciple. The credibility is not high. If Fang Zheng had not occupied this body and received this person’s memory, even Fang Zheng himself would not believe it.
Third, it is because of Fang Zheng’s personality and many things. Solution Fangzheng was thinking about Ye Tianxing’s matter in his mind, and suddenly he heard a piercing laughter from outside the door hahahaha what are you doing here? This is a woman’s voice, it sounds like Huang Yingming and willows, especially crisp, especially after the piercing laughter. It feels like walking in the desert for a long time and suddenly saw a clear spring. Hey, what can we do here? Of course, it’s to see our brother Fang.
The tone is a bit angry, tsk tsk, don’t be so arrogant, I heard that your elder brother Zheng went crazy after practicing kung fu, and he is still unconscious, even the suzerain has no way to do anything.
In my opinion, he is dying, right? Fang Yao, don’t deceive yourself, I advise you to find another high branch to climb up, otherwise no one will protect you when your brother Zheng dies. Hearing this man mention Fang Yao’s name, Fang Zheng’s mind appeared a ponytail