Holding Kushinas hand looking at the sleeping child in her arms finally murmured in disbelief too good too good Minatos eyes were also red he

The first chapter is from the purest malice in the world.
Please recommend a new book He rubbed his head, opened his eyes in a daze, and raised his head with difficulty. As consciousness slowly recovered, three questions unconsciously emerged in his mind.
Who am I, where am I, and what am I doing? Memory fragments hit the boy like a tide.
The boy hit the ground hard with his head, which didn’t look very big, so as to relieve the severe pain in his head at the moment. His pale lips, combined with the blood flowing from his teeth, had an extreme sense of contrast.
Slowly, two completely different memories reorganized in his mind.
One was the long and complicated memory of a young man in his twenties, and the other perfectly fit the simple memory of a child no older than ten years old in his current body. The overlap of the two memories made him For a moment, the young man couldn’t tell which was the real self, my name was Sheren or Sheren. After a long time, the young man held his head with mottled hands, and the hoarse voice slowly spit out from his mouth the pain in his head, and the memory slowly dissipated.
Gradually became clearer, but at this time the pain on the body became clearer, hitting the nerves in the brain one after another, causing a large number of fine beads of sweat to emerge on the boy’s forehead again, enduring the pain caused by the body, especially the forced opening of the abdomen because of the severe Painful and subconsciously closed eyes immediately locked on the most painful part of my body. My stomach slowly pulled up the only coarse linen clothes covering my stomach. I saw how withered and yellow my petite and weak stomach was. The ribs on both sides are abruptly presented on both sides, which is completely unlike the stomach that a normal growing child should have. What surprised Sheren the most is that there are a series of special symbols printed in the middle of his stomach, on which there are words that Sheren recognizes and sealed in this envelope.
Surrounding the characters are very small and strange tadpole-shaped characters, which are surrounded by a perfect circle and sealed. Sheren is a little uncertain, but the words that appear in his mind at this time are so scarce that only this one suddenly raised his head because The moment I raised my head too much, my head throbbed again.
It felt as if something was about to come out from under the skin at the temple. My eyes were dizzy and dark.
It took me a long time to slow down.
The sight in front of me recovered again, and then I began to check the surrounding situation.
In a very dilapidated and simple house, the only thing that can be called furniture is the bed, which is actually a combination of weeds and rags. In Scheeren’s memory, there is a shelter from the wind and rain in such a war-torn era.
A house is already a very rare thing.
Other than that, the house is empty.
It can’t be said that it is completely empty.
Sheren finally saw an old man lying in a pool of blood on the ground at the door, and he didn’t know whether he was alive or dead.
My position is not far away, but when I raised my head just now, the old man’s position was not within the visible range of Sheren.
The old man’s hand was pointing in the direction of Sheren with blood The two eyes that have not been closed are also staring at this side closely, which seems a bit penetrating, but Sheren’s eyes are attracted by the thing on the old man’s forehead. There is a cloud-like mark engraved on the forehead, but the word at this time comes from another memory, the memory of a young man in his twenties.
This mark represents Yunnin or Yunyin Ninja, here is a ninja. Sheren in the world suddenly felt a sense of familiarity and confusion about where he was, and then a fragment of memory popped up in his mind again. Time went back to half an hour ago.
There came the cry of a little girl and the comforting voices of her parents.
She was very familiar with this cry. It was a family living next door who vaguely remembered that it was a little girl who was only two years old and was born in troubled times. I don’t know if it’s luck or misfortune, but soon the cry fell silent. Just as Sheren was about to endure hunger and force himself to sleep again, his dilapidated wooden door was kicked into pieces, followed by an old man soaked in blood. Standing on the door frame and appearing in his line of sight, Sheren saw the old man as if suddenly unable to breathe, his face flushed and he felt suffocated, the old man’s eyes were fixed on the Sheren as if he was examining something. An object or a container, I saw the old man pressing his right chest with his left hand