How can he be so selfish as you He licked the soup from the corner of his mouth moved his face closer and wiped it

The virus was raging, and the alarm clock rang before the night faded.
It was already five o’clock in the morning. Getting up was the most painful moment of the day. Liu Jingyu was sleepy, but he pressed the alarm clock neatly, lifted the quilt, walked into the bathroom in a daze, and Du Qi got up. After work, Liu Jingyu grabbed his toothbrush and shouted habitually. After finishing speaking, he remembered that Du Qi was hospitalized, and his mood suddenly became heavy. Du Qi is his best friend in the company.
He is so good that he can wear a pair of pants.
This dormitory is only the two of them.
One person moved out for some reason, although there was a vacant room, but they still lived in the same room as before. A few days ago, after returning from vacation, Du Qi suddenly became seriously ill. How is he now? Go check it out after work. Maybe it’s getting better. Outside, I keep thinking of the sound of heavy objects hitting. Occasionally, there will be one or two shouts. Liu Jingyu mutters in his heart irritably.
Liu Jingyu moved a little faster than usual.
He took two compressed biscuits and went out. Usually, there are many people in the aisle at this point, but because of the flu a few days ago, most of the company’s employees are on vacation.
The road is deserted, but strangely, there are a few I am stuck at the entrance of the corridor and I am not in a hurry to go to work. They are very close together, as if they are plotting something. The sky is dark and smelly, and the morning breeze brings white mist. The figures of those few people are covered with a layer of white, which makes it hard to see Liu Jingyu.
Curiously striding towards them, he vaguely saw their behavior, his feet froze in place, hey, what are you doing? They turned their heads quickly and stiffly, they were all chewing something in their mouths, Liu Jingyu could only vaguely see that they were biting. My intuition was wrong and I didn’t dare to move forward. I put my hand in my pocket and took out my cell phone to call the deputy director. The person who was bitten by them didn’t resist.
Could it be voluntary? Nima, playing in the corridor early in the morning, sexual abuse is impossible. Well, there is another possibility, but he didn’t dare to think about it. Before he had time to make a call, Liu Jingyu saw those people standing up abruptly and walking towards him. Their walking posture was very weird, just like Song Qing’s appearance when he was ill, his limbs were stiff and uncomfortable.
Coordinated walking, unable to turn, slanting body, walking toward him, bumping into the wall again and again, people scattered, revealing a corpse on the ground without a human figure, Liu Jingyu froze instantly, trembling uncontrollably, they went crazy, they did something crazy I don’t know if this kind of thing is a psychological effect. Liu Jingyu has smelled the smell of blood from the strange smell that has been permeating the company recently, and at the same time, he has also seen the dark sky that looks like blood on the face of the person walking towards him.
What happened in the sky? Is he dreaming? The low growl woke Liu Jingyu, he just loosened his body, turned around, ran, stumbled into the escape passage, just ran out of the dormitory upstairs, suddenly there was a voice full of surprises, hey, be careful, Liu Jingyu was so frightened that he almost screamed and looked up. Go to the window on the second floor of the fitness building opposite. There is a dark man whose face cannot be seen clearly.
After thinking about it for a while, I realized that he is the team leader of the polishing department, nicknamed Heipizai, be careful.
What’s below? Liu Jingyu looked left and right, unexpectedly saw Heipizai lying on his stomach, the window was crowded with people, they were irrational, people stepped on people and climbed up, piled up into a hill of flesh, everyone seemed to be catching Heipizai The movement made by those people is not small, because his heart was beating too hard and his breathing was too heavy, so he ignored such an obvious sound. Liu Jingyu felt dizzy in his head, his body was a little unsteady, and he felt like a bamboo in the wind shaking his eyesight. Decline is extremely sensitive to sound, limbs are stiff, and biting is the same strange disease as Du Qi? Isn’t most people in the company like this? But Du Qi has been dragging on for a week and it’s not so serious. The company seems to have the flu only three days ago. Yes, and they are unconscious, they seem to be more abnormal than Du Qi, at least Du Qi can endure the desire to bite, the people behind him chased after Liu Jingyu, his mind was not clear, and he was about to run away in a daze, when he heard Hei Pi’s yell, quickly climb up They can’t come up here, you can climb from the tree next to the window, you can’t stay on the tree, they will pile up the black skins, and yell at the people below, causing a commotion among the people underground Liu Jingyu thought that a companion is better than one Renqiang listened to Heipi’s words and climbed up the tree. If he guessed right, these people should still be afraid of light and water, and they’ll be safe when the sun rises.
It’s not easy to lie on the window, and the infected people below are exuding The strong stench made people’s noses hurt.
There were also people walking around in the window.
Fortunately, they didn’t notice them.
Liu Jingyu began to vomit bitterness as soon as Heipi came up. Compared with Heipi’s experience, Liu Jingyu who has slept until now is absolutely lucky.
Although the salary of a technician is high, the dormitory conditions are relatively poor. There are eight people in Heipizai’s dormitory, squeezed into a small room, and five of them are not feeling well.
The other two roommates who slept in the lower bunk were covered in blood when they rushed out of the dormitory, and they didn’t know what happened now. Their conversation unknowingly attracted a large number of infected people nearby.
It was dark and dark.
When they found out, three or four hundred people were gathering towards them. Heipizai looked anxious. There were so many people.
Let’s change places. Hei Pizai glanced at the infected people in the gym who turned a blind eye to them, nodded and said, it seems that we will wait and see what happens, maybe they will leave soon, but the nearby infected people still keep coming towards them, and when they are crowded, they cause a stampede Phenomena The pile of people is piled up at a speed visible to the naked eye. What’s the matter? It’s useless. Heipizai is moving around uneasily.
Maybe his movement has attracted the infected.
The person who climbed the highest is still staring at him.