How can we delay because of her In order to save my master the blackrobed man blocked Zhuo Buquns way and said domineeringly that the

Chapter 1 God of War Rebirth Tian Song Zhuo Buqun woke up from the boundless darkness and let out a heart-piercing scream The peerless god of battle, the number one refining master, the heavenly wizard, the master of the star field, and the invincible rise of the strong, is destined to have a rough journey Chased and killed by countless strong men, Zhuo Buqun was killed on the way to escape, and the world turned into a sea of ​​corpses, but in the end he was outnumbered, seriously injured and caught in a heavy siege Concentrating on cultivation, she left her out in the cold, so she suddenly left. At Zhuo Buqun’s life-and-death moment, Mu Tiange stepped forward to rescue him, but he was like a moth flying into a flame, and finally disappeared in Zhuo Buqun’s arms.
After countless powerful enemies exhausted their strength, they resolutely blew themselves up.
A generation of geniuses in the Celestial Star Realm fell away.
Can you hear me sing a song for you at the end? I’m sorry, but I’ve never listened to it with my heart.
I’m sorry.
If there’s an afterlife, I don’t want to be at the peak of the great way.
I only wish to be intoxicated in your sounds of nature forever. I don’t know it. Tears flow down my face. My heart is in severe pain. Only when I lose it can I know how precious it is. When time can’t Zhuo Buqun is gone, and he blew himself up dead. Nothing can be saved. Zhuo Buqun was immersed in great grief for a long time, unable to extricate himself. Suddenly, Zhuo Buqun felt the cold tears on his face, and suddenly he was shocked.
Am I not dead? How? Will cry when consciously. A flood of strange memories erupts in the depths of my mind, almost drowning Zhuo Buqun’s consciousness.
Xingyue Kingdom Gaitian King, Little Prince Zhuo Buqun. Who is this person? I have the same name and surname as Bingshan Really white and tender, what the hell is this? Princess Wuxia, that lowly woman humiliated me like this? Didn’t I just touch my chest? Sooner or later, I will let you all kneel in front of me and call you daddy. Messy memories surged to Zhuo Buqun, dumbfounded. After his mind calmed down, Zhuo Buqun was sure that he was not dead, but his soul was taken away from a mortal body, and Zhuo Buqun was reborn. Buqun was extremely shocked. While adapting to the new body, he sorted out the memory of the former owner of the physical body. This is the Earth and Star Realm, which is the so-called mortal world. Yun Cang is the King Gai Tian of the Xingyue Kingdom, whose strength is unfathomable. He has made great achievements in battles throughout his life, and his prestige in all directions in the Xingyue Kingdom is the son of the King Gaitian. The prince is an ignorant, ignorant, weak and incompetent waste.
From his memory, it can be seen that the young prince was murdered in his sleep not long ago. Only then was Zhuo Buqun able to be reborn and carefully inspected his body inside and out. Zhuo Buqun became even more depressed. The little prince was not only a dandy, but also a useless idiot with a flirtatious sex. His fourteen-year-old body was ruined by him until he became weak. Unbearable not only that, the little prince also left a lot of trouble behind, the entire Gaitian Palace is in internal and external troubles, like a building that is about to collapse, I Zhuo Buqun actually took over the mortal world, such a dandy waste is really a fate to make people Zhuo Buqun speechless wry smile depressed No end, as long as we live, everything has hope.
What is outstanding is that the strong in the Celestial Star Realm have an incomparably tough and strong heart. Soon, they will calmly accept all reality.
The regrets of my previous life are waiting for me to return to the Celestial Star Realm.
Those forces that bully me and oppress me will all be trampled under my feet. I, I will cover it. Today, Zhuo Buqun made a sonorous sound. In the past, the strong man in the celestial world was full of glory. At this moment, Zhuo Buqun calmed down to adapt to his new body. Unknowingly, dawn came, and Zhang Yue, the personal guard, hurried from outside. The voice of the little prince is coming out, Mrs. Yu is going to kill all the guards and servants of the Shiwo Palace, Zhuo Buqun frowned and hurried out of the bedroom to the front hall. Outside the front hall, hundreds of guards and servants knelt on the ground, and a dozen soldiers stood on both sides with swords out. The sheath is filled with murderous aura. At the front of the palace gate sits a beautiful and noble woman in palace attire, but her eyes are sharp and ruthless and domineering.
The prince was young and ignorant and caused a catastrophe.
You servants around you deliberately instigated and indulged in capital crimes. All of them were killed.
Swish, swish, swish, all the soldiers raised their swords high, fierce and murderous, and those guards and servants closed their eyes in despair and followed the little prince.
This kind of master and the servants also suffer together. You can only blame the bad luck and the wrong man who dares to move.
The extraordinary strides forward and let out a cry of anger. Madam Yu’s expression changed suddenly.
A young man in Tsing Yi stared at Zhuo Buqun with dumbfounded eyes and said in a trembling voice that you are not this young man in Tsing Yi, you are the little prince’s book boy, he was bought by Madam Yu long ago, and many absurd things the young prince did were instigated by him last night. At this moment, Zhuo Buqun appeared alive in front of him, how could he not be surprised? Zhuo Buqun showed a smile that was not a smile, shouldn’t this son be dead, right? A middle-aged man flashed out from behind the madam, striding forward to catch up, and punching the boy in green clothes on the head, his brain burst instantly