How could they abandon her after just one day How can you treat me like this You guys are so darkhearted when I married into

The system directly sent her to a newly dead young body and rewarded her with a chance to draw a lottery because she was the first to clear the level In the era of war and chaos, it seems to be practical.
Then I open my eyes, Su Yuan has become the daughter of an old policeman in Kaifeng Prefecture. She was nine years old at the time.
Her father had just died three days ago.
So he had the will to die and didn’t want to drink the medicine.
In the end, he actually died of the wind-cold illness. The old policeman’s wife died long ago. He had no other relatives or wealth, leaving Su Yuan to replace the original owner.
After surviving, he became an orphan with nothing.
In the eyes of outsiders, Su Yuan is not just pitiful, but very pitiful.
I can’t help crying for her. Both of her parents died at a young age.
She bears the reputation of being tough and restraining her relatives.
It will be difficult to marry in the future, and she has no relatives.
But to take care of her, she is a little girl, it is difficult to set up a household, I don’t know how to live in the future, if I want to eat, I am afraid that the only way to go is by selling yourself as a slave. She has a thin body, which owner would pay for a sick Even if a child who can’t work is a slave, even if she doesn’t want to sell herself for money, people don’t want to worry about taking it home and giving her food for nothing, not to mention that if she accidentally dies, it will cause bad luck. All the government officials in Kaifeng really feel sorry for her When I met Su Yuan on the walk, I couldn’t help but cast my sympathetic gaze on Su Yuan.
Of course, Su Yuan would not take these problems seriously.
In fact, she didn’t realize that these are problems. Compared with the crazy killing and bloody end of the world Today, such a peaceful and peaceful world is the best welfare for her, and a quiet, stable and ordinary life is the best life for her. She doesn’t need to be in the limelight, and she doesn’t need to be rich.
She has three feet of space to sleep and eat.
It is enough to let her eat the quiet and beautiful world and let her appreciate it. Of course, it would be even better if there is meat for every meal.
The few yamen servants in Kaifeng Mansion who have a good relationship with the old policeman heard that Su Yuan didn’t ask for much, but they could make him happy. Responding to Su Yuan’s request, we found a place for her to live in Kaifeng, let her do some work in the kitchen, lighten the fire, and then everyone took turns to take care of her.
Everyone gradually found that the little girl became more sensible, and her temperament was much more open than before. Not picky, not picky, safe and happy, but also very fond of laughing.
At first, everyone took care of her because they felt sorry for her. Later, they really liked her and wanted to take care of her. The cook Mrs.
Xu took the most care of Su Yuan. She knew that Su Yuan loved to eat meat.
When cooking, secretly leave a bowl of meat for Su Yuan to eat. Su Yuan also knows that she is grateful for helping Cook Xu, but she will not help Cook Xu with cooking casually, because she is too young, and her skills are too high.
People suspect that when she was thirteen or fourteen years old, Su Yuan started with simple small vegetables and did not control the number of times, but as long as the food was made by her hands, even if she deliberately added more ingredients, many people still praised the taste.
It’s all because of her natural culinary skills.
Su Yuan turned sixteen. This year, Kaifeng Prefecture has a new governor named Bao. He also brought a master named Gongsun Ce, and after a while, the well-known Nan Xia Zhan Zhao also came to Kaifeng Mansion, and was named a fourth-rank imperial guard with a sword. Things began to become interesting, but for the Her life was unaffected, and Su Yuan quietly went to look up at the legendary figure, so she continued to live her quiet life, but the atmosphere in the Kaifeng Mansion has changed since Bao Zheng became the governor. Every day, all officials in the government are very busy doing their jobs, and Su Yuan also burns her firewood well.
Only when the heat supply is in place, will Chef Xu’s stewed mutton taste good. Even better, when the soup is thick, milky white, clear and not turbid, there will be the most delicious crispy mutton. Mrs. Xu took advantage of the stew and squatted by the stove, grabbed melon seeds and gave them to Su Yuan to eat with other people’s daughters.
It’s time to get engaged, you’ve already passed the age, but no one will show you, so you can’t delay the time, or you’ll become an old girl after two years, no man wants to marry you, Mrs. Xu is worried.
After finishing speaking, Mrs.
Xu looked at Su Yuan’s figure and face and smiled with satisfaction. I don’t know if it’s because she has eaten meat in the past two years. Compared with the thin monkey-like appearance before, the little girl has changed a lot. The meat still grows obediently in the place where it should grow. It is protruding and upturned. The face is round but not fat.
It is pleasing to smile.
The eyes are clear and clear. Although it is not stunning, it is very attractive. The more you look at it, the more beautiful it is. Even though she is an orphan girl, it’s not good to be born, but as long as she looks hard, she should be able to find a suitable marriage with her looks.
After hearing Mrs. Xu’s words, Su Yuan suddenly felt that the melon seeds in her hand were not good. She was in the reincarnation game. The thing that has been fighting for such a long time is to be able to regain a new life and live a quiet life. If she wants to marry blindly like an ancient woman and wait for a man to have children, it is better to let her stay in the end of the world and kill zombies. Su Yuan wants to reject Mrs.
Xu’s kindness I was caught by Mrs. Xu first. Don’t blame the aunt for speaking harshly. You are now staying in Kaifeng Mansion as a fire girl because you are under the care of your father’s old friend, but who will take care of you for the rest of your life? I don’t have any money-making skills, and there is no man in the family to rely on you. It is difficult for a weak woman to establish a household. She will be bullied in the future. I am not rude.
Mrs. Xu is thinking about her and worried about her future.
If she should, let’s see who she is.
Once she is lucky enough to meet her true love, although there is little hope, she can’t give up on this possibility. After all, she is a person who is good at creating the possible out of the impossible.
This kind of self-confidence