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Chapter 1 Introduction The sixty-five-year-old Emperor Chai Zongxun of the Great Zhou Dynasty was summoned by the Three Emperors of Huoyun in the Huoyun Cave after he ruled the world. The supreme glory of the past and the present Chai Zongxun then gave the crown prince the Zen position and disappeared from everyone’s vision. The only thing passed down in the world is the legend that this emperor used decades to rule the world. What is the world? Chai Zongxun didn’t go to see the Three Sages of Huoyun immediately, he wanted to see how big the Bohai Sea is. Chai Zongxun stood on a huge reef facing the sea and was in a good mood. I am the Son of Heaven.
This Great Week is the Great Week for the people of the world. I will leave it to you. Don’t let me down. A huge wave hit the rocks and lost Chai Zongxun’s trace.
People say that the Great Emperor went to the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace to drink tea. Chai Zongxun went to the Strait of Gibraltar. Floating on a flat boat on the sea, all the boats coming and going are honking their whistles to salute the great emperor.
The dragon banner of the Zhou Dynasty hanging high on the boat is Chai Zongxun, who keeps waving to the passing boats.
A huge whale swims.
Come here, Chai Zongxun jumped on the back of the whale, bypassed Gibraltar, and headed west to the Bering Strait. Chai Zongxun sat on the back of the whale with a bamboo flute resting on his mouth. A heart-stirring song echoed in the sea with a laugh echoing in the waves.
I have been to the North Pole. Circle Now I want to go all the way south to reach the southernmost tip of the earth, go to the center of Antarctica and have a look on the Antarctic glacier. Chai Zongxun is followed by tens of thousands of Antarctic penguins.
The clumsy and cute penguins don’t know where this strange human is going. What are you idiots doing with me? I’m traveling around the world and following me, you can’t find fish to eat.
Haha. After traveling around for a while, Chai Zongxun returned to the land of China and came to Huoyun Cave. Come to meet the Three Emperors.
The cave door opened. From the cave, a dignified middle-aged man wearing a crown and wearing a black dragon robe came out. I am Emperor Yingzheng.
The Three Emperors ordered me to welcome you.
Follow me.
Ranked in the fairy class of Huoyun Cave, and also became the third emperor of heaven, earth and man, Emperor Wei really deserves his name, which makes people enviable. Thinking of this, Chai Zongxun smiled slightly and couldn’t help but think of the bold words of this great emperor who ruled China.
Unify the six kingdoms, unite the world, build the Great Wall, and town the dragon veins of nine provinces, defend our Great Qin, and protect our country. In the name of the first emperor, I swear here that I will guard the land, open up the frontiers, wipe out the four lands, and establish the foundation of my Great Qin for all eternity. Bless me, China will last forever, I swear that the sun and the moon are proofs, the heavens and the earth, the gods, the devils and the gods, listen to it, so I should also leave something impassioned for future generations At this time, Chai Zongxun was a sixty-five-year-old man dressed in commoner clothes, not as majestic as the first emperor Yingzheng, but as he walked step by step into the cave, he could only hear fairy music fluttering in the cave.
The cloth on Chai Zongxun’s body The clothes turned into a golden dragon robe, and his appearance also became younger and younger step by step in the fairy music. The Emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Chai Zongxun, returned to his throne.
The cave door was closed and the fairy music still lingered. Kaifeng Zhou Dynasty imperial city Xun’er woke up, there is no royal study, Zhou Emperor Chai Rong frowned, he has already lost three sons, and now the first prince, Chai Zongxun, who is only six years old, drowned and fell into a coma.
In the imperial city where the Chinese New Year is raging, no one dares to celebrate the New Year at this time. Your majesty, the fourth prince has not yet woken up.
The imperial doctor said that the pulse of the fourth prince is steady and strong, and his breath is long and continuous.
His complexion is turning from pale to ruddy. Sooner or later, the chief eunuch, Li Tongjie, knew that the emperor had to care about state affairs as well as the fourth prince, so he ordered someone to report the situation of the fourth prince every hour. Chai Rong sighed and wanted to get angry. It has been four days. Haven’t woken up yet? The few important civil and military ministers of the state of Zhou standing at the bottom of the steps are silent. No one dares to say anything to reassure them at this moment.
If they say something wrong, the fourth prince will really not be able to wake up. With Chai Rong’s killing I will definitely not let them off lightly and continue to discuss.
I plan to conquer the Liao Kingdom and the Northern Han Dynasty at the same time. What do you think? Heding Nan, Tubo in the west, Houshu in the southwest, and Wuyue in the southeast of Dali, Nantang in the southeast.
These are the places that Chai Rong must conquer. I think it is feasible to conquer either the Northern Han Dynasty or the Liao Kingdom.
If they are conquered together, I am afraid that they will not be able to do it. Therefore, I suggest that the Northern Han Dynasty should be conquered first, and then the Northern Liao Dynasty should be conquered. Chai Rong, who is above the throne, is a talented and bold king. He has worked hard to govern for several years, not only defending the Central Plains surrounded by wolves, but also conquests from east to west, conquering a large area of ​​land. Singing against Chai Rong has no good fruit, so Fan Zhi took second place and put forward the suggestion of fighting the Northern Han Dynasty first after the easy ones. Hearing Fan Zhi’s performance, Chai Rong was expressionless and noncommittal. It was Zhao Kuangyin, the general of the court, whose name was Yuen Long. He was 32 years old at the time. He was excellent in both humanities and martial arts.
Li Chongjin bumped him with his shoulder and went out of the class first to play Qizuo.
Your majesty thought that with the current national strength of our state of Zhou, let alone conquering the Northern Han and Northern Liao at the same time, it would be easy to conquer the Southern Tang and Western Shu at the same time.