How can a senior with a supreme existence level treat me so well When I see the master later I will definitely recommend it for

I stand alone with a knife and stand on the ninth level. Author’s custom label Hot blood Chapter 1 Wufu diary Practitioners are nothing Does it hurt? Of course, at the moment, it’s just my fantasy.
Cross it out and change it to an ideal.
I’m not good enough for those great monks, but I’m a man with dreams. Not awesome.
Husband crossed this out.
It doesn’t seem so awesome. My wife was very prestigious in the academy when I was a wife.
Everyone admired me when I returned home. My husband still gets scolded by his wife. His wife looks so beautiful, but she’s also really evil. I just want to say that I can’t look down on anything.
I have to deal with those rookies in the practice academy next door to Wu Fu. I have to deal with them every day.
I have to make handprints and chanting mantras.
The best woman is her. After all, she is very good if she is familiar with the master in the academy. He didn’t look down on me.
I agree with what he said. He said that Wu Fu can become a hero. He who serves the country and the people is very good.
But I have seen those heroes who have status and status in private. I can’t see the slightest chivalrous spirit It’s a scum, so I don’t know if there are any real heroes in this world, and maybe the ones I’ve seen aren’t real heroes, but they are all famous. I still have to thank Master, he taught me to read and write, otherwise I would not be able to understand those martial arts secret books, let alone learn to exercise, and educate me from a naughty child to a good boy who is civilized and polite. Although he said that martial arts have a bright future.
It was dark but he still comforted me. Wufu Dacheng, physical sanctification is a bit far away, but I think I can, so my master is a good person. If I become better in the future, I will talk to his wife and teacher and explain the truth to such a good person. Why do you scold him every day? Song Yue puts down his pen, looks out of the window with a bit of melancholy on his handsome face, although his heart is big and his ideals are full, but the reality is always so cold and cruel, which is disappointing. He actually wants to practice, though.
I often beat and cry the little rookies in the practice academy next door, but that’s because they always act like something, as if they can practice as much as they can, and then they can become gods. Damn it is really amazing. He doesn’t have a spiritual root practice academy.
Don’t want him I want to scold my mother, what the hell is it called Linggen? Is there a root in my stomach that can grow a towering tree from my head? The master said that Taoism is so wonderful that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only practice to become enlightened. Isn’t the Stove Lord who burns fire also a god? Stove King’s Mansion, listen to Duo Niu’s name, he’s a dick. In the future, I’ll be in the Three Realms, the Four Seas, the Eight Desolations, the Great Sage of Martial Arts in the Universe, my master said that if a person’s obsession is too deep, it’s hard to achieve enlightenment, but his obsession is quite deep.
I just want to use martial arts to become the legendary power to sanctify the body, so that I can always overwhelm those little bastards next door.
If I can also overwhelm Qian Qianxue, that would be even better.
How can I overwhelm him? Song Yue thought about Qian Qian Xue’s two straight long legs and that face that can be broken and perfect without any dead ends are so beautiful, and it makes my heart flutter.
It’s a pity that she is too proud, like a white swan, always admiring her own beauty. I’m tired of it. Where there is no grass in the world, I am destined to become a holy person in the future. Three worlds, four seas, eight wastelands, the great sage of martial arts in the universe is my name. Song Yue closes the diary and carefully locks it in a drawer.
Although he lives alone in this house, he still does not want a diary. It was discovered because someone said that serious people don’t keep diaries. Am I not serious? Maybe it’s a little bit, after all, I always want to pressure Qian Qianxue to get rid of the messy thoughts in my head. Song Yue went out to the yard and grabbed two 100kg weights. Shisuo started a day of training. He is not a martial artist, he is not worthy of that group of bastards next door.
Before he saw people practicing, he said that he also practiced and was ridiculed by the group. Since then, he has not talked about practicing, only that training is not fighting.
In the future, when he goes next door to find fault, he will be more aggressive. It can make the goddess frown, Caiji is depressed, and he can move his muscles and bones, which is great.
Every time he cries a few times, he will feel refreshed and swept away the exhaustion of training all day.
Ma Bu stretched out his arms and each held a 100-kilogram heavy stone lock Qingxiu’s face was a little red, but fortunately he could hold on like this for ten minutes without moving. It’s very quiet. In the one-acre-sized yard, tall trees are planted. The huge canopy covers the land. He doesn’t know what species it is. It is said that it is very valuable. Each tree is more than three hundred years old. There are also a group of colorful brocades in the water of the rockery pond.
When the carp is fine, he often teases the carp with food. The koi is so beautiful and not aloof. Everyone likes to surround him. Although it’s not in the city center, it’s not a suburban house. The price is very expensive, which may be in the minds of countless people. Wealth Freedom Goal Song Yue must not have the money. He is very poor.
It was bought by his parents at a huge sum of money. I heard that it cost several thousand.
The original owner was a big monk from the practice academy next door who was poached by the capital in his early years. He never came back, so he reluctantly sold the place. Parents bought it to send him to a practice academy, otherwise he would not have traveled thousands of miles to Hangzhou to buy a house. After several tests, he was at the bottom of the list.
He swore at the beginning that he was born Shenli can definitely become the teacher of Lixiu.
He tried his best but failed to keep him.
He doesn’t hate that teacher, but he has formed a relationship with the Liangzi of the Practice Academy since then.