How do you feel Granny Hua Do you want to drink some more Looking from foot to head showing a loving smile you look like

She returned to the base with the portable ball and the man and turned the base upside down It’s time to cover the sky and the sun and the starship descends. The man is the first to greet him. The man raises his hand to report to the chief. Is it Mi’s big sword? Later, Hanazang became the master of the mother planet and took the starship to the starry sky, but the people on the starship were weird. Everyone who saw her would tell her with a smile that I like you the most and I will always support you. She thought that everyone on this starship must be crazy.
If they weren’t crazy, then she was crazy.
It wasn’t until that day that she went on Starnet and watched the most popular show on Starnet.
Then she realized that she was the most popular and influential star on Starnet. The richest woman in power Hanazura’s fist is hardened to death Man are you ready to face the lies you have told in the past few years I don’t know that in the live broadcast, I aim to be self-improving, and I have God’s help. Chapter 1.
If you buy, you have to sell. Breathe, take a big breath, and breathe hard. The brain keeps sending commands to the body. Finally, a steady stream of air is inhaled from the nasal cavity until it fills the lungs.
The long-lost sense of comfort Let Hanazang open her eyes, a huge black eye is floating above her head, cold and indifferent, Hanazang’s heart shakes violently, her body rolls and leaps to her feet at the same time, the spiritual power in her hand pours out a blade of green grass In a blink of an eye, it turned into a green grass vine entangled towards the giant black eye suspended in the air.
The black giant eye did not flicker, and the grass vine smoothly wrapped around the giant black eye, wrapping it tightly.
The giant black eye remained unmoved. Huazang stretched out his hand and pulled the giant eye, and it fell into her hands.
The green grass and vines receded like a tide.
Huazang held the black giant eye in both hands, and then she came back to her senses. She clearly remembered that because of the food crisis in the base, she was the next leader of the base. She followed the advice of the logistics supervisor and took the supernatural beings in the base to go fishing in the ice lake. That day was very fruitful. When she was dealing with the tangled fishing nets in the middle of the lake, the ice suddenly broke open and was covered by ice water.
After the stimulation, her body suddenly burst out of control, causing her to lose control of her body.
Originally, as long as her teammates took her back to the base to take care of her and recuperate, she would be able to return to normal within three days. She sank into the bottom of the lake and watched helplessly as the ice cave above her head became smaller and farther away, and her chest became more and more stuffy, and finally she couldn’t hold her breath, but she could only suck in a lot of lake water.
She was kept by her. The teammates who deeply defended her betrayed them, and they worked together to promote her death in all aspects. But why isn’t she the most powerful wood-type supernatural user in the base? Isn’t she able to provide enough? Is there enough food to support the survival of the base? Under such circumstances, why did they betray her? Hanazang can’t figure it out. She clearly remembers every detail and every feeling before she drowned.
It’s clear that the first second is still a boundless sense of suffocation, and the next second she opens her eyes. Lying here is a completely unknown black sphere.
The fingers holding the black sphere are white and delicate, without a trace of dirt or scars. They are completely different from her hands that have experienced years and battles. The hands are neither her hand nor her ball.
What happened? What’s the matter? Hanazang raised the black ball in his hand, but the size of the blue ball, the whole body is black, a bit like a metal skin, hard and glowing with cold light.
There is a round black crystal facet in the middle of the sphere. There is an arc connecting the top and bottom of the crystal facet, which looks like a circle. The narrow eye sockets and the pupils in the eye sockets are no wonder that Hanazang mistook them for the eyes at first sight.
She stretched out a finger and gently stroked the black crystal facet. The light screen appeared in front of her, Huazang’s hand shook the virtual light screen, she had heard these three words countless times, in the chatting and bragging of the elders, in the anticipation and yearning of the young, but never thought that it would appear suddenly Seeing a virtual light screen on the black ball, what is going on? Hanazang shook his hand, the black ball escaped from control and flew back to a position two meters above the ground, more than one meter away from her.
This is also the first time Hanazang opened his eyes. When I saw it, the virtual screen still stayed in place. There were a few large characters written on it clearly and plainly. The characters of the portable ball store are Chinese characters.
Every character Huazang knows.
They are the flowers she learned in the base since she was a child. Zang thought it was amazing and clicked on the screen to switch to the store. The categories include clothing, shoes, home furnishing, light, brain, speeding car, medicine, graphics, sound, starship, and so on. In the legend, I have never experienced the apocalypse in the past, and I have never experienced the interstellar migration of human beings. In the human world, there are large supermarkets and online stores. As long as you place an order, someone will deliver it to your door.
Is this and that similar? How does this store deliver goods? Did it appear out of thin air like this ball? Hanazang clicked it in casually. What she ordered was a household heater. With her movements, a three-dimensional small flower ball appeared in front of her eyes. It is a solid fiery red light source. When the light is turned on, the whole flower ball is glowing red. Let alone the heating effect.
This shape is beautiful and heart-warming. Hanazang is more concerned about its heating function inside the base. The heating system is always broken.
The maintenance man said that some parts are old and dead, and no replacement parts can be found. The most important thing is