How can there be any shadow of Wang Rou in the whole room Wang Rou Su Bei quickly climbed out of bed and went to

Auntie in a mid-range community, didn’t we agree on the gift of 10,000 yuan? Why is the price increased temporarily? Subei’s face turned red and asked in a low voice, holding back the anger in his heart.
Today he came with the 10,000-dollar gift that his girlfriend’s family asked for. His girlfriend’s family planned to fix the wedding date, but he didn’t expect that after I handed over the money to his girlfriend’s mother, He Hui, the other party would ask for thousands of dollars. Now, a small part of the ten thousand is the savings I saved from working for several years, and most of the rest is not only owned by the Su family. There are even some family assets borrowed by my father. Where can I go to find another Wan Xiaosu? There is no way. Hearing this, Su Bei glanced at his girlfriend, younger brother Zhou Zhi, who was playing with his mobile phone.
He bought a lot of things for Zhou Zhi at the request of his girlfriend when he was in a relationship with his girlfriend from college. Almost half of his living expenses were spent on Zhou Zhi.
Why should I buy him a house or a car? But the look in his father’s expectant eyes when he handed over the money to him before he left, he once again suppressed the anger in his heart and said, “Auntie, look, let’s set the date of the wedding first, and then I’ll wait after we get married.” I’ll give you Wan soon, anyway, it will take a while for Xiaozhi to graduate, don’t you think so? No, I will let my daughter marry you only after I give Wan.
Just after I finished speaking Subei dialect, He Hui directly spoke in negative tone. The tone of Mengyao’s family is very tough. You know that Wan is almost all of our family. Su Bei had no choice but to look to his girlfriend Zhou Mengyao, hoping that she could talk to him. Raise her so big, you want to marry her away, there are so many people who like my daughter, you have no money, what kind of wife will you marry? Zhou Zhi, who was sitting aside and playing with his mobile phone, raised his head slightly and looked at Su Bei with disdain. Su Bei was immediately annoyed.
I saved money to buy it for him, and now I’m talking to myself like this, Mengyao, I’m asking you, what do you think? Will you marry me? Su Bei couldn’t bear it anymore and said directly to Zhou Mengyao.
There was obvious hesitation on his face, but he still gritted his teeth and said that my younger brother is the hope of our family. I can’t let him get married, no house, no car, as long as you spend another ten thousand, I will marry you. That is, the vampire himself and Zhou Mengyao have been together for five years. In the past five years, he has carefully cared for this relationship.
He held it in his hands for fear of breaking it and kept it in his mouth for fear of melting any request she made.
He tried his best to satisfy any request he thought.
Being able to walk into the palace of marriage together lasts forever, but now the other party has made a request that I can’t meet, otherwise I wouldn’t have married him at all. The relationship in the past five years has been so fragile Go to him, forever, go to his whole family, I hope this marriage will not end, give me back the money, Su Bei said with an angry face, I still want money, now you don’t have money to marry my daughter, then my daughter will break up with you My daughter has been with you for five years, and the money is considered five years of youth loss fees. I only charge you. It’s not too much, right? How can there be such a brazen person who wants to swallow his own bride price? That’s our family’s everything! Get out of here, Zhou Zhi raised his head impatiently again and said, “Give me the money, I’ll leave immediately.” A few minutes later, two big men walked in, and he carried him out for me to destroy her. Zhou Zhi pointed to Su Bei, wanting to see a pile of garbage, and said, The two big men didn’t say anything, regardless of Su Bei’s struggle.
They pulled him out of the door without saying a word, they punched and kicked Su Bei, and then left here. After a long time, Su Bei endured the severe pain and stood up. A gust of spring breeze was originally warm and pleasant, but at this moment, it made him feel It was so cold and biting to the bone, he suddenly burst out laughing, he had known for a long time that his girlfriend was cowardly and doted on her younger brother just like her mother, he didn’t think anything of it before, but now he knew that such a brother-supporting demon attribute was so terrifying, he used to I have watched a film and television drama called An Jia. Fang Sijin’s love for her younger brother is already a bit too spoiled, but Zhou Mengyao is even more excessive.
I completely regard myself as a tool for my younger brother’s profit. How can he not know the Zhou family’s real plan now that his brother’s 10,000 yuan for buying a house and a car has arrived? They have long thought that they would not be able to take out another 10,000 yuan, so they just found an excuse to let Zhou Mengyao break up with him and swallow the 10,000 yuan gift money And those two strong men were prepared by them a long time ago, otherwise why did they rush here in a few minutes? The Zhou family, you guys are so cruel! Wake up in front of him is a middle-aged man in a suit and a leather face exuding a noble temperament. Two burly men wearing sunglasses are standing behind him.
Apparently these two are the middle-aged man’s bodyguards.
Behind them is a parked car. The luxury car has a very gorgeous appearance.
The statuette on the front of the car is particularly eye-catching.
The Rolls-Royce Phantom is at least 10 million. Which local tyrant is this? Are you my name is Jiang Haishan?