Holding the mouse and pulling down the webpage why does this person feel a little familiar Lin Qing pointed to the classmate who was interviewed Tian

Little buddy Lin Qing, you really don’t plan to go to university anymore.
Now you have to look at your academic qualifications when you go to work.
It’s always a doctorate, graduate student, etc.
How can you find a good job with a high school education? With your ability, it’s not that you can’t pass the exam. Why don’t you? Wan thought clearly Qi Xuerou worriedly grabbed the shoulder of her friend Lin Qing and shook, as the protagonist of the incident, student Lin Qing had only one idea, softly shook, shook, and her magical skills have improved, helplessly took off the glasses without lenses, my sister is poor The money I got to go to college and the expenses after going to college are all work anyway, so it’s not as good as it was a few years ago.
At least I’m young, strong, and have capital. I proudly puffed up my chest and suddenly found a classmate who came into the classroom and immediately picked up the dregs of the soil.
Put on the spectacle frame, you are young and strong, and your thighs are not as thick as my arms, so I’m embarrassed to say it, but you don’t have to worry about the money. My dad can sponsor it. Anyway, if he has money, don’t waste it, don’t worry about it.
Well, Qi Xuerou knows that although Lin Qing looks like she doesn’t care about anything on the surface, in fact, she has a very strong self-esteem. If she said she didn’t need to pay back, she would definitely not accept Lin Qing’s solemn pull up of Qi Xuerou’s hand to promote rice, love, love, and hatred, girl, you are not afraid of me Cultivate your family’s white-eyed wolf.
How many times have I told you if it’s okay to have snacks? In public, don’t say your father is rich, but say your family is poor. Don’t want it. Qi Xuerou’s parents are divorced and reorganized. The stepmother gave birth to her A half-brother, since she had a younger brother, her status as a little princess is no longer there. The most common thing she hears every day is that you are the older sister and you should let the younger brother go.
At that time, she didn’t know that there were thousands of grass and mud horses passing by in her heart.
Otherwise, she would I will definitely use this sentence to describe my mood at that time, so when she met Lin Qing, a little friend, she had an extra hobby. On the road of cheating her father, she will never return. My friend has no clothes and asked my father for money to buy her clothes.
My friend I don’t have money to pay the tuition. I asked my father for money to pay her the tuition.
There’s nothing for my little friend to ask my father for money. In the endless endless loop, her father already wants to die. This is like raising another girl, okay, I’ll listen to you Not to mention, but you are in good health, run a 3000-meter endurance run well, do you want to go to the army? The school has been promoting this for the past few days. It is said that after retiring, it is said that yesterday Qi Luoxiang, that smelly and shameless man, chased after my dad’s ass. One night, she insisted on going to be a soldier. Qi Xuerou mentioned her cheap brother with a look of bitterness and hatred.
Lin Qing thought for a while and asked how old he was when he was a soldier. If he is three years younger than you, he is only three years old now. At this time When the class bell rang, she hurriedly sat back at Lin Qing’s back table, and then said that the kid had a short-circuited head and wanted my dad to drag him to find someone stupid. Don’t say how hard the blow is now, just say that he is part of my dad. Dumiao Miao, he never wants to be a soldier in this life, my father is reluctant to bear it. Huh, the last word once again expresses the strong dissatisfaction of the arrogant young man. Lin Qing shakes his head. The siblings probably don’t get along. Even if you don’t plan to go to university, start listening to the class without squinting.
I can’t waste this semester’s tuition fees, isn’t it? Tomorrow is the weekend, and I can finally rest for a day before reviewing.
I should be crazy.
Just after class, Qi Xuerou stretched her waist and expressed her joy for tomorrow’s rest. Oh, what you think is so beautiful. The Chinese teacher will follow me in the morning.
I told me to go to her to get my homework after the second class in the afternoon.
You see, the rest of the class representatives have started to act. Do you think you can have time to rest tomorrow? I’m going to go to Qi Xuerou too and watch Lin Qing leave with a breakdown. It looks like a university, come quickly, I want to fly freely, shut up, bastard, this statement is from Qi Xuerou’s deskmate Liu Minghui, who is studying hard Raise your head and frown, what are you pretending in your mind? Every day, you only read those tattered romance novels. No wonder Qi Xuerou, who copied Lin Qing every time she did her homework, was furious. Stepped forward and screwed him. Since you dare to do it, don’t let anyone tell Liu Minghui rubbed his arms and thought about how to sit at the same table.
Why did the two of you quarrel and stop the meeting? It’s because homework is here. If you have time to spare, it’s better to do more homework and save yourself tomorrow. Qi Xuerou will stay up late to do homework. It’s already normal and I can’t finish writing it. I have to borrow Lin Qing’s copy the next day, so what Liu Minghui said is true. He successfully intercepted the two people’s fight. Lin Qing was relieved. Every time she speaks, she will be pissed off to death. Lin Qing said that Alexander has successfully survived another day, because no amount of homework tomorrow weekend can suppress the happy mood of the students.
Let’s go after school. Qi Xuerou took Lin Qing’s hand and ran. The next day after going out, Lin Qing got up by herself, made breakfast, and then went out. By the way, she is an orphan. Her parents passed away early and she was raised by relatives. Her parents left her a house, which is the one she lives in now. I just moved back and lived in Xiaoqing by myself.
After finishing my homework, where should I go early in the morning? Uncle Li next door ran back in the morning and happily asked Lin Qing.
Uncle Li is a retired policeman. He is still in good health. Follow him, Uncle Li, our school has a notice to recruit soldiers, I want to go to the Armed Forces Department and ask what Qi Xuerou said yesterday, she heard what she said in her heart, and made a note of it in her heart after finishing most of her homework last night, so she can spare time today to see what Xiaoqing thinks Wrong, it’s good to be a soldier, but the requirements for female soldiers are very strict.
You have a small body, so it’s difficult for you.
It’s not that I don’t know I’m strong, but the appearance is too deceptive, I can’t help it, Mr.
Li laughed, yes