Hovering attracting but not sending out Chen Fengyun didnt feel the murderous aura from the old man but after a movement in his heart there

Obtaining the Comprehension System, Going Against the Heavens in the Dharma-Ending Era, and Renewing the Path of Comprehension In front of the bed, looking forward stupidly, eyes are a little dull, as if looking at the wall, as if looking through time to an unknown place, am I dreaming, or have I really become a cultivator? An eighteen-year-old boy and a high school student suddenly encountered such a strange situation. Chen Fengyun couldn’t believe what happened for a while, but he felt the faint spiritual energy in his body slowly running through the meridians, and he felt that this was true.
Last night, Chen Fengyun was downloading I have a system to cultivate the latest mobile game. The domestic magic machine suddenly malfunctioned, and he was electrified for a while.
After Chen Fengyun slept until dawn, he found that his mind was still in severe pain, and then a certain exercise appeared in his mind, as well as a cultivation system panel.
The first level of cultivation is to practice Qi, the first level of kung fu is Heaven and Earth Nourishing Qi, and the third level of skills cannot be treasured. I clearly know that this is the attribute of a cultivator, but what is going on with the last attribute point? Chen Fengyun has no clue, but the panel shows that he is already a cultivator at the first level of Qi training, and he has also practiced the art of nourishing Qi from heaven and earth.
Although the kung fu method is only at the third level of the mortal level, it is a cultivation kung fu method after all. In fact, there have always been various legends in Chinese legends, such as qi practitioners, cultivators, monks, monks, and immortals. However, no one has ever seen it in reality, so some people think Now is the age of the end of the Dharma, lacking the aura of heaven and earth, so these ancient things are gradually lost, so Chen Fengyun is a little uneasy. If this is really the age of the end of the Dharma, how should I practice? Could it be that I accidentally became a cultivator but can never practice? Eh, what? There is a plus sign behind these items. Chen Fengyun suddenly found something unusual, but all the plus signs are gray.
I don’t know the function for the time being.
But since there are plus signs, it may mean that these items can be used. The improvement is just that Chen Fengyun still doesn’t know how to improve them, but as long as it is possible, he will have the opportunity to continue to practice. Thinking of this, Chen Fengyun gradually became excited.
He never thought that he would become a cultivator.
It’s awesome, but I’m afraid no one will believe it.
Don’t let others know that I’m a cultivator. Now I don’t even have any strength. If people find out, I’m afraid I’ll be caught by the relevant departments or underground organizations and used as a guinea pig.
After researching the slices, Chen Fengyun shuddered, so he made up his mind that he would never let anyone know that he was a cultivator, including his parents, relatives and friends, otherwise he might end up miserable.
Chen Fengyun didn’t go out for several days in a row. While finishing homework for the winter vacation at home, I was groping for things to do except I am sure that some meridians in my body have been opened up, and there is indeed a weak aura flowing inside.
He has not found a way to cultivate it, and he has not felt the aura of heaven and earth. Now it is indeed the end of the Dharma Era.
There is really no aura of heaven and earth. How should I practice? Chen Fengyun is a little anxious He pondered deeply, but there was no answer. He checked the Internet for a long time and found that there are different opinions on whether there are cultivators on the Internet. Some people think that there are still cultivators, but they are all hidden in the deep mountains.
They think that today’s supernatural beings, Qigong masters, and ancient warriors are actually some methods handed down by ancient comprehension practitioners, but they don’t have the aura of heaven and earth, and their achievements are limited.
Some people think that the earth was originally a planet of cultivation in ancient times.
Later, for some reason, the aura of heaven and earth was lost and dissipated.
That’s why the earth has gradually lost the figure of cultivators. However, some ancient cultivation inheritances have always existed in some places on the earth.
Some people firmly believe that the earth will recover at a certain time, and the aura of heaven and earth will also recover. At that time, those cultivation inheritances will be born again. The earth is still alive. These viewpoints that it will be restored to become a cultivation planet did not bring any real benefits to Chen Fengyun, but it broadened his horizons. Because he is already a cultivation person, he believes that there should be cultivation inheritance on the earth. Maybe my cultivation base will improve in the future. I can pretend to be a qigong master, an ancient warrior, etc.
After all, there are such people now who can reduce others’ suspicion of me.
On the contrary, Chen Fengyun has found a way to cover up his identity as a cultivator in the future.
Although there may still be people who doubt him, he can use it in public.
Maniac, you promised to come tomorrow to help me with my winter vacation homework, did you forget it? On the afternoon of the 27th of the twelfth lunar month, Chen Fengyun received a call from his classmate and buddy Gao Xiaohua, and then he remembered what was agreed during the holiday.
I almost forgot, fat man That kind of person? When did you let the pigeons go when you promised? Chen Fengyun and him have become friends and buddies, that’s good, you came here early yesterday morning, my parents have something to go out early in the morning, then I’ll show you my dad’s collection, Gao Xiaohua said in a low voice on the phone, really, that’s great, Chen Fengyun knows Gao Xiaohua’s father is the boss of a large company in Rongcheng, Sichuan Province.
He is worth hundreds of millions. He likes to collect hundreds of valuable collectibles. In the past, Chen Fengyun had always heard Gao Xiaohua brag about his father’s collection of bronze swords, ancient Buddha statues, and holy works.
Ancient jade pillows from the Tang Dynasty. Dai Tongbao and others have also seen the photos he took and are full of interest in their collection. After breakfast the next day