How can a normal person not feel sad when he goes through this accident Li Li Still pressing the other side’s shoulders and saying that

However, due to internal and external troubles, the prosperous south of the Yangtze River is no longer prosperous.
The building will be ruined. In the chaotic world, he stands up like a pillar supporting the broken rivers and mountains.
One day, fishing boats docked one after another and brought back a large amount of catch. This is the southeast edge of Pengli Lake where Poshui enters the estuary of Pengli Lake. It is called Pokou. On the Pokou Wharf, many people are busy sorting and transporting big and small fish. There are many people among the crowd. A man in a soap suit. The soap color is black. The soap suit is black.
This is the uniform of an official, and the official on the pier is a county official from Poyang County. Li Li, who is squatting on the ground, holds a sharp knife in his hand and looks up at the ancient costumes around him.
The man looked down again at the soap suit he was wearing, endured the urge to sneeze, and put the killed fish in the wooden basin. The weather was cold and the water was cold.
Li Li kept catching fish from the bucket. His finger movements are a little stiff. He has been busy fishing with the boat for most of the day since early morning.
His back hurts but he cannot rest. He goes ashore and kills the fish until it gets dark. After a busy day, he didn’t even put his hand into the bucket. The water in the fishing bucket is like a mirror reflecting Li Li’s blurred head.
I can see two horns growing on his head.
In fact, these are two buns.
The total horns are minor hairstyles.
Ji combed two buns on the top of his head, as if the two horns were the main horns, but three days ago he was still an adult, and when he opened his eyes, everything changed Li Li, why are you stunned, hurry up and do things well, Li Li promised to pick up a grass carp from the bucket, and the grass carp kept struggling, stirring up water and splashing Li Li, with a cold wind blowing on his face, he felt his face was cold and his nose was itchy After a sneeze, the grass carp fell to the ground and kept thumping. It has a strong sense of survival. Nowadays, people call grass carp grass carp. Li Li raised his knife and aimed it at the head of the fish with his back down. After the muffled sound, the grass carp stopped struggling. Li Li put it on the ground. Quickly kill the fish on the chopping board, quickly kill it, throw it into the basin, and then look around, looking at the broad lake, Pengli Lake is the ancient name of Poyang Lake, right? I still find it unbelievable that three days ago, when the accident hadn’t happened, he had a good life and had to go on a business trip the next day, but now everything has changed. He became a fishing official in Poyang County, because he fell into the water while fishing not long ago and was caught in the cold. As soon as the wind blows, he gets sick and the high fever doesn’t go away.
Seeing that he is about to die, the result is that the person is not a person.
The fever also goes away. Li Li was born in an official family and was thirteen years old. Li Sanlang and the Li family’s fishing men have served as officials for generations. Fishing for the government requires a monthly quota of fish. Sometimes the government will send additional designated fish to be turned over. It is called the battle of a certain fish because there is a common thing in this era. The fishing tools in China are called weirs, so the fishing officials are also called weir officials. Of course, the fish raising officials are also called weirs.
This name is like today’s cold water and cold fish gather in deep water areas, so the government organized fishermen to fish on a large scale on Pengli Lake.
All the Yuliang officials in Poyang County were dispatched because the fish meat is not easy to stink in cold weather. Cut the live fish into pieces and put them in tanks to make fish bream for long-term storage. Li Li killed a few fish and then began to ponder. Others saw him distracted and whispered to remind you to distract yourself. Hurry up and work! Yi Zhen’s memory in this life has a strong stress response to the title Wu Papi.
He raised his head and saw a middle-aged man approaching in front of him. He was thin and dressed in soap clothes with a gloomy face. Along the way, the little official saw this passing by like a mouse seeing a cat, nodding and bowing in a hurry.
The middle-aged man’s surname was Wu, the official of Poyang County, Cao. A word from a person can make a petty official who has no backing survive but not die.
It can’t be because this person likes to whip and make mistakes. The mantra is to pick your skin, so he is nicknamed Wu Papi. Wu Li Cao came to Li Li and looked up and down. After a while, he said coldly, Li Li, you are not dead yet, back to Shang Zuo, the villain is not dead, he is about to recover, Li Li lowered his head and answered, sniffing his nose from time to time, for the little officials, Li Cao is Shang Zuo, he just recovered from a serious illness I have to rest and go out to fish.
If I catch a cold and have a fever again, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it through. Yes, if you don’t die, you can continue fishing.
The fish handed in before is still far behind. Back to Zuo Xiaoren, I understand that the villain will not miss the deadline.
You know, just remember that the snakeheads are at least two catties each, and there is still a difference of twelve. I will take yours. Pi Li Li couldn’t help nodding, saying it was Wu Li, Cao yelled for a while, turned around and left, the fishermen around heard the word “snakehead”, looked at Li Li, and became sympathetic Knowing that catching snakeheads in winter is as troublesome as catching frogs in winter, basically relying on bad luck and being busy for a few days can’t catch one, so everyone feels that this kid is pitiful. The skin is torn and the flesh is torn. Li Li continues to kill fish regardless of other people’s eyes and comments.
The black snakehead is what later generations call black fish. The head is like a snake and the body is like a catfish.
The meat is fresh and tender. This kind of fish has a habit similar to hibernation. When the water temperature is low, it hides at the bottom of the water and is muddy and cannot move.
It is very troublesome to catch snakeheads when the water is cold