How can he dare to hope for rebirth Now like Ye Fei two days ago he is only the size of an egg so a

That big water-blue star can’t see enough when I can set foot on that land again! The only way to be transcendent is to be transcendent.
The world of cultivating immortals is more prosperous than my hometown. In order to go home, I want to transcend realms. One footprint, the main foundation, the death of the nine heavens, one life and one death, the struggle for life to the sky, the limit of life, the transformation of the mortal, nine transformations, one transformation, one heaven, the evolution process of transforming into the gods, one step at a time, the soul evolution process, the process of robbing immortals, nine turns, one turn, and the soul flesh The process of unity, the life form tends to be perfect, the life span of the robbing immortal, the endless perception of the way of heaven, transcending the way of heaven, those who transcend the way of heaven, are called the transcendent, get rid of the shackles of heaven and earth, and play games between the stars and the universe. The relationship between me and the way of heaven, majoring in space, golden immortals, majoring in time, comprehending the past me, present, me, and future me, the three of them are one for consummation, immortal king, majoring in destruction and creation, comprehending the meaning of life, yin and yang, balance, life and death, majoring in consummation supreme. The power of the world comprehends the mysteries of the world and life beyond the avenue, opens up the world, divides yin and yang, transforms the five elements, palms the earth, fire, feng shui into the power of the world, seizes good fortune, palms reincarnation, creates the avenue, holds the stars in hand, speaks the law, destroys with the world, and I am immortal The Universe Ends and the End Begins Preface Spring thunder bursts Do aliens exist? Is there a marginal solar system in the universe? There really is no life other than the earth. Every time Ye Fei finds this information on the Internet, he skips it and slanders in his heart. What does it have to do with me? Ye Fei is a performer of martial arts routines. His performances are fancy and beautiful.
The gorgeous and colorful swordsmanship is actually useless.
People who are slightly stronger than him can abuse him three or five times.
Since it is useless, why practice it? Of course, it is for making money.
He has no other skills and can only make a living by performing martial arts.
He also fantasized about having a powerful inner qigong.
For this reason, he searched for many cultivation methods on the Internet and practiced them with sincerity. There is no effect.
The daily routine of cross-legged meditation is over.
Ye Fei gets up and looks at the time.
My younger sister, Xiao Mu, is about to go to pick her up after school. It was raining, the sky was covered with dark clouds, streaks of lightning flashed across the sky, the sound of spring thunder resounded, big raindrops fell, and the thunder sounded from far and near. A strong electric light made Ye Fei close his eyes involuntarily. Ling stood under the platform of the station at the gate of the school, quietly waiting for her brother to come to pick her up and go home.
The sky was getting dark and the rain had already stopped, but my brother still hadn’t come. Chapter 1: Phoenix Hunting Macaque Valley, it’s been a year since I came to this world.
Sister, how are you doing? Can we meet again? Ye Fei rubbed his scalp vigorously and stood up feeling bored, still can’t break through.
If this continues, is there still hope to return to that land in this life? Do you want to give up the practice of inner qigong and focus on cultivating immortals? No, Ye Fei shook his head and rejected this idea. If you give up inner qigong, you can live your life Being able to break through innateness and reach the realm of killing people is a problem. Returning is a matter of hope. At first, I thought about practicing inner qigong because of poor aptitude.
I pushed open the door and looked at Ye Fei at the room where my father was.
Shaking my head, I walked out of the yard and shut myself up at home.
If I can’t break through, I’ll go to Jinling again.
After a few more life-and-death battles, maybe I’ll break through to the third level of the innate. Cousin, what a coincidence, I’m about to find you.
A voice came from Ye Fei looked up with a little surprise and saw that the person who came was Ye Fei’s cousin Ye Chong, who was only three months older than him, and had already reached the sixth level of innate realm.
Usually, Ye Fei and him had no intersection.
After all, the realm gap was too great and there was no common language.
Brother, do you want me? Ye Fei asked with a smile. I heard that my cousin has been looking for a kind of medicinal material called narcissus. I heard that someone sold narcissus in Episode 49, fifteen miles away from the North City. What brother said is true Ye Fei’s heart is hot and the eyes are full of excitement.
Do I need to lie to you? Today is the last day of this month, episode four or nine. Thank you, cousin. I’ll go to Ye Fei.
Clasp your fists at Ye Chong to express your thanks. Turn around and return to the courtyard. Contemptuously turned around and left, returned to the yard, took the homemade dagger, led the horse, and hurried out. Within ten miles of the city, Ye Fei felt something was wrong. Why are there so many immortal cultivators on the road? Some of these immortal cultivators have a strong aura. Fei couldn’t see through their realm at all. Did something important happen? A sound of hooves came from a distance, and Ye Fei felt a very terrifying aura. This aura was several times stronger than the ones he encountered before.
His horse also became restless, he avoided the main road and saw a dilapidated temple not far away, he led his horse into it and prepared to wait for those people to pass by before turning left, sir, do you want to rest for a while and stop outside the temple with the sound of hooves? The sound came to Ye Fei’s ears to rest. What is the phoenix giving birth? The competition is fierce. Whoever finds the phoenix first will be able to seize the opportunity to speed up the journey. The sound of hooves starts again.
The group of people is getting far away. Ye Fei turned his head and looked at the statue in the temple. The sound came from behind the statue. Two coughs sounded. Ye Fei walked around vigilantly and saw a middle-aged man covered in blood.
No, come here, the voice sounds a little weak, Ye Fei didn’t care, he felt a danger from this person, and it was an extreme danger, Ye Fei trusted his intuition, especially this year