Hong then said with some resistance I want to be the governor of the Chinese and foreign military Kaifu Yitong I want to be the

The most outstanding bio-genetic scientist of the century died unexpectedly, but traveled back to China through untold hardships and turned into a snake.
During the Jingkang period, the Song Dynasty was turbulent. The beautiful and delicate green manba beauty snake. The noble and calm Li Qingzhao, the gentle and caring Pan Jinlian, the charming spirit Li Shishi is dignified and majestic, Bai Suzhen is steadfast and virtuous, Wang Wanrong, mother of Pan Jinlian, Sun Xian takes Lu Dongbin to the brothel, eats meat and drinks with Jigong, and is only thinking about your family’s spiritual root, turning into a dragon or becoming a snake, where will he go? How will he bear the karma of creating man? Chapter 1. Reborn as a snake as a horned viper. The setting sun is like blood in the center of the Sahara desert in North Africa. The last afterglow flits across the sand dunes.
Under the thick layer of sand, there is a huge experimental base with neat and orderly various experimental instruments, various scientific researchers who come and go frequently, the huge experimental base of the tens of kilometers long positive and negative proton collider, and the experimental base with The supporting nuclear power plant is the focus here.
This is the greatest place at the beginning of the century. The Earth’s highest science institute is the most famous since it was built, but it is not a breakthrough in physics, but a study on biological genes.
The leader of this study is Yu Rongdu, who was only 28 years old, was originally the time when the young, promising and unmarried Yu Rongdu should be in high spirits, but it seemed that at this time he was very unhappy, looking at the woman opposite with his ashen face, and the silent atmosphere made him Both of them felt uncomfortable, but they didn’t ask why they just stared closely at the girl whom they had been in love with for nine years, as if they wanted to keep everything about her in their minds, then heaved a long sigh and walked in casually. The lab locked the door behind her.
The girl was stunned for a while. Just as she was about to leave, the red light in the corridor suddenly flickered rapidly.
The entire base immediately rang out a cold computer-synthesized sound because the collider broke down temporarily.
I can’t estimate the consequences, please evacuate all the staff of the research institute immediately, repeat this time, the girl who recovered her senses suddenly went crazy and rushed to the door, but there was no response after knocking on it.
At this time, several researchers and security guards ran over to look at it. When the girl pulled the girl up and ran out without hesitation, Yu Rongdu was immersed in the rhythm of the experiment. The ethereal Yu Rongdu could even feel the joy of the cells in his whole body, carefully operating the instrument.
If it succeeds, human beings Dominating your own evolution will be the greatest wealth of human beings. Thinking of the remaining capacity here, I only feel a white light flashing in front of my eyes, and then I don’t have any consciousness. At the same time, a huge mushroom cloud rose from the center of the Sahara Desert. It was huge in an instant. The gravel flew into the air like a huge wave, and then a huge glazed tiankeng appeared on the spot.
I don’t know when the sky in North Africa will be covered with dark clouds.
It is rare to see such a scene of dark clouds over the top in the Sahara Desert, but there is only lightning flashes. There was thunder, but there was no rain at all. The thunder and lightning connected together to form a huge net that engulfed a small sand dune. Lightning bolts struck straight towards the middle of the sand dune.
Not long after, nearly a hundred lightning bolts struck across the sand dune and turned into jewel-like crystals, but in the middle lay a snake, a snake with a horn on its head, and its short body was above the sky.
The blue scales were mixed with blood dripping from his body, looking at the dissipated dark clouds, the snake actually made a smile similar to that of a human being, two small but domineering fangs were exposed, but before he finished laughing, he Seeing a jade pendant with a thin line falling from the sky, it hit the snake’s head, and the snake, which had already resisted the lightning forcefully, was weak.
A jade pendant that fell from an unknown height was enough to take it away easily.
His life was slow, and his thinking began to gradually recover.
It seemed that the long-term seal was beginning to loosen, but he couldn’t open it. He opened his eyes and saw crystal clear crystals.
The sun at noon was shining straight in the sky, but the light was very soft. It diffuses around his body and slowly absorbs the heat of the surrounding sun, slowly reviving the body’s functions.
The cold body is gradually released from the stiffness in the sun, and the little snake begins to rotate flexibly.
There are only crystals around.
It seems that this is the top of a crystal mountain. A small groove, the little snake straightened up and stuck its head out, but saw the endless desert, one sand dune after another stretched to the place where the sky and the earth meet. It slithered very nimbly and meandered in the sand dunes, even though it was hungry all the time. Reminding myself to eat, but it was noon in the huge desert, but there was nothing but sand grains. After turning around, I reluctantly returned to the small groove of the crystal mountain, curled up quietly and coiled myself under a light blue But the jade pendant was pressed under it. When Shen Yue rose that day, the little snake woke up groggyly.
While instinctively arranging its scales, it looked at the moon in the night sky in a daze, and still had a little conscious spirituality.
Remind yourself a question, who am I? All the moonlight under the moonlight is gathered here by this small crystal mountain. The warm energy fills the whole body.
The symptoms that should have gradually lowered the body temperature with the arrival of night seem to be gradually relieved. In order to verify why the light blue jade pendant is also slightly exuding its own unique luster, warm and silent, the wind gently blows across the desert, and the sand grains on the sand dunes are moving slowly, and the sand dunes are also slowly moving. Crystal Mountain stood there stubbornly, under the moonlight, exuding a faint light that did not belong to the desert.
When the sun rose in the east, the little snake immediately started a day of foraging according to its own habits. It was already hungry yesterday. Today, it is hungry and thirsty, and it is swimming quickly in the cold desert, with its head held high, and its head is staring into the distance.