How can I compare with those big families who have accumulated tens of thousands of years to influence hell Rules Rules Hell Shao Dong suddenly

Why am I dead? Shao Dong has been standing in this vast and endless desert for two hours, forty-three minutes and twenty-six seconds, but he still hasn’t figured out how he came to this ghostly place, and why he can still be here.
Knowing the exact time is all thanks to the ridiculously large skeleton clock in front of him and countless small clocks around him that look similar in material but have various strange shapes. Although he is a senior practicing lawyer, in this case Shao Dongna A brain that usually runs at high speed is now in a short-circuit state.
Who the hell is it? Shao Dong kicked the bone clock in front of him and shouted loudly. This is what he has been doing for more than two hours It’s the fifth time to kick that clock, and it’s still the same five times, but under this kind of devastation, the clock, which seems to be supported by two thigh bones and a whole sternum, still shows no signs of damage, whether it’s from the placement The way or the material, this thing should have been kicked to pieces a long time ago, but it still firmly maintained its original appearance without even shaking.
After shouting and kicking, Shao Dong sat down on the ground again after venting his emotions. As an atheist who has persisted for twenty-five years, he saw everything in front of him and understood that this place is definitely not a human society to be calm and calm. I dug it out, and then growled again with a bitter expression on my face, it’s too fucking unreasonable, there’s no smoke when I’m using my brain, does that mean I’m going to die? That’s embarrassing, theoretically you won’t die anymore because of you He is already dead. Hearing this sudden sound, Shao Dong suddenly turned his head, and then quickly rubbed his hands backwards with his hands on the ground. He could be sure that there was absolutely no one in this place except himself before the sound, so after hearing the sudden sound The hairs all over his body exploded, but after two seconds, all the hairs fell down.
In front of his eyes, a petite and exquisite figure was looking at him shyly, as if he had met the object of his crush.
The little girl is just an ordinary little girl who doesn’t float in the air and talk to herself, and doesn’t have two cute little horns growing on her head. The little girl’s thin body is wearing simple clothes, except for a few points that must be covered, and the rest of the snow-white skin All are exposed in the air, but this little girl’s body is so thin and thin that if you touch it with your eyes closed, you will never be able to tell the front chest from the back, so although the exposed parts are outrageous, it is difficult to arouse Shao Dong’s instinctive desire, if nothing else happens, you want to tell me you are the god of death, right? Looking at this unknown life form of an elementary school student dressed like a senior prostitute, Shao Dong patted the sand on his body, stood up from the ground and tilted his head to ask Hello, I’m the trainee Angel of Death, and this is the source point.
The little girl with the horizon floating in the air bowed to Shaodong very politely, and said, Angel Angel. The name of the God of Death is Angel.
There are slots Is it possible that I am still an apprentice to the god of death? Is it possible to be a god of death these days and have to pass the practice exam? But compared to these, what makes Shaodong feel the most broken is that he is a standard oriental person. That’s right, what does this poor-breasted lolita death mean? Of course, these things are far more incomprehensible than the fact that Angel told him that he was dead.
Because Shao Dong has no information about his death in Shao Dong’s memory. Shao Dong’s professional lawyer Died in a car accident about three hours ago.
Angel looked at Shao Dong with a bewildered and demented face. He took out a small notebook from his chest that was as flat as a chopping board. He read it carefully.
What I experienced on this day As a well-known lawyer, Shao Dong’s schedule is very tight Of course, it is to protect the interests of the parties, so I can only say that the poor worker is really unlucky.
Although the media condemned Shao Dong’s behavior endlessly after he came out of the court, he has long been used to being a famous person.
His reputation as a lawyer is nothing but notoriety, and everyone in the industry even gave him the title of a villainous lawyer. The word villain is not regarded as a commendatory word either literally or in basic human cognition. Of course, Shao Dong I also know that the meaning of this title is because I have a high success rate in litigation? As a lawyer, is it wrong to protect the interests of the client? After dealing with the media, Shao Dong drove to meet the client who had made an appointment the day before.
The phone rang, and the moment Shao Dong answered the phone, a sharp sound of tires rubbing against the ground came from in front of him. The neurotic was driving so fast in the garage, his mind was twitching. Shao Dong, who cursed secretly, was about to stand inside.
When I was standing to avoid this mental illness, I suddenly saw a young woman holding a child popping out of the shadows in front of me.
The face of the young woman was full of panic. She subconsciously hugged the child and wanted to avoid it, but the high heels on her feet were at this time.
Such a delay, as soon as the young woman turned around, the heels of her high-heeled shoes flew out.
He staggered and fell to the ground. He glanced in horror at the car rushing towards him, and then closed his eyes. At this moment, Shao Dong didn’t know what he was What do you think? He rushed over and pushed the young woman away. His last memory is the sound of the car’s front windshield shattering and the broken heel on the ground.
It seems that you have already remembered it, right? Angel looked at Shaodong and suddenly realized.