How could it be possible that he’s not his exgirlfriend until he’s in his teens I have also seen one with red hair so beautiful

Huo Feng, a boy from Beijing, was born to inherit the two listed companies owned by his mother in Singapore and his father in Hong Kong.
He believes that his parents’ divorce is all because of being too rich. Huo Feng hated money since he was young. His greatest wish is to jump out of his own life. Find a child from a poor family in the life circle to live an ordinary life Huo Feng met a little girl selling candles on the Internet and thought he had found ordinary happiness At 0:16, she is actually very good at choosing the time to come out of the womb. The difference is only ten minutes. From the post-80s to the post-90s, the difference is still a bit big for girls.
The reason why it is called Zuo Zuo Zai, except because her father’s surname is Zuo Keyan, she also has an older brother named Zuo Yiyi, so Zuo Zai’s name is so simple and rude.
Zuo Zai’s love of money seems to be inborn. The first two Chinese characters are her name, Zuo, and the third is almost the same as everyone else, and there are also some characters such as sun, moon, water, fire, and earth.
After knowing these Chinese characters, she went to her father Zuo Jianshe to warm a candle.
Her father’s candle company has been in business for five years. She said that the company is actually a small factory restructured from a village-run enterprise.
On the left, when she reached the door of the company, she cried wildly, not even wanting to enter the door. She cried for half an hour.
After finally coaxing you to stop crying, your parents asked you what happened just now.
The four-year-old Zuo then said infinitely wronged that the name of the company could be called “Day Nuan”. Nian Nuan, Zuo Jianshe is a daughter slave. After being quarreled by her daughter for a long time, Zuo Jianshe didn’t get angry.
Zuo Jianshe didn’t explain.
Fortunately, after Zuo explained, he cried again out of breath. While crying, he said that the company only had his brother’s name, not mine. After the name, the company has nothing to do with me. From now on, I will have no money, no money, poor children, no good food, no good drinks, no beautiful clothes, no left, and here I am again crying, only four years old, with big watery eyes. Full of grievances, it seems to be an endless sea. Zuo Jianshe and his wife are already dumbfounded at this time. I have never seen a four-year-old protesting against the patriarchal parents. I have never seen a four-year-old child who loves money so much and has so much reason.
It’s simply making trouble because Yinuan Candle Company was established in 1999, and Zuo Zainian was born in 2011.
Brother Zuo was born in 1 year. Zuo was 10 years old. After that, another child was born. Speaking of which, in the 1990s, the strict control of family planning in the 1990s was fined a large sum of money in order to get Zuo.
A year later, the couple discovered that the five-year-old Zuo Zai had already saved a full two thousand yuan.
In addition to the lucky money that Zuo Zai received in recent years, there was also a lot of money that she earned piece by piece. It costs one yuan to mop the floor, one yuan to take out the garbage The money just accumulates like this, and mother Xiang Min felt that it was not good for a child to take so much money, so she had many rounds of arduous negotiations with Zuo Zai to get Zuo Zai to hand in the pocket money, but all ended in failure, thanks to her mother’s unremitting efforts and loss. Let me remind you that there is nothing left, Zuo Zai agrees with my mother to use her name to deposit the money in a bank near my home, Zuo Zai holds her 2,000 yuan passbook every day to sleep, and when I wake up, I will look in the direction of the bank. About two months later, Zuo Jianshe and his wife both went to the company. Before going out, Xiang Min gave Zuo another ten yuan and asked Zuo to stay at home obediently at noon, waiting for his brother to go to the stall next door to eat noodles after school.
Besides, her mother often does it. She found that as long as she gave her daughter money, she would be quite obedient in everything she did. It is clear that Zuo Jianshe and his wife hurried home to catch up with the sound of milk, and Zuo Zai didn’t stop crying.
That savings bank was on fire, and the money was gone, crying while talking, and dragging the couple outside the house to cry again. Fa is for the money again. Zuo Jianshe really has no way to take his daughter.
Is the passbook still there? Zuo Jianshe asked his precious daughter. Zuo then nodded like garlic.
Really? Zuo Zai asked about ten or twenty times again. Zuo Jianshe told her that if it really disappeared, he would give her another two thousand yuan. Then Zuo Zai stopped Zuo Zai’s mouth.
Cry Zuozai loves Qian Xiangmin so much.
When she was in elementary school, she found an excellent plan to educate Zuozai. One hundred points for the test will give you twenty yuan, ninety-nine cents, ten yuan, ninety-eight cents, and so on.
Less than If you don’t get 95 points, you will be fined. This simple and rude education method is extremely effective for Zuo.
Her exams are either 99 or 100. Every time she takes 99 points, she beats her chest and stamps her feet. Earning less than ten yuan in half a day is a great harm to her. Xiang Min’s money education method has successfully made Zuo Zai the best student in the whole grade, and he is very active in learning and has excellent self-control.
She only likes to make money and doesn’t like to spend money at all.
She just likes to watch the money in her passbook increase over the years. When Zuo was eleven years old, Zuo Jianshe’s Yinuan Candle Company has been in business for a year. It is a very decent company. It earns a year.
A three to five million is no problem, just sell a candle, earning three to five million a year in those days may sound like a bit of nonsense, talking about the restructuring of state-owned enterprises in the 1990s, many people got rich because of this, Zuo Zai’s father, Zuo Jianshe He is also a practitioner of restructuring, but he did not get rich because of it.