Hongyan is fine I have nothing serious to do looking at Changge Hongyans eager look Changge Xingyuan couldnt help but feel warm and couldnt help

Long Aotian and Mary Su are dancing together on the same stage, a senior who has become a devil, hard-nosed the heaven, the holy god reincarnated, the martial immortal, the corpse, the veteran, the red dust, the old man, the blind girl playing the piano, the resentful emperor, and the peach blossoms, looking at a group of big bosses who are fighting against the sky and the battlefield Zhao Wugou hugged the system he created and tremblingly embarked on the path of practice with a very distorted style. I am obviously walking on the side of Xianxia, ​​but why are there tentacles? Is the system ready? In the wooden house, a nine-year-old child in a plain Taoist robe is holding a volume of Tao Te Ching Notes in his hand and is reading carefully, but his back is facing him not far away lazily, and he is refining a The purple-robed old Taoist with the mysterious magic weapon asked, why is this thing so time-consuming? You have been waiting for a month, and it’s not too far away.
It’s been half an hour. Among them, death is not terrible.
The terrible thing is that after knowing death and waiting for death to come, the child puts down the Tao Te Ching in his hand and looks at the old man in purple robe. If you didn’t come across the border, if you didn’t see your national fortune, protect your body, and become purple, you must be the son and grandson of the grandson.
Grace Bufan will kill you.
I’m afraid that your parents and seniors will be given the handle to cross the border and come to kill. It was erased, so I asked you to keep your surname Zhao and gave you the name Wugou.
The old Taoist curled his lips and said with disdain.
Of course, although I was a poor person in my previous life, I was the most favored master at home. I will take the liberty Let me ask if I didn’t accept this name back then? Zhao Wugou asked curiously, it would only turn you into ashes.
Staring blankly at Zhao Wugou, Zhao Wugou didn’t hesitate, but stared back, Master, it’s only the 16th today, you’ve used this trick 36 times this month, and you’ve got to play it, don’t ruin my system! Yan Laodao turned his head back, tsk tsk, it’s not cute at all, no matter how you look at it, this reaction doesn’t look like a nine-year-old child.
In my previous life, Master, I also lived to the age of seventy, so I’m not a child after all, right? Zhao Wugou took it easy.
Looking at the book in your hand, you complained, “That’s because you couldn’t practice martial arts in your previous life. If you go back now, your parents won’t even look the same.
And the world in your previous life must have undergone a huge change.
According to old speculation, at least one part of the world of luck has been annexed.
” Only in this way can your gas turn into a purple qiu.
When you were first born, you didn’t have such a strong body of national fortune. It’s just a small qiqiu.
In the past two or three years, it has grown to a hundred feet, and it’s cross-border. This is not a favorite.
Youjia, this is a favorite! The old Taoist is talking about the lotus flower in his hand is gradually changing three-dimensionally.
This is recorded in the classics, it is true, but the premise of the records in the classics is that it must be within the country or by special luck. Only a world of this kind is useful, right? Even though Zhao Wugou said so, he didn’t care. Humph, he was in the blessings and didn’t know the blessings. Grabbed a rune from the flower and threw it into the sky. The rune followed a curve and hit Zhao Wugou’s head, then turned into a pool of water and poured a wet head. Master, you are all bored. I touched something abrupt, stretched out my hand, grabbed it, and it was that rune, and threw it back to the old Taoist.
This thing is a pure carrier of rules. Throwing indescribable items at me is not afraid that I will have problems, right? Don’t worry about anything.
In two days, your luck and purple qiu will change from illusory to real. Even if you are not in the world of your previous life, you will be able to recover your powers. That’s the way that ghosts and gods can’t invade. If you are interested, don’t lie to me, you little bastard, old man, when did I ever lie to you, old man, turn your head and ask, do you want a necklace or a ring, it’s really not good, I’ll give you a tattoo, Zhao Wugou Looking at the green lotus spinning in the hands of the old Taoist, I am speechless. How can this thing be tattooed on my body? Give me a pair of full body armor. Full body armor, you boy is just a childcare system. Who can make full body armor at most? Necklaces The bigger ring is also a wristlet or something.
You actually want to make it into a full body armor. This time, it’s the turn of the old man to be speechless. Why can’t you do it? Well, you’re also a big boss. The things you make must be good things if you don’t make them into a full body armor.
Isn’t A a waste? Zhao Wugou doesn’t have much consciousness about it. Although he doesn’t know how strong the old man is, he can tell that he must have extraordinary cultivation as soon as he crosses over.
Forget it, let’s make a necklace for you.
It’s used for the transition of the parenting system anyway.
In two years, you have to make your own system. The old man ignored Zhao Wugou’s suggestion to make the parenting system into a full-body armor, and refined it into a necklace on his own. One more thing, the basic cultivation theory has been input into the parenting system.
Take the time to see for yourself, there is also your previous life who was known as the theoretical master, I am afraid that you can enter the martial arts theory into the system, yes yes, and I am not the theoretical master, I am the great master Zhao Wugou specially corrected the mistakes of the old Taoist and only said no Knowing how to do it is not a master of theory, what is it? Even if you have studied martial arts all over the world and understand the principles of martial arts, but you have never practiced it.
What is it? The cloud turns into a horse, compressed into a thin rope, and passes through the body of sapphire. Another thing is that you came across the border, although you know martial arts and practice formulas, but you are not from the original body.
It is between reincarnation and your previous body If there is a difference, don’t practice rashly to avoid any mistakes. After finishing speaking, grab the sapphire necklace, stand up and put it on for Zhao Wugou.
That’s it. I understand how the necklace is bound.